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In this video I will attempt to compile all relationships and strange interactions Onision,

whom I will be calling Greg in this video, has had with women and his spouse Lainey.

I hate to bring any kind of attention to Gregs dying channels, so please don't go and watch

any of his videos because he seems interesting.

I'm mostly just making this video because I have noticed that there aren't really any

that compile his whole history of abusing his partners, and as he is still trying to

get his current spouse to agree to a polyamorous relationship with a, no doubt, teen girl,

once again, I think it is important to make sure that there are at least some resources

available that easily show what kind of person he is.

Huge shout out to, it has been a big help with my research and finding

screenshots for this video.

I also want to give a shout out to Youtube for still not fixing the issue that makes

my videos not appear on my page.

While that's not fixed I put a playlist of all my old videos in the description of this


Alright, let's start.

I will go in a chronological order, but first I want to mention a few miscellaneous ones

that showcase his general character and behavior towards girls and women.

Here are the timestamps for each relationship in case you just want to skip to a specific


I'm sure a lot of you have already heard about his treatment of Eugenia Cooney.

Trigger warning for talking about eating disorders, please skip here if this makes you uncomfortable.

Eugenia Cooney is infamous for her severe anorexia.

Greg has made many videos about her for years, acting like he is trying to help her.

These videos consisted of him showing photoshopped pictures of her and talking about how beautiful

she would be to him if she weighed more.

He also made a "Eugenia Cooney Cooking Show" and a Sims video where he lets her Sim starve

to death, making jokes about eating disorders the whole time, which is frankly just... disgusting.

I have no other words for it.

The videos have since been deleted but reuploaded by Youtube users.

Here are some clips of them.

Hi, I'm Eugenia Cooney and I'm doing a cooking show.

But first I'm gonna eat something on camera to prove to you guys that I DO eat! Here are some cucumbers.

Are you ready for me to prove you guys wrong? Freelee the banana girl and Onision? (munch) Mmmm!

Looks like the stir fry is done! Yummy!!! Just gonna scrape it onto the plate there.

There you go, everything I eat in a day!

You shouldn't be concerned, I go to the bathroom through my mouth, so it's okay! (wretches)

This is a story of a girl named Eugenia Cooney. A Youtuber who influences hundreds of thousands.

But for some reason, her refrigerator appears to not exist. That's gone too.

How does a girl survive in the world without food?

This question and more answered today on... whatever this is.

Smelly. Well, that about wraps it up.

Ah, she's still dead. Yup, still dead (x like 5) Whooooa!!!!

Game over!! Guess you should've ate more food! Call 1-800-931-2237. Do it.

She has publicly asked him to stop and spoken out about how he is not helping her with anything

but he chose to ignore this and kept going.

Recently, after Eugenia said that she is dealing with things privately with her doctor, Greg

decided that he was basically her savior.

He pestered Jaclyn Glenn, who is a friend of Eugenias, for details but she told him

that she feels like he will publicize their conversation, which he did.

He also has a history with Jaclyn Glenn, who used to be Social Reposes girlfriend, which

Greg despises because he is a cheater.

Even though he is one himself.


He body shamed her decision of getting breast implants and said that she disfigured her

body, which caused them not to talk for a while.

Jaclyn and Greg briefly made up but are now on bad terms once again.

Another thing that is strange about Greg is that he treats young female children like

they understand what sexuality is.

I am not trying to imply that he is into little kids or something, though he does have a very

obvious attraction to teen girls.

More on that later, though.

He sometimes recounts the story of him being a camp counselor and running away from little

girls that were trying to pull his shirt off near a lake.

Young kids like that might not understand that this is an inappropriate thing to do

and simply wanted him to go swimming with them, but he interpreted this action as flirty.

Instead of behaving like an adult and telling them to stop, he sexualized them and ran away.

He also recently said something that might be interpreted as sexualizing an infant.

Lainey and their friend went out and the friend left her infant daughter with Greg.

He then let her sit in her own feces for hours because he refused to change her diaper, rationalizing

this decision by saying that it would be inappropriate to see her genitals.

He spoke about this situation in a livestream.

They were just friends getting dinner.

So, they left the baby, and I refused to change the diaper

because I felt like it was inappropriate to change other peoples kids. Right?

And this is the same chick who, you know, implied I was some kind of pervert.

So... (laughs) So, she's like: "Hey pervert, why won't you look at my kids junk?"

It's just like, I don't wanna go anywhere near your kid! I don't wanna touch their... uuuh!

You know, the, I'm a grown man. I don't wanna change your little girl.

That's fucking... gross.

Not just gross cause of the shit, but because of the fact that I'm a stranger. And I'm not a professional baby guy person.

I'm a, I'm a, I, I'm not... I don't need some kinda fucking bullshit, right?

