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Hi Im Amelia Armistead and youre watching the lifestyle channel on Vanuatu TV. Here

in Vanuatu, the traditional cultures are so very important, and theyre still very much

alive among the Melanesian people. Custom and tradition have been thriving for centuries

and ensure respect within communities. One of these such customs is the drinking of Kava.

Kava isnt a food, but plays a significant part in Vanuatu cultural society. Kava is

a derivative of the Pepper Tree family, and the drinking of Kava takes place in a Nakamal.

There are different types of Kava all throughout the South Pacific. But the Kava from Vanuatu

is prized above all others. Traditionally the Nakamal used to be strictly for the men

only. But now, on most of the islands, women can go along as well. This is all part of

the natural progression. So here at the local Nakamal, a large shell of Kava will set you

back 100 Bartok, and a small shell is only 50 Bartok, and thats all Ill need. They

tell me that the chief of the village will use Kava to relax and unwind before making

an important decision for his people. If only our leaders in the western world would do

the same. Im Amelia Armistead, for Vanuatu TV.

The Description of Kava's calming effect in Vanuatu #kava #vanuatu