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Hello guys, r3venger here

And today I'm making something different than my recent videos

An interview with Plz Enjoy Game

One of the best players in osu! and high-star maps king

Hello there!

Okay, so how are you feeling today?

Feeling good, just played for a while

Feeling a bit tired now, though

Oh, okay, so I'll try not to make you feel more tired by my questions

I hope they are pretty easy to answer


Okay, so the first one.

A pretty general one, about yourself

What are you interested in besides osu?

I guess... I don't really play other games, so...

I usually just spend my time either watching

other streamers, like for example tyler1,

Well, no one likes him in osu anymore

in the community

But I like just other streamers in general, not really...

No, really no one in specific

And some anime.

Oh, okay, so it's actually pretty usual, right? for an osu player to watch anime

Which one is your favorite series?

I don't think I can pick a favorite series.

It's always what's hot right now that I care about.

I mean, if you watch a lot of animes, I don't think you can ever pick one, favorite one out of...

like all of the hundreds you watched.

Okay, but can you pick like your favorite category?

Like maybe romance or action?

It would probably be action.

So, like, mostly shounen ones?

Yeah, I like JoJo.

Pretty popular series.

Do you listen to any music?

Yeah, I listen to a lot of music whenever I'm free.

But which are your favorite bands or genres?

The one that created haitai, man

I listen to them everyday.

So, now the question that just can't be not asked in any interview with osu! player.

How and when have you started playing?

I think I started at around very late 2015, or something like that.

Yeah, and it was because my friend introduced it to me

That's why I started playing it and it's been about two or three years since I started.

Well, that's not a lot of time, because

Some players like Cookiezi or WubWoofWolf -

They've been playing for extremely long time, like

7, 8 years, maybe even more...

So, your progress is extremely fast.

Why have you progressed so fast, what do you think is a secret?

Honestly, I think it's just... "Enjoy the game"

You can't like really progress or anything if you hate it to the core.

So if you just...

think of what kind of player you want to be, you aspire to be,

and just fix your eyes on those goals, then walk towards those goals...

I think it's just a step by step process, never rush it.

But never give yourself a break as well.

Something like that.

Oh, okay.

Do you plan on ever getting back to being a regularrankedmaps player and playing mostly just to get pp?

- I don't think so.

That's an interesting question, because...

I've gotten so used to unranked maps

I'm pretty sure 80% of my maps right now is just unranked.

So I just play what I see it fit, I don't really care if it's ranked or not.

I don't consciously keep up and say: "I don't wanna farm this" or whatever, I just

play whatever I see it fit, whether it's ranked or not.

And it always ends up on being unranked.

That's the reason.

Oh, so this is a pretty good attitude, I think.

Do you describe yourself rather as an HR or DT player?

I strongly insist, that I'm neither of them.

I don't consider myself a full HardRock or full DT player.

I consider mods is just game modifiers and...

and I think I should play all three as in like nomod, HR and DT.

I just treat them as modifiers

And I don't really consider myself any type of player.

Oh, okay. And I think that next questions is quite related to this.

On your osu! userpage you wrote that everyone has his specific skillset. what skillset do you think you have?

Probably jumps...

So, aim?

Pretty much, but aim is very very subjective, because it's

basically moving your eyes and using

your cursor to keep up with it and it's

very... it depends a lot on your everything

from the way you view the game

to the point how your grip works

Everything will affect how you play

that's what i mean by

playstyles, everyone has their own playstyles,

Which leads to their own skillsets

No one is ever a duplicate of another person.

They're all very unique... we're all very unique individuals,

we all set our own plays and we're not a carbon

copy of each other, that's what I think.

Yeah, really wise words, by the way

talking about play styles, I can

recommend you my friend's channel called

"circles!", where you can see different playstyles

of a lot of players, it's pretty good actually.

What an advertisement, wow

Wow, that's a very interesting channel, I'll be sure to check it out, man.

Is there anything you would change, fix or improve in osu! game itself?

Hmm, I personally think I would change the pp system, but

not in the way everyone expects me to say.

I would say: give the option to cover up

in display options to cover

up your rank, just rid of that.

