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How to soften hardened light clay,

make an organizer for your art supplies,

cut out identi-cal clay hearts, and color felt for your craft!

Watch the latest episode of the Lifehack Show to learn these

and other useful lifehacks for DIY arts and crafts!

The girls cant get to the TV fast enough!

Their favorite show is starting!

Lights, camera, action!

Dear viewers! Were your hosts, Ronda and Shonda!

And that means the Lifehack Show is on the air!”

Shonda, dont boring school supplies make your life so much worse?

It feels like these paperclips have never even heard of beauty and happiness!

We should fix that!

Just for our viewers, we have a fast and easy lifehack

to turn a paperclip into the queen of beauty!

Roll light clay of different colors.

Connect the strands together.

Twist them.

And even them out.

Curl them into a spiral

Mix acrylic polish with pearly powder.

Paint over the spiral.

And glue a big paperclip onto the back.

The girls work hard to recreate everything theyre seeing onscreen!

And heres another lifehack!

If you dont have any acrylic polish,

you can use regular clear nail polish to cover the clay.

And our paperclips immediately look way more fun!

Ronda and Shonda love using light clay!

But it does have one downside: it dries out really quickly!

It happens all the time!

But the Lifehack Show can fix this issue!

Tear up a piece of dried-out light clay into small pieces.

And soak them in hot water for 10 minutes.

Afterwards, knead the clay until its unified again.

You can repeat the procedure several times to get an even better result.

A little hot waterand the hardened light clay is alive again!

Thats the magic of lifehacks!

Viewers, remember this one!

What should you do with some leftover light clay?

To make sure it stays soft and easy to work with,

well share another life hack with you!

If you dont have an airtight way to seal your light clay back up,

then put it in the freezer.

After defrosting, itll still be soft.

Hey, it actually worked!

How useful!

Thanks, Ronda and Shonda!

Now we know all about how to use light clay!

The girls also know a few artistic lifehacks!

Using paintbrushes is so yesterday!

Now, were all using our fingers!

Cut a sponge into three parts.

And soak them in acrylic paint.

Dip your finger into the sponge, like youre using a stamp.

And make prints on a sheet of paper.

Draw the string of a balloon coming from each print.

Make the strings connected.

And write a note on the card.

Make a few different greeting cards the exact same way.

One with four-leaf clovers.

With cute little birds.

And with deer in love.

Blondie and Redhead have designed a whole line of greeting cards made with their finger-prints!

Minimalism and warm wishes - thats the concept!

Even Ronda and Shonda, the goddesses of lifehacks, are impressed!

Great job, girls!

How can you turn a regular sponge into a squishy?

TheLifehack Showhas the scoop!

Draw a circle on a sponge.

Cut it out. And give it the shape of half an orange.

To make the sponge more like a real squishy, soak it in acrylic whitewash.

Let the sponge dry out all the way.

And color it with rubber paint.

Draw orange segments.

Glue on toy eyes.

Draw a smile with a marker.

There you go, its that easy to make a soft citrus stress reliever out of an ordinary sponge!

Viewers at home, now its your turn!

The girls do everything the TV hosts do!

Youre watching the Lifehack Show, the best show in the world!

Oops! Looks like one of our letters took an early vacation!

But were still hard at work!

Like it or not, if youre doing arts and crafts projects,

youre gonna get your hands dirty!

Shonda still cant get out this paint from the episode before last!

Here, check out a cleaning lifehack!

You can use toothpaste to get out any paint stain!

Just wash your hands with it.

The tooth-paste will be able to handle even the toughest paint!

Oops! Looks like Ronda has another tragedy on her hands!

What a mess!

Her beads are scattered all over the place!

But Shonda wont give up hope!

Lets pick up the beads with a vacuum!

Hey, be careful!

This isnt a hairstyle lifehack!

Instead, lets fit a sock onto the vacuum cleaner!

And collect all the tiny beads in a flash!

Thats better!

Now all our treasures are safe and sound in this sock bag!

Ronda, what should I do if I need some colorful felt, but I only have white?

Simple, reallydont lose hope!

Watch this next life hack to find out how to make colorful felt with paint!

Cut out the silhouette of a unicorn out of paper.

Cut out the mane separately.

Dilute acrylic paint with water.

And color white felt.

Let it dry.

Cut two unicorns out of white felt.

And the mane out of the colored one.

Hot glue the two unicorn pieces together.

Glue a pencil inside.

And attach the colorful mane.

Cover the horn with acrylic polish.

And sprinkle glitter on top.

