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are you writing your script?

Yeah, Im giving it a try

But Im stuck for ideas

These days fantasy is popular


what about using an ancient serpent like me as a motif


Thats actually a good idea


So if it works out,

dont forget I also have a share in the script


Haru is going to write a drama where we play the leading roles

There are dramas about aliens and goblins

Whats stopping serpents like us from starring?

Those unruly goblins star in dramas

You didnt know?

They were really famous

You know like

Because the day was sunny, the day was rainy…”

Dont you know it?

Because the day was sunny, the day was rainy…”

The dust is piling up so hurry and clean up

AhI really cant think of anything

I mean

can you even concentrate?

When your thoughts are complicated?

What do you mean?

Youre meeting Iru tomorrow

Sweet and Salty Fairies

ep.5 The End of a Crush (Final Episode)

When things are complicated,

you need to fill up your stomach

Oh~ its tunachampagetti’?

Does this really taste good?

If you dont try you will never know

A persons heart,

or even food

Give it a try

See? Isnt it great?


have a good time tomorrow

Dont even think of following us!


Okay I got it

Haru is

going to see Iru

Weve only met at the convenience store

its nice seeing you out

Did you know I used to like you?


this is getting interesting

Player Haru Lee gave a daring shot

Player Iru Kang is very flustered

Please quiet down


The thing is

I didnt know

It was really obvious

How could you not know?

Lets take a look at Irus side of the story

Iru began to take notice of Haru at some point


isnt Haru really cute?


I mean Haru

I wasnt so sure when I first saw her

But these days shes kinda cute

Are you drunk?


Im going to get some air

Want me to come?


Ill just sit out front and Ill be back


AhIm not feeling so good

Ill go and get a drink for a hangover


I have to make an important call

So Ill buy it on my way

Its fine, Ill just buy


Ill get it on my way


where do you think youre going!

Have a drink, cheers~




Come on! Come on!

Is this all you got?!


My mom

Whats wrong

Oh? Iru are you out for some air?


Why did Haru drink so much?

Youll feel better after this

Sodrink up and come back in

Yeah what?

Hey! Arent you walking across the field?

What? How did you know?

I can see you from the 8th floor window

what is it?

Is that Haru in front of you?


Its Haru!

Keep her there



So I can ask her to lunch!

Theres that new pasta restaurant.

Please hold on to her!

I want to ask her out to lunch!

Ill be down soon

Keep her there!


Hold on to her! Im on my way lol




Hey slow down youre going to get hurt

Have you eaten?

Has Haru had lunch?

Ask her if she likes pasta

No I havent eaten yet

You must be hungry

Go eat at the cafeteria, the cheese cutlet is really good

Hurry that way

Hey wheres Haru?

I dont know

I told you to keep her here

Did she have lunch?

Im not sure

she said she hadnt eaten yet

But she doesnt want to eat pasta with you

What! So, she doesnt like pasta or she doesnt like me?

I thought all girls liked pasta

Youre acting suspicious!

You did it on purpose!

I was really obvious


the thing is!

Im really slow

And I went to an all-boys middle and high school and engineering major

So all my close friends are guys

Ive never dated a girl before

What do you mean


Truthfully I

I liked you when I first saw you

But I didnt know what to do

And then you started to avoid me

So I thought you didnt like me

And I had to go to the army soon too

I thought you didnt like me

Thats why I avoided you

You said that you liked girls

Who made you laugh and was fun, cute, and bright

That was you

Cute and bright…?

Youre cute

Youre fun to be around, and you make me laugh

Thats who you are to me


saw you in a long time

And it was great seeing you

I still liked you so

Even though I didnt need anything

I went to see you everyday

And you said that I had a good memory

and my memory isnt good at all


your favorite chocolate,

everything youve said

Those times we ran into each other

I couldnt forget any of them

And so

if its okay with you

Do you want to be my girlfriend,



What a beautiful ending

I really like this drama


are you looking for a White Day present?



What about this?

This is really sweet yet soft

And bound to make her heart melt on White Day

Ill just buy this..

Oh no

Haru seemed to like that..

Ill buy this!

I want to go too

We cant right?

Ah Haru said not to

The pond where they say ancient serpents lived

The Sweet and Salty Fairies are finished for the day.

Iru - Seojun Han HaruJunghee Heo

DeojunSeunghyun Jo JeongyoonJihyun Byeon

BinYongin Jo ManagerHyunjin Ahn

MincheolDeoyoon Kim

Magic PearlChaerin Jeong

Who are those people?

Please buy me chocolate! Its White Day today

Come on!

Its closed

Why is it closed at this time?

Theyre hiring part-time

Lets go

Part-time worker wanted

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