Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [GOING SEVENTEEN 2020] EP.3 돈't Lie #1 (Don't Lie #1)

Difficulty: 0

Mafias, please look up

and check out each other's identity.

[Spoiler alert]

You are ... in today's game.

[Spoiler alert]

You are ... in today's game.

[Spoiler alert]

You are ... in today's game.

[Spoiler alert]

You are ...

You are ... in today's game.

You are ... in today's game.

You are ...

You are ...

You are ... in today's game.

You are. .. in today's game.

You are ... in today's game.

You are ... in today's game.

[Spoiler alert]

Today's Going Seventeen is a game that combines Mafia* and the treasure hunt. (* = Korean title of 'Werewolf')

Three of the members are mafias.

500,000 KRW in cash is hidden right here.

Members will play

mini games, treasure hunt and Mafia for four times in total.

The mini games can win you extra time to find your treasure.

Through the treasure hunt, the citizens need to find the treasure hidden by the mafias.

Then, the citizens must find the mafias through the game Mafia and arrest them.

And Mafias have the mission of taking down the citizens.

For each round, the citizen who has found the cash

needs to report it to the moderator.

The moderator needs to notify anonymously

that someone has found the cash.

In case the citizen who has found the cash gets taken down through the mafia game,

the cash gets hidden again by the mafias.

Lastly, in the final round,

whoever has the cash gets to own the cash.

If nobody has found the cash,

it goes to the mafias.

[DOUGHn't Lie]

The daytime has come.

[Fascinated] Ooh, that's cool.

[Fascinated 22] Whoa, I want to buy that.

[Fascinated 333] Whoa, what's with that voice?

Ooh, incredible!

There is a cash pile of 500,000 KRW - ten 50,000 KRW bills - in this place

that the mafias have hidden.

[10 Sin Saimdangs*] 500,000 Korean won? (* = the person on the 50,000 KRW bill)

[= the size of surprise] It's hidden already? Like, it's already hidden now?

The citizens must find the mafias as you proceed with the treasure hunt game,

And the mafias need to track down the citizen who has found the treasure.

In the end result,

the treasure will go to the citizen who has found it.

If nobody has found it,

the treasure goes to the mafias.

The time given for the treasure hunt is only five minutes.

If you want more time,

you need to win it through the mini games.

[It's not Mr. Lee] That's just the producer's original voice, right.

That's right.

When we say 'Hello, producer', he says 'Hello.'

'Oh, you are here?'

[Standard five minutes + n] The number you get on the dice decides the extra minutes.

We have five minutes now.

[Standard five minutes+ the number on dice]

[Fishing for mafias] - Who throws? - Alright, let's have a mafia throw it.

[Not falling for it] - You. - No, you do it.

[Failed] Oh, okay.

You're mafia.

[Mafia?] Bro Hoshi says he will throw.

[Nice word in queue] Doesn't matter who throws it, but if you get 1, you'd get hated on, yeah?

[Ready to pile on] If you get 1, you are the mafia, right.

If you get 1, you're the mafia, right.

Someone who helps the mafias.


This is a bit iffy, huh?

You got extra 2 minutes.

You have a total of 7 minutes for the treasure hunt.


Find it.

[Dig the ground.]

[You won't get a dime.]

[Entering the next room]

[At an age where you'd have a lot of curiosity]

Hey, Hoshi! You're meant to look around, what are you doing?

[Suspecting as a mafia]

Now, please go ahead and find the treasure, members.

[Looking hard for the treasure]

[No treasure]

[Found something]

[Found a candy]

Did you guys look in the cabinets here?

Why aren't you looking in here?

[Not looking (look inside)]

Yeah, there is no way they'd put it in the cabinet.

It makes it too easy.

Maybe in the refrigerator.


[Empty refrigerator]

[Preventing being edited out]

[I must dig around the people] I should track those who are not looking hard right now.

[Interview room]

[Digging through stuff, not people]

They said it could be in here, too?

[A person appears]

It's not this bag, is it?

[Digging through people] Are you a citizen?

Yes, I am a citizen.

Are we supposed to look all the way in here?

I think so.


[Owns fishing technique] Oh oh oh! It's not here, no no.

Oh, you surprised me.

Not here.

- How are we going to look everywhere? - It's quite iffy.

I don't think we can find it.

[To the cafe]


[Pretending to be sharp] Why is there lighting in here?

I'm really getting a feeling here.

Very fishy.