Draw a muzzle with acrylic paint.

And glue an ear made out of foam rubber sheet.

Finally, attach a small bead to be the eye.

The problem with such small beads is that they fall off a lot, and gluing them on is tricky.

Weve got a lifehack ready to go.

Wind some double-sided tape onto your finger.

Run it over something a few times so the sticky layer wont be so fresh.

Use your sticky finger to pick up the bead.

And easily hot glue it on.

Ronda and Shonda made a colorful unicornsimple as that!

Its impossible to guess that we dyed this felt ourselves!

At least now you know how to make felt whatever color you want!

What a lovely mug!

How did Shonda manage to make all the hearts so even?

She used a lifehack!

Roll out polymer clay into a thin layer.

Use a heart-shaped hole puncher to cut out a little heart.

Remove it from the hole puncher using another piece of clay.

Make a few different hearts of all different colors.

Degrease a ceramic mug using a sponge soaked in rubbing alcohol.

And cover it with the hearts.

Bake it in an oven according to the polymer clays instructions.

The viewers carefully write everything down!

Turns out that a fancy hole-punch is useful for more than just paper!

You can use it to make masterpieces out of polymer clay!

A macaron-shaped spoon will go great with this romantic mug!

Whats the easiest way to imitate a cookie using clay?

Lifehack Showis about to tell you how!

Use chopsticks to help you roll out polymer clay evenly.

Lay them out parallel to each other

and roll the clay out between them with a rolling pin.

Cover it with some plastic wrap so you can smooth out the edges.

Cut out a circle with a lid.

Remove the excess clay.

Use a toothbrush to give the clay a macarons texture.

Roll out a layer for the filling the same way.

Cut out a groove for a spoon.

Connect the macaron with the spoon inside.

Bake it according to the clay instructions.

The girls have their materials ready!

Food wrap and a toothbrush will help them reach new heights of creative excellence!

Ronda and Shonda made a wonderful matching set with polymer clay!

Be sure to try this at home!

These pebbles are so cute!

Here at the Lifehack Show, we love making crafts out of materials found in nature!

Color a small pebble with acrylic paint.

This always happens when youre working on something small.

Your fingers get dirty.

To avoid that, lets use masking tape.

Stick the pebble onto a strip of masking tape.

Paint it. Draw a penguin.

Use a marker to draw details.

After the paint dries, remove the excess paint from the back of the pebble.

Hot glue a pin back to it.

Cover the whole thing with polish.

What a cute pin!

Finally Redhead knows what to do with all the treasures

she brought back from her last beach vacation!

She can make a whole collection of brooches!

Shonda and Ronda, your ideas are the best!

All these materials, and nowhere to put them?

Lets organize our arts and crafts materials!

And make a simple organizer out of a business card book!

Take an old business card book.

Mark its dimensions on shiny foam rubber sheet.

And glue the cover.

Attach a button.

And hot glue an elastic loop to close it.

Conceal the hot glue with another button.

Insert little baggies of rhinestones, glitter, and decorations.

Now the viewers at home have learned a very useful lifehack!

How comfortable!

All we have to do now is distribute all our materials to their own places!

Heres hoping theres enough room!

Right, Shonda?

Ronda and Shonda cant get enough sugar!

All this Nutella got eaten a long time ago,

but throwing out the container feels like a waste!

Lets make a pencil organizer out of it!

Paint the inside of an empty Nutella jar with brown acrylic paint.

Cover colored pencils with beige acrylic paint.

Add details to make them look like breadsticks.

Put the pencils into the container.

What a coincidence, the girls just ran out of Nutella, too!

Here are our materials!

Lets make pencils look like breadsticks!

And insert them into the sweet organizer!

Now this glass jar has a new life!

Has your thread frizzed up to the point

that its refusing to go through the eye of the needle?

Dont strain your eyes, Ronda! And dont be nervous!

Just use some hair-spray!

Spray a thread with hairspray.

Smooth it out.

And thread your needle easily.

Now what do I do with this needle?

Itll probably get lost right away!

Hey, Redhead! Look over here!

How about a stylish lipstick pincushion?

Clean out an old empty lipstick.

Cut a sponge to be the right size to fit into the container.

Make it cylindrical.

And insert the sponge into the lipstick.

Then add pins.

Whoever assumes this is just lipstick is very wrong!

Theres a portable pincushion inside!

Its the perfect pocket-sized holder for pins and needles!

Now they definitely wont get lost!

Well, thats the end of the Lifehack Show!

See you next time with a bunch of new ideas!

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