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The presonus fatchannel XT is a channelstrip which offers a nice choice of different compression

and eq models.

In this video an overview of this channelstrip.

Hi Im Marlon

The Presonus Fatchannel XT is free with any purchase on Plugin Boutique this month.

Use the link in the description down below.

So, the plugin is a channelstrip with a semi fixed order of processors, two of them, the

compressor and eq, can be switched in the chain.

First you have a hipass filter and gate processor, Then theres a compressor and you can choose

of 3 variations.

The third processor is an eq which also offers 3 variations.

And to round it of you have a limiter.

All of these modules can be turned on and off, so you dont need to use all processors.

The hipass filter is always on, turning it fully down wont have any influence on the


The gate does gating and expanding, and offers a nice key filter to make tracking more accurate.

With key listen you can check on the frequency you set with the key filter.

When you use the expander to bring out for instance the attack of a drumkit it is nice

to control those louder transient with the

COMPRESSOR and there are three variations.

The standard one is a normal, all purpose compressor with the usual sets of compressor

controls, it also offers auto attack and release settings and a soft knee compressor switch.

Now the other two compressor models are based on very famous analog compressors.

The tube comp is obviously moddeled after a LA2a which is a tube compressor.

It doesn't very fast attack and release times and it will behave differently based on the

amount of input gain.

This plugin can switch between between compression and limiting.

In compression it will compress between a ratio of 1:1 to 10:1, in limiting from 10:1

to 20:1.

The third compressor is a plugin version of the 1176 peak limiting compressor.

This fet compressor can have very fast attack settings, the input gain also affects the


Its used on all sorts of audio, for vocal its used a lot for instance.

This type of compressor is known for its all buttons in compression mode, the nuke


You can set that here with the all button and sound great on for instance room mics.

The eq has three models as well.

First is a 4 band eq with graphical interface which works as many others.

The Passive eq is a Pultec passive eq, which can do the cut boost trick in the low end

where you boost and cut at the same frequency which adds a nice low end boost but also cleans

up the audio above frequency.

It offers an hi and low shelf, so its more a finalizing eq then suited for very precise

eq tweaks.

The fixed eq band dont appear flexible, but in practice thse bands always work well.

The third eq, the vintage eq, is based on the neve 1073 style eqs like so

many which carry the name vintage.

So it sounds analog, thick and generally a cant get a wrong setting type

of larger than life eq.

This one also has fixed frequency bands selection and hi and low shelf options as well.

Now the compressor and eq can be switched in the signal chain, so if you prefer eq before

compression or eq after compression, this can be done.

You don't have to use these compressor for peak limiting, for that you can use the limiter.

Just dial in the amount of limiting and your done.

This is handy because there some things to keeps in mind with the current version of

the plugin.

For instance not every compressor comes with a output gain control, same for the eq.

So you need to be very aware of your gain staging to avoid clipping, which can happen

quickly with the eq in this channel strip.

And there is no dry wet mix control, no parallelprocessing is built in.

This plugin has these 4 modules, you cannot add more.

If you want to use for instance 2 of its compressors or its eq before and after

the compression, you need to load up two instances of this plugin .

The plugin in the video displayed on screen will be an excellent companion to this bundle.

Check it out.

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