[Reason behind the fishy smell]

[Dog nose]

Wow, I never thought I would go through a trash can in my life.

It could be here, too?

Why is there lighting in here?

I don't think it's there at all.

Hey, aren't you a mafia?

Pretending to be looking there--


[Entering the cafe]

Where did they hide it~?

I think it could be here.

Right? Don't you feel like it'd be in this room?

[Looking leisurely]

- I don't think they'd have made it too obvious. - Right?

I think it might be related to the color of the envelope.

[Never said the money is in an envelope]

[Two minutes passed]

[A person underneath the shot]

[Sense of kinship]

Is it not in here? Is it not in here?

- It's not in here. - We're looking for it.

The mafias would know. Where they hid it.

The mafia knows it

[Does not work at all] So I just need to follow Joshua now.

[Does not know this] Hey, we should check his stomach.

[Censored] Hey, you!

I think it is inside the cafe.

[The whereabouts of the person who smells well]

There is really just trash.

[Only looked through the trash for 3 minutes]

Oh, but I can feel it here..


[Talking with his eyes]

[Pretending to be sharp 22] - No, it's not me. - Why?

Why were you talking to the producer?

- Because I really don't understand, - Yeah, okay okay.

Seungkwan, come over here.


- Are you the mafia? - No, this guy is weird.


If I were Kwon Soon Young, where would I hide it?

[Hoshi suspectors]

If we looked for a lost cellphone like this, we would find it.

[Fishing] So where did you hide it?

Or the place that is most noticeable

But also..

The place that they'd think we couldn't find it from.

Like a blind spot?

[Like a blind spot] Wow, seriously, where did they put it?

[Doesn't know] It's in this room, right?

[Doesn't know even if she does]

Where is it?

[All of them are lost]

I really want to find it.

I really want to find it, what do I do?

[It is not cold because it is October, don't worry]

[Takes a glance for no reason] If there isn't a camera here, then it would not be here.


I am looking for it by looking for the cameras.

[Knows how TV shows work]

[Knows how TV shows work 22] There isn't a camera here.

[It's here!]

[Bin expert]

[Obsessing over the bin]

Why do I keep digging through the trash?

[Lots of places to hide it]

[Doesn't know where to begin]

Wow, where is it?

It's fun, huh? Going Seventeen.

It has improved a lot.

Did you look everywhere in the cafe?

- Is it not here? - It is not here, no.

I looked everywhere.

Were there anything?

We don't have time, we don't have time

[His lingering attachment to smell]


[Lingering attachment]

Hey, does this place count, too? It's just the cafe and there.

But this place is suspicious because there's lighting in here.

[Inside the cafe]

Oh, it is too wide-ranged.

Is there only one?

I think so. They said there is only one.

But how did they hide it?

[Looking through the pots] They hid it really well.


You cannot touch the products.

Oh, sorry.

I don't know, I am just going to take down the mafia.

[Evil laugh]

I don't know.

Did you check everywhere in here, Wonwoo?

I looked everywhere in there but I didnt find anything.

On top of these doors..

I am not tall enough, Wonwoo, can you try it here?

Yeah, one sec.

- Check if there is anything up there. - There is nothing.

- It's not up there? - Nope.

How did the mafias hide it?

They must have hid it after a discussion.

No, what place would all three of them know?

[Gives up quickly]

I am just going to catch the mafia.

Did you give up, bro?

[Guys, come here]

[There is a can behind Jun] If we opened this?

Could it be!


[Empty can] There is nothing.

Oh, someone could be acting when he already found it.

You're right! They might be pretending after finding it.

[Was a child actor]

[Entered the interview room]

[Interviewer] You are not the mafia, right?


I think it would be good to make a team, in my opinion.

The would I be finding the money this thoroughly? The 500,000 KRW.

[Distrust] You could be pretending to find it.

Can you rewind..

the camera.

So I can see where they hid it.

Could it be?

[A familiar picture] We have 20 seconds left.

Can you open that, too?

[Wonwoo is Seungkwan-ing] This is just trash.

[Determined] But they could have put it in between the plastic bag, couldn't they?

- Would they not go that far? - I don't think they would go that far.

- I don't think they would go that far. - Bro!

Could it be?

[DK-ing] No, they told me not to touch the products.

[Could it be 22] Hey, under the leaves?

I looked everywhere there.

[Could it be 33333] Huh? Could it be?

Oh what...

[Almost over]

I am just going to check the members' movements here.

