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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: आइलैंड पे ख़ज़ाने की खोज | Island pe khazana - Hindi | Mazedaar Paheli | Adventure Dabang Girl Kahani

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Hello friends! Just now, I got

a map on an island.

Do you want to come with Cheetu and me

to find the treasure on this wonderful island?

According to this map, we have to

collect five sea-shells only then

we can open the lock of that treasure.

Look, there we can see a ship

and there is something inside it.

Come, let's see. Here is a box.

and it has a piece of paper.

something is written on it.

How can you make "four" from these three sticks?

Do you know?

I think we can solve it like this.

Do you also think the same?

Yes! We have got a seashell.

Thank you, friends! Come, we should

find our next seashell.

Oh ho! this is a very dense forest.

What is written here? If you are intelligent

then solve this.

If we will multiply all the numbers then

what will be the answer? What do you think?

If you find the correct answer

then don't forget to subscribe to our channel by hitting the subscribe button.

I understand this one.

"Gudan" means multiplication. Look carefully

we can see the number "0" as well

and we know that if we

multiply any number with 0 then

we will get 0 as an answer.

So, our answer is Zero (0). Oh yes!

we have got another seashell. Look Cheetu

we all are intelligent. Come, friends,

we should move to our next seashell.

Oh! here is nothing.

How will we find our next puzzle, Cheetu?

Only few sea animals can be seen.

I don't understand anything here.

Thank God, I have my friend Cheetu with me

to help me.

Let's see what these sea animals are saying.

Can you answer my puzzle?

If you will give the answer then I will give you a seashell.

If you will not be able to give the answer

then you will never find the treasure.

Oh ho! this is very tough.

How we can do it?

Cheetu, you solve this one.

I am unable to understand it.

Form the first line we find the value of starfish is 4.

Next line is a little tricky.

But we get to know the value of

crab is 7.

Now, in the third line, we get to know the

value of sea dragon is 3

Now, it is easy.

We have to fit the values in the final line.

and we will get the answer 8.

Oh yes! this one was very interesting.

Yahoo!!! Well done Cheetu!

We have got another seashell.

Look, we are moving towards our treasure.

We are again on the beach.

But, Cheetu where will we get our next seashell?

Where will we search?

Whose voice is this?

I think this mermaid is saying something to us.

Hello friends! Want to see the underwater world?

Cheetu, let's go

with this mermaid.

Can you answer this question?

Yes, we can try.

This pot has 10 fishes.

2 drowned.

4 are swimming.

3 died

Now, how many fishes are there in the pot?

This one is a little tough...

Do you know the answer?

I think we both have found the correct answer.

All fishes are inside the pot.

Fishes have no way to leave the pot.

sol, there are

10 fishes inside the pot.

Yeah! We have got our fourth seashell.

Only the last one is left.

If you find our puzzle interesting,

then please let us know through comments.

After a while, an octopus

leaves us on a desert.

Then a cactus appears and asks for water.

We don't have water.

If you answer this puzzle, then

a well will appear here. And I will get water.

Yes, I am ready.

This looks

Like a Maths equation.

And it is asked how is this possible?

I think we will get the answer to this puzzle by

making the equation upside-down.

Hahaha, look


Oh yes! The well appears and what is this!!!

A seashell also appears along with the well. Hurreeeee!!!

We have got our fifth seashell.

Thank you, friends.

What! As soon as I put the seashells together

they converted into a key.

And the cactus

has transformed into a treasure box.

Cheetu, look at the magic.

Come, let's open the treasure box with the help of this key.

Thank you, friends.

Because of you. I got

this wonderful and precious book treasure.

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So that we can

go on more adventures together. Sayonara!!

aayi re aayi re DABUNG GIRL aayi re

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