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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 五種Starbucks討厭的顧客, 你是那种?

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hey what's up guys today we're gonna

talk about Starbucks now I really don't

drink coffee but what I do I go to

Starbucks why because it's just cool you

know now we all know Starbucks have

really good service but let's take a

look at what really grinds your gears

let's take a look at some of the worst

type of Starbucks customers oh you want

to know asking is this any good

oh the Starbucks may I help you mmm I

have no clue perhaps you can try to

Frappuccino which is our classic really

is it good yeah Frappuccino is a drink

that even non-coffee drinkers you will

like - that sounds good okay so one

rabbit just give me a bottle water what

if a drink is printed on a menu there's

a reason it's there it's supposed to be


number two the complainer hey is my

drink ready I'm in a hurry

I've been waiting here for the past 30

seconds drinks are made an order sir

some drinks just take longer than others

well I'm more important than other


I think keep in mind that barista is

making so many treats at the same time

for so many people so have a little

patience crazy drink requests

I'll have them loca for a paint g-dragon

Big Bang would so know what it's worth

the soy sauce

yeah we don't have that it's in a secret

menu there is no secret menu thank Big

Bang hey baby if you order takes five

minutes to say then don't order it don't

think you're a wizard who can just

command the brisket to make a potion the

number four cell phone talker nervous

this is what I've been saying like oh my

god she has the biggest butt and there I

have the head on every second gonna have

a latte

oh it's private ask me what size jackass

hold on what what size monday is so big

oh go die in a fire

sorry oh thank you oh my god yes I've

done it it is rude because the person

who is taking an order is also a human

being who deserves their attention and

you respect even when he or she is just

making you coffee

it's the intern who is buying for the

entire office welcome to Starbucks what

can I get for you yeah I'm only 24 tall

skinny soy lattes with sugar-free

hazelnut and extra hot and 32 Randy no

calf cappuccinos would like whipped

cream she have a free hazelnut in

vanilla with one chocolate mocha 14

supremo's what it's simple shot no whip

no foam in and hit your grizzle oh and

on top of that can you help me toss my

anything I'll have you doing this if you

get behind this guy you might as well

give him any type of hope of getting any

coffee in your lifetime you're better

off blind of Colombia 21 bill this

throat and stealing is invasive coffee

harvest and burro I like hot weather you

have it next time you go to Starbucks

make sure you bring your manage with you

or else there's this kindly spit in your

coffee ship wait a mom

what Sammy Min Ko Olina tell me maybe we

are in the misty


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