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Hello, today I'm going to show you

how to make Mung bean moon cake or mini moon cake

and there will be 2 types of fillings

which are mini moon cake with mung bean

and mini moon cake with mung bean and salted egg yolk.

I've been selling these moon cakes to my friends in the USA

which I used this recipe. And the feedback is pretty good.

Each of my customers claimed that this recipe is not too sweet

And the crust is not too thick too.

So after I soaked the mung bean for about 4 hours

or overnight, I'm going to now rinse it until the water is crystal clear.

Keep rinsing until the water is clear

you will notice it

when the water turned from yellow to clear.

here it is.

the water is now clear color.

That's when you know it's ready.

And I will steam it.

This is the steamer,

Let's wait for the water to boil.

Once the water is boiling, I'm going to put

Today I'm going to steam in this drainer

for my convenient!

Spread the mung bean out.

Make it like a little hole space in the middle

but actually, it's ok.

This is to make it cooked all the way.

After steaming the Mung beans for

20 minutes. I'm going to open and take a look.

Ok, this looks good.

It's all cooked.

Let's turn off the stove.

Here's how you see if it cooked or not, the Mung beans will

expand bigger, you can check buy mushing it with your fingers

It will be more mush-able.

Now we gonna let it cool.

Once it's cool, it's going to be an agitation process.

Now i"m going to put sugar

225 g of sugar.

1 Cup of water

1/2 cup of oil.

You can use either canola oil or vegetables oil.

1/4 tablespoons of salt.

10 g of Tapioca starch

And put the steamed mung beans in.

Then I'm going to put all the ingredient I just blend down the pan.

Keep stiring

because the heat I'm using is on a medium high.

If you are going to walk somewhere, just lower the heat.

With Teflon pan it will be easier as it won't stick.

This is the consistency you want.

I'm going to let it cool before starting to make balls out of it.

Here it is.

Very smooth.

I'm going to show you the consistency of it,


it doesn't stick to your fingers.

Let cool before making the ganache balls.

while letting it cool, you could put the damn cheese cloth over

make sure it's damn and just put it over the ganache

so the ganache will not dry up.

After the ganache cooled down

I'm going to measure them.

For those of you who made it for youeself

may not need to measure, you can measure them by estimate it.

But I have to measure them.

See, it won't stick to your hands.

I actually put the ganache in the fridge for 1 night

each ball will approximately be about

16-18 g

I also have salted duck egg yolk


This is for the salted egg and mung bean ganache

After I measured them I will form a ball

Make all of them while we wait for the crust to set.

This recipe should give you about 50 mini moon cake.

May exceed 50 a little bit.

if you measured like me

Or if you are not serious about it you don't have to measure them.

For those who wants to make

the salted egg yolk with mung beans

after you form into a ball,

you just put the salted egg yolk

in the middle like this.

and them cover all of it

and roll it

like this.

Here, it is, and I' will let it sit

After I'm done with all the balls

(here I separate the type of fillings)

this is salted egg yolk in the middle

and this is just mung beans.

After I'm done making balls shape, I will

put them in the fridge.

I personally would take about

2 days to sinished this

because I have a little one

Actually, if I make these 50 mini moon cake, I could finished them in a day.

If you have time, you can go ahead and finish it on the same day.

So I will just cover them so they won't dry out.

and will put them away for now

while waiting for the crust to mixed well.

then will be the time to put them together.

Now let's make

Outer crust and inner crust.

Let's start with inner crust.

Cake flour.

Followed by all purpose flour.

Followed by oil.

You can use vegetable soil, palm oil

or canola oil

What I'm using today is Canola oil.

Mix well.

Once the mixture is as shown, I'm going to take it off the spatula

and I will be using my hands to knead it.

Make sure you get everything around the bowl.

And knead it

to make sure everything mix well.

And I will let it set.

Let it sit.

Next is,

let's do the outer crust.

Start with cake flour

followed by all purpose flour.

icing sugar

followed by oil

and water.

and I'm going to mix everything well.

this is what you will get .

not to watery nor too stift.

and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

then we will make put them all together.

After 20 minites

I'm going to

divide the dough.

For those of you who have no scale

you could

guess it with your eyes.

So I will measure it and divide it equally depend on the weight of each time you make it.

This recipe could make a total of 60 crusts

So I will divide them into 12 pieces

I'm going to divide them now.

12 equally parts.

each time of making will not get the same weight.

I would say, if you are pretty good with guessing

it with your eyes, go for it.

And after you get each balls equally, you roll and form them into a ball.

like this, and just put them aside.

after making 12 balls of inner dough

and rolled them all in to a nice balls.

I will now divide the outer crust

Divide them in to 12

After I'm done dividing it, I will take the outer crust ( bigger balls one)

flattened it

and put the inner crust ( smaller balls)

and out it in the middle and cover it well.

repeat the steps until you are done with all 12 of them.

After I'm done putting the dough together

I will take one out and cover the rest

so the dough would not dry out.

and let's knead the dough.

press it down like so

and use the rolling sticks

roll them out.

it doesn't have to be long and very thin at this stage

then I'm going to roll it and

roll it for the second time like so.

The second time of rolling will be a little longer

longer and thinner but not too thin.

this is the stage that will form the layers of the crust.

and roll it again.

and cut it into 5

use your eyes to approximate this.

I sure can't measure this up.

then put them aside.

and let's start with one.

you knead it in circle

and start to roll it from middle out

to expand it

so it's big enough to cover the filling

it depend which side you like to put it up top, make sure it's in layers

then I slowly push the dough down gently.

you kind of have to push down the filling and pull up the dough.

and pinch it to make it cover.

and a final form here.

roll it to make it round like so.

This is another angle

push it down

roll it

when work outward.

the size is just enough to cover the ball is fine.

then form a nice round ball like so.

and you line them up on the tray waiting to bake.

continue with all the balls until you are done.

separate egg white and egg yolk.

the egg yolk will be for the egg wash.

Some people would put a red dot to distinguish the different between the filling

or topped them with roasted sesame seeds

but I'm going to topped them with Chia seeds

and push them gently.

this is the salted egg yolk with mung beans filling.

that's the sound of my oven being ready.

I will let the oven go on for another

5 minute before I put all these mini balls in

After extra 5 minutes

I will put all these mini moon cakes in

I will bake it for 20 minutes

this is the process where you put the

scent of the special candle in to make the mini moon cake have the thai Aroma

make sure it burnt at the wax part for a little

then out it in.

let it burn some of the wax

so the scent would comes out more.

and then you can blow it and cover it with the lid

if you don't want to blow it

you can go ahead and close the lid

and put pressure on it. Once it ran out of oxygen the flame will go away

Like so, that's when the oxygen ran out.

and you will see a lot of smoke coming out at this point.

So I will let it sit until all the smoke is gone

may take about 1 hour

but I will leave it for 1 night.

For those of you who does not like this scent you can skip this step.

you can go ahead and eat it.

And this is how you pack it

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