What if I DID change that baby? Then what would she say?

"Oh, who knows what he did with that baby?" It's like, you're fucking nuts. There is a no win. So no, I'm not gonna change your fucking baby.

I'm not gonna change it, I'm not gonna anywhere near your baby's shit.

In two different ways. Not going anywhere near that shit. Okay? You change your baby's diaper, okay?

And if you're mad about that, then, don't later on go around calling me a perv cause you wanted me to change the diaper and I wouldn't?

What is... Blublubadub? People are confusing.

He didn't bother calling the mother so she could come and change the girls diaper, either.

He waited until they came home.

If I had been in his position I would have assumed that, since the friend left their

baby with him for hours, she was okay with him changing her.

Another somewhat more well known scandal is that he rated underage teen girls in his videos,

saying how hot or cute they look to him, or whether he would date them or not.

Now, onto Gregs first relationship that was made very public to the internet.

In December 2010, 25 year old Greg started talking to the then 17 year old Shiloh.

He was married to another woman when he began talking romantically to Shiloh, and admitted

to emotionally cheating on his ex wife.

They got divorced mid December and at the end of the month Greg and Shiloh started dating.

They denied dating at first, most likely because Shiloh was still underage, but not only were

there many signs that they were in a relationship, Shiloh posted a status about their one year

anniversary on the 28th of December 2011.

They announced their relationship to Gregs fanbase in April 2011.

They broke up quite a few times, and Greg even had a short relationship during one of

those breaks that I will get into in a bit.

It was a very dramatic and unhealthy relationship in general.

One of the most controversial thing that happened during the relationship was when Greg uploaded

a video of Shiloh suffering an episode that made her lose the memories of the past 3 years.

Many fans of Onision thought that this was fake and only made up for views, but Shiloh

insists to this day that it was real and some kind of post traumatic stress response from

a bad panic attack.

Shortly after this, at the end of July 2011, he uploaded videos saying that he fears for

his life and that Shiloh is unstable.

He says he is uploading these videos so that, in case something happens to him, people will

know who to look for, and because Shiloh threatened to kill herself and make it look like he did


To prove that this is not just made up drama he later uploads a video of him calling the

cops while Shiloh is in the background and very clearly distressed.

In the video you can hear her say that, if she gets found dead, people will know that

it is his fault for putting her on the street with no support system.

She also threatens to ruin him, later explaining in a blog post that she meant to ruin him

with the truth and not lies, and gets put away in a "mental asylum", according to Greg.

They break up and he briefly dates two women, one of them for a few days and the other for

3 weeks in September 2011, who he met on his forums.

A few details about this second relationship have been leaked, mainly voice messages from

Greg to her and a private email regarding her and Gregs relationship she had sent to

a friend, which she originally was very embarrassed about, but later gave permission to spread

as a reaction to a video Greg made that insinuated he got STDs from her.

I will put a link to the full letter in the description as it is very long.

Because of this email, Greg made many videos about her and went on a smear campaign and

talked about how dirty her genitals were, how she is a low moral individual and a liar.

He also said that it's funny for her to say that she felt pressured to have sex with him

too early in their relationship because she previously slept with over 20 people.

Because of that video, she decided to release voice mails he had left her.

I will play a few of them so you can see how manipulative he is and how rapidly, and extremely,

his opinions on someone can change.

In February 2012, after Greg and Shiloh got back together and broke up once again, this

ex sent Greg a peace offering, saying that she was too broken for a good relationship

at the time and that she wishes him the best.

Greg ended up using this against her and made a video called Onision: Total Victory, in

which he says that he is a great guy because he has ended all his relationships so far.

He also made a few Facebook statuses saying that his ex who "slandered" him ended up apologizing

and requesting a friendship with him.

She hasn't spoken about him in years but Greg continues to occasionally tell a version of

their relationship that is obviously in his favor.

5 days after Greg left the last voice mail trying to win back this rebound, he and Shiloh

get back together.

In October 2011, they announced that they are engaged and that Shiloh is expecting.

Sadly, she miscarried in December.

In February 2012 she says that she was mentally, physically, and emotionally abused in their


In the comments of this Facebook post she also accuses Greg of shoving her into a doorframe

when she tried to hug him when he didn't want to while she was pregnant.

She blames him for her miscarriage, saying that the stress of the relationship caused


In 2016, Greg makes a video and denies that the door frame incident happened the way she

describes it.

He says that the baby was too small at that point to be harmed by physical force.

They broke up the final time in February.

Greg uploaded a music video about Shilohs lies during their relationship and a few days

after that, he says that Shiloh cheated on him.

At first she denied cheating but later admitted to emotionally cheating on him in a blog post,

saying that she doesn't want to list the bad things he has done but rather apologize.

