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Hey! Nice to see you again.

Saturday morning I had already finished the vlog.

Did we have the third downpour?

The third time the onions were white here.

So I am now hoeing for the third time.

And I put very narrow hoes in it.

To loosen the ground.

Here you can see that it has been raining very hard.

Look how that washed the ground.

I've done a bit of a whacking on it now.

Today is Tuesday afternoon.

I hoeed the onions.

We are now at a total of 200 mm of rain in 4 weeks.

Now it's nice again.

I am weeding onions together with Wikje.

And now I actually want to ask you a question.

Well yesterday morning I hoeed the onions.

Is that wise or not.

Well I do have some thoughts about it.

And I want to try to explain to them why I hoeed.

Here are the onions. Here is hoeing.

This ground has been loosened.

And that acts as a blanket against evaporation.

Look, it's still black here, the ground is moist.

Here are all cracks in the ground.

With the onions where there is no hoeing.

The evaporation takes place here between those cracks.

And in here it dries up.

Every morning you have capillary action.

From the moisture, goes up to those onions and evaporates.

And this blanket prevents that.

What do you think of this. From this reasoning.

Is this correct or is this not correct.

Bag potatoes for Uzbekistan.

Yes, which I will be doing this week.

That is making a start with delivering the onions.

Yes 8 weeks ago I put the onions in the mechanical cooling.

Today is the day to deliver onions.

We ended up selling them for a good price.

And the quality is still fine.

Beautiful onions.

This week also started bagging potatoes for Uzbekistan.


Well the weather is lovely outside.

I'm going to continue chopping weeds in the onions again.

Yes I started spraying potatoes this week.

I spray against phytophthora.

And I spray an oil every three to four days with a wetting agent.

And that is against the transfer of the Y virus in the seed potatoes.

The virus is transmitted by the green peach leaf aphid.

And this oil that takes care of it.

That the peach aphid cannot transfer the virus from one plant to another.

Yes good morning. Well I sprayed the potatoes last night.

I'll come back with the syringe.

And what's in the yard.

That's loading potatoes.

Well Jilles takes another pallet with potatoes.

We are now June 11th.

And so they still have to start planting.

Truck is loaded again.

What is the system.

The driver comes with a reference number.

Reference number I know what to load.

He has a charging schedule with him.

And so I load the truck.

What are we doing.

We started by selecting the potatoes.

And what do we select on.

We mainly select on virus.

mixing. Wrong plants.

Mainly on virus on Y virus

The natural enemies of the green peach aphid are already present.

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