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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Very Potter Musical Act 1 Part 10

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Attention all Hogwarts students

Tonight is our annual Yule Ball

So please remember to pick up your Yule Ball wreath

and give it to that special someone

Ah! Ginger!

Oh, hey. Harry Potter?

Oh hi Ginny

Fancy seeing you here huh?

Well it's the cafeteria so yeah

Um, so... um

The Yule Ball's coming up, huh?

Yeah I know it is. Very, very soon, yeah

Um, well were you thinking of going with anybody?

I was. I was actually just waiting for the right time to ask somebody and I think

I think that time's about now so if-

If you've got something to say just... get it out

Oh is this for me?

Ah Ginny how did you know I needed a wreath so I could ask Cho Chang?

You're the best!

Harry Potter... just- you

Forget it!

Alright I will!



Hey Cho Chang listen, um

I know the Yule Ball's coming up and I was wondering if

Maybe you wanted to go with me

But just in case you're kind of on the fence about it

You should know that I play guitar

and that I conquered that dragon's heart with it

So I think I could conquer yours

You're tall and fun and pretty, you're really, really skinny

Cho Chang

You're the Mickey to my Minnie, I'm the Tigger to your Winnie

Cho Chang

You're cuter than a guinea pig

I'll take you up to Winnipeg

That's in Canada!

Ooh Cho Chang. Ch-ch-ch-ch cha chadda chadda

Cho Chang


Well Harry Potter

Bless your heart

Um, but

I'm gonna have to say no?

That young strapping boy Cedric Diggory

already asked me and I'm gonna go with him


Come on girls, let's go show Moaning Myrtle our ball gowns

and make fun of her because she can't go


Hey there good buddy, how are you doing?


Is that a Yule Ball wreath?


Who you gonna ask?

Well I asked Cho Chang but she turned me down

Cedric... Stuppery

Oh my God they're going together? That's so great

I love him so- they're so, cute

Harry: No, no

I hate him. I hate him so much

Oh my God he pisses me off, wow

Aw man that sucks dude. I don't know why she'd turn you down

You're like the coolest guy in school

I don't know, I get it. I play guitar, I'm Harry Potter

I'm awesome

Reese's Pieces?


I don't get it man I mean I guess I'll just go stag, huh?

Yeah I'll probably go stag too

And the only two girls that I know that don't have dates already are Ginny

and Hermione

Oh my God

And I'm not going with my stupid sister

And I think of Hermione as a sister so that's out

We are in such a puzzle

Harry: What a conundrum

Neville: Hi, look at these strapping young men

Hey Neville

Hey Neville, you want this Yule Ball wreath?

Uh yeah, if you're willing to part with it then I will take this wreath

Hey Ron, let's go hang out with Hagrid

He can teach us how to dance so we could get in our dress robes

That can only lead to disaster and hilarity

Well let's go

I mean I just don't know about Hermione. I don't think anyone's asked her yet, you know

'cause she's just-

she's just so butt ugly

Harry: Hideous

Give that plant nerd!

OÕGoyle rules!

Draco: Yeah so anyway

He was reluctant enough at first

but I lured it out of its cage with an upside down pig

and I sewed it with my Fruit by the Foot

and beheaded it with a quick slicing charm. Bloody fool...

Wh- Goyle?

What are you doing with that wreath?

What are you, going to ask someone to the Yule Ball?


Dancing is for nerds

Crabbe: And pretty girls

That's right

You know who the last girl I'd have asked to the Yule Ball would be?

That Hermione Granger

Not even if we were the last two people on earth

and she looked absolutely stunning in her ball gown

so every time I'd looked at her I'd got butterflies in my tummy

Not even then

You know

They don't even have dances at Pigfarts

All of the noise would disturb Rumbleroar's slumbering cubs

Dancing is for pansies


Draco: Hey you there what's your name?



You're going to the Yule Ball with me

Did you see that dragon?

Well it was reluctant enough at first

but I lured it out of its cage with an upside down...

Quirrell: Yule Ball decorating crew

Just the Yule Ball decorating crew coming through

Last minute decorations

My Lord, the Yule Ball has finally arrived and I've brought the key!

Yes I know Quirrell

I hear everything you hear!

I'm sorry

No I'm sorry, I shouldn't have snapped

I'm just nervous that's all




I don't want to talk about it

Hey, it's just me

You can tell me anything, you know that

Yeah, yeah, you're right, you're right

I'm just nervous because we've been planning this night for so long

and I want everything to go perfectly, you know?

Don't worry. We've mapped out everything

We've anticipated every little problem and compensated for it

We've even prepared what you're going to say to Potter when you see him

So just cool down


By the end of the night you'll have your revenge and your body back

You're right, you're right I'm being... silly

And you know I-

Quirrell over the last year I've-

I've really grown attached to you

No pun intended

Yeah I know what you mean

But, hey, we'll still hang out

Just because we won't be attached doesn't mean we'll be two completely different people

No pun intended

No, no of course not, of course not

Hey Quirrell

We should make plans

Evil plans?

Oh uh...


Casual plans

Like um

We could go rollerblading on a Saturday and then uh

see a movie at night, huh?


It'll be great because we'd both be able to watch it for a change

Yeah yeah...

I bet it'll be nice to sleep in our own beds

Not have someone behind you all the time

And have the privacy of my old life back again

The solitude

You know,

Whatever happens tonight man


It's been a blast


One crazy year


Promise we'll go rollerblading and see that movie

Oh, man

I promise



Let's go plant that key and split

Pun intended!

Snape: Why Professor Quirrell

What on earth are you doing in the Great Dance Hall?

Just moments before the dance?

Just decorating for the Yule Ball. Last minute decorations

Just one final touch

A ladle?

A very special ladle for a very special night

For a very special punch

And what's so special about it?

Let's just say there's Squirt in it


Is that not the favorite drink of one Harry Potter?

Is it? I had no idea

Well, we better be going


I... I better be going

Loud music hurts my ears

Okay well I'll see you later then

Or maybe you won't

Or maybe I will

Dumbledore: Excuse me, it was my fault

Hey Severus!

Oh, uh Headmaster

Dumbledore: What are you doing here? Getting some punch are you?

Oh no no there's Squirt in that

Oh only Harry Potter likes that hog's shit

I'll stick to my Red Bull thank you very much

Oh well goodnight Headmaster

Severus I-

I saved this last dance for you

Well I would Headmaster, but you see

Well an old friend is coming back into town tonight

Dumbledore: Oh


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