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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: conditionals: imaginary (update)

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hello everyone I'm Nick Shepherd welcome

this is number two in a set of three

videos about conditional clauses this

video is about I would if I could second

type conditional if I were you and

here's another example if I had some

money ah if only this is Harry and Harry

is a dreamer and this video is about

dreams and imagination hope you enjoy it

we're looking at i Boyd if I could and

here's Harry again the picture we saw

just now

there he is dreaming away there and

what's he saying he's saying if I add

10,000 pounds there's a lot of money I'd

buy a car he's saying I'd buy of course

that's actually I would buy him just

right would there I would buy the car

hmm he's a dreamer and here he is still

dreaming a little less ambitious this

time what's that and what's he saying if

I had a thousand pounds still a lot of

money I'd buy a motorbike I'd buy a

motorbike and again I'd is really I

would so I'll just write wood there

that's it and finally dream number three

a little bit more realistic

there's his dream number three and

what's he saying he's saying if I had a

hundred pounds if I had a hundred pounds

I'd buy a bike just as I did with the

others I'll write wood there because

it's I would buy a bike but he's still

being very optimistic and his friend has

something to say here one last character

to introduce his friend Polly is much

more realistic and Polly says if I were

you I'd stop dreaming and that's the

form of the second type conditional I'll

just put a little chart at the bottom

here to show you how it works wood etc

wood could might

followed by if in the past tense I would

do it if I had time and equally you can

put it in reverse and say if I had time

I would do it

now I said past tense but if you look up

at what Polly said you'll notice

something unusual she says if I were

just put a circle around were there so I

did say past tense but that's the one

exception after if I we say were and

that's the form of the second type

conditional the imaginary I'll just

write imaginary their imaginary

conditional there are two other videos

in this set about first and third type

conditionals all comments and

suggestions are welcome so thanks for

watching and bye for now

The Description of conditionals: imaginary (update)