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[NOISE] >> Owens up!


>> Well, look at my face.

It says get to the back of the line [BLEEP].

That's a response to the challenge.

>> [INAUDIBLE] big time offense, whoa!

>> My God!

>> [NOISE]

>> Well, Belair [INAUDIBLE].

>> EST on the war path now.

>> Bianca is a woman possessed.

Right at the lower back to the Raw Women's Champion?

>> Becky- >> Got the way, shot to the gut there and

now, Becky, uh-oh!

Gotta get a hold of kendo stick,

Bianca Belair now is gonna make the Raw Women's Champion pay.

>> Gonna make her eat not just the kendo stick, but a KOD, no, but great escape.

>> Well, it's not with the kendo stick.

>> Right to the throat of Bianca Belair.

>> [NOISE] >> You thought they

weren't vicious enough?

There's your answer, Corey.

[SOUND] >> Omos has hit the scene,

Omos got- >> It's not gonna work against Omos,

ladies and gentlemen.

>> This could be last week all over again.

>> Montez didn't need wings, he needs a tank.

>> [NOISE] >> Omos, nasty right hand to Dawkins.

>> [NOISE] >> Spinebuster zigzag, cover by Roode.

>> This might be it and it is.

>> The Dirty Dogs.

>> Here are your winners, Dolph Ziggler and The Glorious, Robert Roode.

>> They look confident, they are working well together, momentum is on their side.

>> [SOUND] [NOISE] >> Repeating with a scepter?

>> Sure.

Look at that.

>> Give me a break.

>> Doudrop is laid out one, two, three.

Queen Zelina victorious again.

>> [SOUND]!

>> Goodness!

>> God!

>> Just turned T-bar inside out.

>> Damien Priest just snapped.

>> We're gonna see the devil inside of Damien Priest.

>> [NOISE] >> Whoa!

>> T-Bar.

>> Reckoning and face down goes T-Bar,

this has got to be the end of his vengeance now

>> Look at that backslide off the rope.

>> Inside cradle.

>> Shoulders down.

>> Not quite three.

>> Fall Over.

>> My God.

>> Face first goes Liv.

>> Shot, down goes Liv Morgan, one, two and that's three.


Here is your winner, Carmella.

>> Difficult match, offense on both sides, it is Carmella on top again.

>> [SOUND] >> Austin Theory is reeling,

Dominik Mysterio ready to strike again.

>> Looking to recuperate and there's the opportunity.

>> Is he thinking ATL will we see it?

There it is.

This gotta be over, there's the cover by Austin Theory, one, two, three.

Another impressive performance by the blue chip.


>> This is by the best day that official liked.

>> [SOUND] This a man who defeated Karrion Kross,

a man that everyone is running from, and

then absolutely destroyed Tozawa.

He's looking for momentum.

>> The same fate, wait, Cedric Alexander.

That's gotta be it, hook in the leg, mercifully for the one, two, three.


>> Here is your winner Keith Bearcat Lee.

[SOUND] >> Uh-oh, uh-oh, no, no, no.

>> Yes.

>> Rollins crushed beneath Owens in a ladder.

This is like human demolition derby.

[SOUND] >> Look out, here comes the Viper, RKO!

>> [NOISE] >> Superkick, down goes Orton.

>> Matt Riddle from behind, looking for Crucifix.

>> And he gets the Crucifix, shoulders down.

And a cradle, what a reverse, can we see a new champion?

Not yet.

>> See that?

A spladle. >> Spladle.

>> One, two, three.

>> And the champion.

>> [SOUND] >> Wow.


>> Here are your winners and

still the Raw Tag Team champions, RK-Bro.

>> It took everything RK-Bro have.


>> Kevin Owen's gonna try, again, the hoist up.


>> [NOISE]

>> It's [INAUDIBLE] top at the ladder,

Balor's making the climb, Balor has daylight,

Balor almost there, but a stomp!

My God, right to the face of Finn Balor, Seth Rollins to the ladder and

he's all alone.

>> No one in sight.

No obstacles for Seth Rollins.

All Rollins has to do is climb and retrieve the contract.

>> There's a couple more steps to go.

>> Step by step toward the vision coming through,

the vision is a reality, [SOUND].

>> Here is your winner, Seth Rollins.


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