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Fiona is one of the most amazing people I have met.

Fiona is absolutely adorable.

As soon as you start talking to her it's impossible not to love her.

She's a dream client.

This course is essentially a very compressed and very early version of trying to mimic the challenges that students will face in their engineering career.

So we're trying to give them all of the design skills and the

prototyping skills and the brainstorming skills that they need to tackle really complicated problems

Such as the one that we have with our client

And so the idea of working for a client rather than working for yourself is a really important thing. To have that level of engagement

With a client and someone who's willing to let us come to her house and measure all of her stuff and 3D scan her

That's really really great and to have that level of involvement. And you know theoretical learning is amazing and everything

But there's nothing like holding a physical thing that you made with your own hands and your own insight and your own knowledge

That's that's a really profound experience for them

And I think it's it's gonna a really great way for them to start their engineering career here at Mac.

Because she's just like another person that you want to be friends with instantly and that's why I feel like it's very motivating because when you do a project

Instead of doing it for someone you're doing it for Fiona

When our product isn't user friendly its Fiona friendly we wanted to actually tailor our

product to her because in the end we wanted to make her happy

This wasn't just about getting a job done

This was about actually changing potentially changing someone's life and making someone really happy which I really hope we do

Thank you so much for helping me

and supporting me

and having fun with me while doing this.

Having this idea that we can create things accessibly for individuals

And if one person, one engineer walks away and gets into an accessible design area then

the impact of this project, the Impact Project, is huge

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