Personally I think that the people who

want to farm can farm and people who

don't want to farm, well, they can have the

choice now to not look at the rank,

because I think that PP while being very

inaccurate in my opinion

as a representation of skill, I think it's

pretty inaccurate, but personally I think

it's also motivating to see that number

rise, especially for new players and

as they see that number rise, it gives

them meaning to continue playing the game

and when they get to a certain level,

then they can decide how they want to

branch out as a player, but that starting

point is always the hardest to get motivation, because it's just circles

You have to find your own meaning in the game, I think

So covering up the rank is

probably a good solution.

Yeah, and sometimes PP even leads to addictions

Oh yeah, that's definitely.

Yeah, there are some extra extreme cases like that, but

that's an interesting suggestion, like I

have never heard actually anyone

would have such a request, but that's

really interesting, I think I would also

like to see such a feature.

Which other top players do you admire the most, like...

who is your favorite one?

Cookiezi, basically top 5, Rafis,

Vaxei, everyone, so I think that

goes to show like... those are like the for

sure I would pick top players, but I

want to mention players that really

motivated me when I was starting off.

So people like Kynan, he was extremely big part of me when I was starting off.

Really, he was basically my senpai at that point

when I was 15k and I was looking at this guy playing 10.3 AR

and I was like: holy shit. And he yelling PUTAIN every 30 seconds.

There's a lot of players... I respect

all players but these... Rafis and Kynan

are probably the the two players that have

the biggest influence to me ever, because

of how they were with me as I progressed.

More like... there were some... they

were two people who I look up to

and really just feel motivated to

continue playing, because I aspire to

reach even just near that level right now,

That would be just like

a dream for me back then.

So, definitely those two are player in their own class, players in their own class.

Yeah, nice.

Have you ever had a moment when you wanted to quit the game?

quit w

Yeah, there is a point when I was PP

farming and I was climbing pretty

quickly, but still only caught on to me

that I was very stressful and everything

was a suffering, as in like my eyesight I was

suffering, my grades were already

suffering and I felt like although I

love the game from the bottom of my

heart, but I thought that there are

better things, they're more important

things to do in my life and as you can

see, I did not choose these important things.

I chose circles.

That's all we do, choose circles instead of real life.

Who needs friends, man?

Which category of maps is your favorite? Like, technical, jump, stream maps?

I would pick straightforward jumps, like I

like fullscreen jumps and I like to

push myself on fullscreen jumps, so yeah,

those are definitely my favorite

types of maps.

Yeah, we can see it on your channel that you have like...

five videos a day: fullscreen jumps godmode

Do you often get stressed while doing a good score?

Oh boy

Always, man, every good score. I have like... let me check real quick...

Sixteen, I have sixteen 8-star 1xmiss chokes.

On all different maps.

Wow, you count it?

Yeah, I'm counting, man.

Road to 100 soon.

So, that goes to show I am very stressed

when I get a good... when I'm coming to an FC

on a good score and, well it, ends up in

my choke folder.

Yeah, I know that feel. Everyone does... most of us does

like I think not being stressed is kinda inhuman.

Yeah, it's just how you manage that stress, man.

Can you agree with a statement that osu! plays an important part in your life?

Definitely I think, definitely

because considering how I spend almost

all my time in osu!, I don't think I

can't say it's not part of my life, it is part of my life,

it is the biggest thing I have ever

done in my life so far, so I definitely...

If one day osu! just disappear, I will

just be left with nothing to do with my life.

So, yeah, it's a big part of my life.

As I can see, you are a religious person. You often openly speak about your faith, which is a really brave move in my opinion. What have you learned in Bible about competition, wins, loses? Cause these are things we need to deal with while playing osu! every day.

That's an interesting question.

I strongly believe that God wants people

to reign, God wants his people to reign and

prayer is an expression of grace, so when

the most humble thing you can do is to

say that: I'm nothing and I cannot but

God can, so in fact if you are

entrusting everything to Him,

you're saying he's everything and you're

basically... you're just human, you're

nothing and when God opens doors, no

one can shut it, no man can shut it and

when God closes doors, no man can open it.