Later that day she posted Gregs response to her post, in which he said that he hates her

and will never forgive her.

After this relationship, he got with Lainey, who is still married to him and the mother

of his 2 children.

The first time they contacted him publicly is late September 2011 when they were 16.

They started their relationship around a month after he broke up with Shiloh, when he was

26 and Lainey was 17.

They were a big fan of him before they started talking and got together because they responded

to his Tweet asking where his soulmate is with "here".

In a recent video on Laineys channel, Greg made it clear that he was not immediately in love

with Lainey because they were "boring" and implies that he saw them as more of a rebound

than a serious partner.

You know what they say about the, uh, the ones that get you excited?

They're gonna turn your life into a nightmare and make you wanna kill yourself.

So I wasn't exciting?


So you wanna kill yourself then?

No, I don't wanna kill myself.

I wasn't exciting so you wanna kill yourself.

I said you're not exciting.

Oh, wow. Even in the beginning I wasn't exciting?

Not really, no.

Wow. Now *I* wanna kill myself.

No, when we first started dating I was like, this person seems stable.

I was excited. For the record, I was excited.

You were an investment. Like, when I met you...

That doesn't mean I can't be exciting?!

Yeah, like, when you... When we first talked, you said that you are my soulmate.

That's exciting!

I'm not excited about anything anymore. Cause I found out you're not excited about me.

Once I got to know you I was excited.

That's not, that's the opposite of how it works.

When I saw you, I wasn't like... all like, cha-ching.


Not love at first sight?

No, definitely not.

Wow. I'm gonna kill myself.

No, it definitely wasn't love at first sight.

Mine was!! That's the sad part, mine was. I'm gonna cry.

Greg made it a big deal that Lainey lied about their age when they started talking though

their age was clearly shown on his website.

He also heard about their real age only a few weeks into their relationship so he could've

broken it off if he truly wanted to, but he didn't.

He even checked with his lawyer to make sure that their relationship isn't illegal.

They secretly got married in November 2012, shortly after they turned 18.

Greg has had problems with their family since the start of their relationship.

Laineys parents were against them being together - which is pretty sensible in my opinion,

considering that Greg was almost 10 years older than their teen daughter and he didn't

exactly have the best relationship resume.

He made multiple tweets shaming their mother for not breast feeding them enough and body

shaming them, even though Lainey told him to stop.

He also slut shamed their little sister and only took down these posts because he was

asked to do so.

Supposedly because of Gregs distaste for their family, Lainey is only allowed to visit their

family twice a year, and usually he doesn't come along for these visits.

He seems to regulate who they are allowed to talk to fairly often, it seems.

He showed off this behavior publicly when Lainey was excited over a band member they

like tweeting them.

Greg basically told them that they are not allowed to like this musician because he blocked


Lainey got pregnant with their first child in July 2013 and their second child sometime

in 2016.

According to them, Greg didn't react at all when they told him they are pregnant for a

second time and mocked them by saying "do you want a hug?".

Lainey has also talked about how Greg regularly calls them names, cusses at them and verbally

abuses them.

He has admitted to doing this a few times as well.

A few years into their marriage, in December 2015, Greg tried to push Lainey into exploring

their bisexuality with a 3rd person.

This never ended well, and usually ended horribly.

The first person they invited into their relationship was Billie, who was 18 years old at the time.

She was first meant to be exclusively Laineys girlfriend, separate from Greg.

Things didn't evolve as planned though.

Billie and Greg basically started an affair only a month into this new poly relationship

and cheated on Lainey while she was pregnant with the second baby.

They had a threesome but Lainey stopped it because they felt uncomfortable going that


Shortly after that, after they went out for a while, leaving Billie and Greg alone, they

cuddled and Greg gave Billie a full body massage, including the chest and butt.

Greg told Lainey about this the following day and they separated.

During this separation, Greg signed off the custody of his son to Lainey alone and asked

Billie out to be with him.

He released these screenshots of their conversation in a video.

Lainey said that Greg only pushed the poly relationship because he was getting something

out of it, and that they never really wanted to be with her.

While all of this was going down, Greg was making cuddle jokes and defending his actions,

saying that his mother once gave him a full body massage too so it's alright that he gave

Billie one.

In the end, Lainey and Greg decided to work on their relationship with counselling and

got back together.

This wasn't the end of Billie, though.

Lainey wrote many tweets about missing her a few months after everything happened, and

they ended up inviting Billie back over in June 2016.

After each time Billie visited, Lainey ended up breaking up with her and was, according

to Greg, negative and spiteful when Greg and Billie got along.

Lainey suffered from bad self esteem whenever Billie was there but was persuaded by Greg

to invite her back over and over again.

They were in an on off relationship for a few months and ended the relationship the

last time in November 2016.

