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Hello, my dear! I'm really glad to see you on my channel again!

Well girls, today is a new tutorial! Let's go!

So today we will work with the second hand of my client.

Yesterday you saw the design on the first hand,

and today we look at the design on the second hand.

On the second hand, we decided to draw a french,

I remind you that our task is to make such a design,

which will not show how the nails grow.

I paint a french as usual with a beveled brush, because this is most convenient.

In order to draw a french, I mixed a white gel paint without residual stickiness with

the foil gel so that this paint would have a sticky layer.

And on this sticky layer we will imprint the foil.

We draw a french in one layer, we will not apply the second layer,

because the foil will hide all the nuances of the coating that we have here.

On the adhesive layer of our surface, we print the foil in small pieces

and from above we make detail drawing of our design.

Please note that in the last video I told you that the lines,

that are directed to the width of the nail, make the nail visually wider.

And in this version, all the lines that we draw are directed along the nail.

And, accordingly, the nail looks much narrower and more elegant.

Initially, the nails were filed equally, but the nails

on which the lines are directed along,

looks much longer and two times thinner.

In the meantime, we drew lines on every french.

I drew circles using foil gel and printed foil. In these places

I will make a modelling flowers.

In order for the flowers to gather in the composition,

I add a few along the directional lines of a geometric nature.

That is, we draw thin lines along the nail,

which emphasize the elegance of the nails.

And now we turn to modeling.

Today we will do the modeling using plasticine ge gel.

If any of you are interested in this modeling techniques,

then soon there will be a course about how make modeling with plasticine gel.

And if you know how to sculpt and know the ideas of this technique,

then there will be nothing difficult for you to create these flowers.

We make a flower of five balls of plasticine gel and from each ball we make a petal.

We very carefully smooth plasticine gel in

order that tips of petals turned out thin and elegant.

And so we work through every petal.

Each petal we dry in the lamp separately for a few seconds.

I decided to make the flowers from the cone crystal,

so I am making a hollow for the cone crystal with a carbide (hard-alloyed) needle.

And in this recess, I put the crystal.

Similarly, on the next nail, I make the same flower.

And in principle, our design will be ready for this.

Today we have such nails with foil olive color.

Unfortunately, because of the light, the color of olga is not visible,

but in live it looks amazing.

And how the hands of this client look together you can see in my instagram.

In all social networks you can find me: Shulunova Daria

And that is all for today!

Thank you for your attention!

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And I say goodbye to u today! See u soon! Bye!

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