I believe that when you set

your eyes on Jesus, you can do anything

just as how Peter set his eyes on Jesus and

he could walk on water, so if you fix

your eyes on him, we definitely can do

anything and I also believe that fits

the facts of this world, everything

will come to an end that is...

that is for sure, even facts of this

world will come to an end, like, for example

the fact that the Sun gives light and peak to the Earth,

Will also one day, that fact will...well, it'll end as well.

But I believe, that His choose will outlast even facts of this world.

When everything ends, this world will remain.

And, like... a lot of people have been...

It's a lot of controversy about this topic, because a

lot of people think that just because I

strongly believe in my religion, it means

I disrespect every other religion.

No I don't, I respect everyone and I treat

them all as people, as individual people

that are nice, I don't... I don't shit

on people just because I have a

religion, but I strongly believe that

this is where I stand and I will not

back down because of... well,

people flaming me and and this is I know where I stand in this.

As I said before,

expressing your faith so openly is really

brave of you, you have really interesting thoughts.

Any tips for players aspiring to play as well as you do?

Whenever someone says they aspire to play as well as I do,

I think of is as... my first answer in my

mind is: don't, because you don't want to

be a carbon copy of me, because that...

you're not me, you see, you're

your own player, you are special, so don't

don't look at me as this perfect player or whatever.

Find your own thing and to

pursue your own aspects, it is very good

to be motivated by other people, I look

at the player plays all the time and

I'm motivated by every single one of these players.

But it all comes down to what, like how do I say it...

What you want to be and what you are, because

you shouldn't just pursue this top player, because: he's like that,

so I'll be like that. No, I personally think you

should find your own aspect, find what

you find fun and whoever talks shit

about you in the sense where they say in

this aspect doesn't matter, whatever...

Just ignore them and go your own path,

because you don't own anyone anything when you play, it's more like...

pursue your own aspect,

find yourself, don't be a carbon copy of

someone else. You're not a robot, you're a human being.

Yeah, you're exatly right

A lot of beginner players, I think they try

to copy for example settings, like

tablet area or grips of some top

players, but it often doesn't go well

with them and, well, this is not really a

good thing, so you're one hundred percent right.

I wouldn't say 100, it's just my opinion.

mhmm (roasted smh? :^)

Which one do you think is the best score you've done so far?

Oh God, another hard question, oh God, oh man, I don't know

Seriously? Well you have a lot of these, soo...

I can't decide, man... oh no...

I read that you have like four 8-star FCs, so maybe choose one of them?

Nah, those are... I don't look at my FCs as anything special, I prefer...

I prefer extreme plays.

Maybe... I'm not too sure, but

but maybe my Tengaku one.

It was mapped by someone, I don't remember who it was mapped by,

but it was 9.81 stars, yeah,

maybe that play, I think.

Oh yeah, seems pretty impressive.

Yeah, I got an A rank and I was really shocked that I even passed it,

so that one's probably one of my

favorite plays so far.

Do you have any goals you want to achieve in osu?

Many goals, improving myself is always a

goal and how I judge how far I have to

go is by other top players, like for

example if I want to think about aim,

I would think about Cookiezi and every single score he's done.

I totally aspire to be pretty much as good as him, but

of course there'll be scores that will

be different as an in the sense, where...

stuff that he can do and I can do, and stuff that

I can't completely even start read and he can do them.

Just like this.

It all comes down to: we are our own players, but I look

up to him as a... kinda like a goal to look forward to.

Yeah, so you get motivated by him?

Yeah, definitely

Maybe you should like... put a poster with his face on

your wall or something

That's too far, man, that's too far

I don't think he would appreciate that either

Some of osu! players like... make their own Cookiezi shrines and pray every day.

Haha, oh God

Okay, so we are coming to the last question

What do your friends or family think about you being one of the best osu! players? Do they even know about you playing circles?

My friends are very very supportive, they watch my streams,

they compliment me and they're really

supportive overall and i'm very grateful

for every single... for every friend that I know.

And for my parents... my dad

doesn't really like it, but he has to deal with it.

My mom is okay with it as long as it doesn't affect my studies,

but it is, so...

My mother says like... osu! is like putting beans on the table?

I don't know what does she even mean, but...

Well, she apparently doesn't really like it.

Okay, so thank you for letting me interview you,

I think this interview was really interesting and a lot of people can know you better.

So, thanks again!

And thank you for the opportunity!

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