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During these challenging times many celebs are stepping up and helping fans out any way

they can.

And the latest celeb to do that is James Charles who is messaging individual followers to help

them directly with that they are going through.

However; he recently tweeted and then deleted some shade he was throwing to unruly fans!

Whats up guys?

Its Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News bringing you all the news updates from my

at-home Clevver studio as we continue to practice social distancing.

And while James Charles has been hanging at home during these self-quarantine times, hes

also giving back to his fans in a big way.

Over the past year, we all know that the TRUE sisters have stood by James during some really

tough personal times, and now James is doing the same right back at them.

But hes also making it known that he sees the fake sisters out there as well!

James took to Twitter and wrote quote, “ It's SO easy and fun to be nice to people!

You never know where or what it'll get you, but I promise that the result will be a lot

better than being mean to others!

And he literally did just that.

He went through and found fan tweets about his new video with Tik Tok LEGEND Rosa, also

known as AdamRayOkay.

And honestly the video is hilarious, these two are great together.

Its worth a watch.

And the video was actually trending at #1 on YouTube so props to them for that!

But James went through and found specific fan tweets about this video and decided to

pay it forward for these fans.

One fan wrote quote, “I needed todays video!

Liked needed in a big way!!!!!

Im in my 40s, pregnant, a health care worker, and to be honest, Im melting down a little.

Thank the lord baby Jesus for Rosa

And James replied by saying quote, “So glad you liked the video, Gracie!! check your DMs,

I'd love to send ya a little something to help you get through these awful times!!”

Another fan wrote quote, “been a sister since day 1 @jamescharles and im always

trying to up my sister apparel especially for easter.

But it looks like the way corona is going I might not be able to even pay half of my


Your videos really give me a sense of hope so I thank you

And James replied simply with quote, “Just sent you a DM babe, let's get those bills

taken care of

And finally this fan wrote quote, “Times are very hard right now.

Found out Im now only getting paid200 every two weeks.

I finally thought id be able to get the @jamescharles palette while its on sale but nope bill

to pay and then will be struggling for food.


And James said quote, “Just sent you a DM babe, going to make sure you get a palette

and a doubled paycheck!!


But James didnt stop just at Twitter.

He also took to his Instagram Stories to let his fans know he would be selecting more people

to help out and send money and gifts to from the

comment section.

And after all this, many fans praised James for giving back.

They were replying to his posts with love and appreciation.

One person wrote quote, “omg see this is why i love u

Another wrote quote, “James!

This was an amazing thing youve done today!

You have really made someone very happy!

This is why you are an amaizng YouTuber and an amazing person!

Have a great night may god be with you!

You are amazing!”

And another said quote, “You're so amazing!

Thank you for helping people out.”

But even with all the love, some people found ways to spread hate in the replies, even when

James was doing something so incredibly nice.

James has since tweeted and deleted some clapbacks to these haters.

He said quote, “It's so funny opening my twitter notifications and watching people

quote my tweets saying rude things desperately trying to get a viral tweet lmao

And he followed up withIt's also sad that I get hate comments all day long and then

as soon as I retweet someone & offer to help out an amazing supporter, suddenly everyone

only has nice things to say.”

But one person James is NOT getting hate from is Jeffree Star.

As we know, Jeffree got involved with Jamess feud with Tati Westbrook last year, even calling

James a quotedanger to society,”

But Jeffree complimented James, making us think the feud is officially over.

Tik Tokker Charli DAmelio tweeted out some pics from her collabortion with James and

Jeffree responded saying quote, “Umm you look SO gorgeous!!!

James killed it per usual

And many fans were both here for the growth and surprised that these two were finally

moving on.

One fan tweeted saying quote, “Damn sis, the growth.

Im here for it.”

Another said quote, “We love positivity but I really had to go outside and check if

pigs were flying.”

And another wrote quote, “Just cause theres been drama in the past doesnt mean there

has to be negativity forever.

Legends supporting legends

And we couldnt agree more!

What better time than now to bury old feuds right?

Theres way bigger things going on in the world.

But I want to know what you guys think.

Are you glad Jeffree and James have seemed to leave the past in the past?

And what do you think about James paying fans bills as well as calling the haters out?

Share your thoughts down in the comments below.

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Thanks so much for watching, Im Sussan Mourad, coming to you from my Clevver home

studio, and Ill catch ya later!

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