The reason for this break up was Billie smoking weed even though they had forbidden her from

doing so.

Greg said they will take her back if she did any of the following things: tattoo "I'm a

liar" above her ass, making a video saying she is a liar and wants Lainey back, or being

chained to the basement for a week.

She, of course, refused and Greg called her boring for not wanting to be in chains because

he thought it was hot.

After breaking up with Billie, they started looking for another trinity member.

In late 2016 they ended up talking to a girl named LuxyMoo.

Luxy didn't want her experiences to become public, but after someone posted screenshots

of a private chat they had with her, she opened up and started talking more about what happened

between her and Greg and Lainey.

The person she talked to in the following screenshots ended up being a troll, by the

way, so it is unlikely that any of what they are saying is true.

Luxys side of the conversation is true, though.

According to her, Greg wouldn't leave her alone about joining the trinity, calling her

sexually dormant because she didn't want to be with them.

He was also hardcore guilt tripping her, acting like she was hurting Lainey and playing with

them simply because she wasn't interested in a three way relationship.

She did a livestream at the start of this year, talking more about her experiences.

I will link it in the description.

In December 2017, Greg got trolled and exposed by someone by the name of Vix.

She gave Greg anything he wanted to hear and he pretty obviously fell in love with her.

He offered to fly her out to him, even selling his car so he would be able to afford this,

but she turned down the offer because her boyfriend didn't want her to.

He ended up heartbroken because of this and told her that her boyfriend is abusive because

he didn't want her to fly out to two random people from the internet.

Lainey reacted to this in a livestream and basically said that it's no big deal because

Greg only called Vix a friend, not a romantic partner, even though the way he talked to

her was more reminiscent to talking to a significant other than a friend.

Even then, he sounded very obsessive and manipulative.

He even sad tweeted about her saying that he loves the wrong people.

Later that month, Lainey started talking to a girl called Maya.

A lot, and I mean A LOT, of screenshot of a conversation with Maya were leaked.

I can't include them all in here, but I will link them in the description.

It's really worth the read.

The TL;DR version of the events that happened with Maya is that she had a strong connection

to Lainey and that she though that she was getting invited into a relationship with only

Lainey, not Greg.

She was actually not attracted to him at all, which was a huge blow to his ego.

They invited her to stay with them during Christmas, and after staying with them for

a day, Greg came up to her room and asked her if she wants to be with them.

Maya thought that Greg meant that Maya would only be with Lainey, as she hadn't interacted

with Greg pretty much at all, but he grabbed her and kissed her.

Maya clearly says in the leaked texts that Greg is incredibly manipulative and tries

to get people to open up to him with secrets so he can blackmail or belittle them later.

The three of them later talked about Maya not wanting to kiss Greg, and she said that

she wants to form emotional connections with people before she gets physical with them.

Lainey and Greg didn't understand this.

Once it became clear that a poly relationship with Maya wouldn't work, she was sent home.

Screenshots of conversations Maya had with Lainey and Greg also got leaked.

In them, Lainey tells Maya that they should run away together and that they miss her.

A few of them read like Greg was talking but that's a personal tinfoil of mine.

A few months after this, another girl named Sam got flown in.

She was supposed to be Gregs camera man and actress for his videos, no poly relationship

was formally planned.

Lainey didn't know that Sam would be visiting until she was already there.

This started their relationship off on the wrong foot right away, and, not to spoiler

or anything, but it's also part of the reason why Sam got sent home.

Lainey was, according to Greg, insecure and upset.

Only after leaving did Sam realize that Greg had invited her because he wanted her to be

their next trinity member.

He himself said that he didn't need a camerawoman and many other things about her, like that

she swatted his childs hand and that she sat on his lap and wiggled around.

This is what Sam herself had to say about these claims.

There has been no poly relationship attempt after Sam, but at the start of the year a

few girls have spoken out about the inappropriate relationship between Lainey and Sarah.

Sarah is currently 18 but has been on and off living with them since she was 14, as

Lainey had guardianship over her for a while.

According to the girls that have talked about their relationship, Sarah has watched Lainey

bathe, they used to "talk" about their relationship and flirt when she was only 15, and that they

slept in the same bed together and cuddled.

Considering some of their past interactions, it's definitely not a total reach if this

was true.

Greg in particular has been with many teenage girls, including his current spouse, so I

doubt that he wouldn't consider getting with Sarah now that she is of age.

He himself has said that he used to verbally abused Sarah until she turned 18 because he

didn't want her to fall in love with him.

After they caught wind of these accusations, Greg and Lainey both did livestreams talking

about the topic.

What is interesting about this is that Lainey denied things that Greg later confirmed to

be true.

This is an example:

That's pretty much everything up to this date.

After this video I will get back to the regular Pettuber videos.

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As always, thank you for watching!

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