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FRED CARSON: Hi. My name is Fred Carson. I'm from Carson's Saw Shop in Eugene, Oregon.

I've been sharpening tools for over thirty years. I'm here with Expert Village. Okay.

Here, we have a hand saw. And it's got eight teeth per inch and it's twenty-six inches

long, and we need to sharpen every tooth, every other tooth on each individual side.

And we have a hand saw vise, you put in here. You could be using a couple of 2 x 4s to clamp

it in. And you need a little three-cornered file. This is about an eight inch file, and

it's got three sides to it. And that's a fine two or three-cornered file, and it's pretty

important that you get--you hold the file so it's cutting the face of the tooth. And

at the same time, it's hitting the tooth on the top. So you're facing and topping each

tooth every stroke you take. So you want this at a 90 degree, and at the same time, you're

going across the top of the opposite of the tooth in front of it. And you want to make

sure and kinda make--not cut one tooth any lower than the other. And so, you gotta make

sure you cut--go across each tooth two, or three times, and not a whole bunch on one,

or the other. You just gotta skip every other tooth. You don't really want to go back and

forth. That creates too much heat and dulls the file at the same time. Put in, probably,

two or three pounds of pressure on each tooth, each stroke, and you gotta flip it over. So

we were doing it this way, and now, you gotta flip it to the opposite side so you're sharpening

the other side. Do exactly what you just did, and do the whole saw just like that.

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