Guys, gather up here quickly~

Someone could have it now

[It could be himself] Someone might have it with him now.

Mafias must feel very relaxed if everyone says they didn't find it.

No, they could be lying after finding it, you know?

Who could it be?


Frankly, if we were to suspect someone here

It's very iffy to suspect anything.

[You too? / Hey me too!] - It is very iffy but Joshua is very vague. - Joshua is very iffy to me, too.

[Pretending that it doesn't bother him] - Joshua was very iffy when we first started. - Oh, he is iffy.

[Needs quick cash] But he was looking around very hard that I would get the chills if he was acting.

He went up there and like--

Wow, I am getting the chills at the thought that there are 3 mafias in here right now.

Not just one.

Then 3 people among us must have been watching us looking for it, knowing where they had hidden it.

The person saying that must not be a mafia.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

- No, sincerely. - It was a joke earlier.

[The mafia is lying] Thank you so much, I really want to play for a long, long time.

I was honestly sad because I got the citizen role.

If we get out of the game, we have to just clap at the reaction seat.

[Can only do reaction when you get voted out] We cannot go home!

- Until it's over. - We can never go home.

Why is Jun so weird to me?

S.coups! Your instincts are terrible.

[Bad instincts]

No contestant found the treasure.

We didn't find it?

[The location of the treasure will remain where it was]

From now on, the citizens will find the mafias

through discussion.

[Watched a lot of film noir] Hey, let's keep it clean.

Vernon, take off your glasses now.

Through discussion

[Ver'discussion'] They are telling us to find the mafia through discussion, right?

The glasses left a mark~

They left a mark~

[Who is it] Eyes that see through everything~

[Guessing] But I don't think I can use it already

- You can't use it in the first round? - Yeah, not in the first round.

Then let's say who each of us are one by one.

Yeah, let's each say who you suspect regardless of the reasons.

Don't say why

[Like Mr. Lee Soon Jae] No counter-arguments, no reasons, let's just listen to each person.

Then no one objects to playing the first round

strictly by voting, right?

[Democratic vote-off] Then keep that in mind and

the one with the most votes will be removed from the game.

For me.. Should I play safe?



[1 vote for the person who looked for the treasure madly]

[Solemn] I pick..





Oh, the votes are all different.

Honestly, we don't know.

[Desperate hands] We're just doing it.

Okay, I pick Mingyu.

[Getting the most votes] Oh, don't do this, please.

I really don't want to get voted off.

I pick Jeonghan.


I pick Joshua.

[Doesn't have much of a reaction]

[Eyes that cannot see through everything] I pick Mingyu.

[Mingyu has three votes]

The mafia could have picked Mingyu right now.

I pick Joshua.

It's 3 to 3.

If Joshua picks me..

I pick Seungkwan.

[An unexpected Seungkwan]

[I got it]

Joshua is 4200% the mafia.



[Mingyu and Joshua are in a close battle] It is really not me.


I pick Jun.

[4 votes for Mingyu vs 4 votes for Joshua 4] Then it's Joshua vs Mingyu right now

[Counter-argument time] I am not a citizen

I might have looked awkward because I am not one of the citizens.

I am the doctor.

[Introduction] I am the doctor and

He's just gonna say all that?

[Development] Which doctor are you?

[Climax] We don't need you if you are the dentist.

[Conclusion] Apple, Sa-gwa (Gwa means 'department').

[Nice shot] Oh that was good!

- This is what we are looking for! - Not bad, it was not bad!

- This statement really shook my decision. - He is suddenly very trustworthy.

[Under pressure] - Okay, let's hear a word from you, Mingyu. - Guys, hear me out.

Firstly, it's possible that there isn't a mafia between the two of us.

We know.

I really want to play for a long, long time.

[Not that, just tell us a joke] - I really.. don't want to get voted off, please. - So what are you then?

[No, not that] - I am really a citizen. - Then which country are you from?

I am a Korean citizen, of course.

[Pretending to not understand]

[No no that does not work] Which citizen of Korea?

[No no that does not work 22] What kind of a citizen are you?

[Was that really necessary to make you feel better?] What city am I from?

- Just tell us what kind of a citizen you are. - What do I do..

[He would have gotten voted off] If you said Hoshi, oh... (Shi means 'city')

Oh, seriously, save me, just this once.

- Can we vote again? - Then if we save you here

can you share the reward money with all of us?

Say I am the mafia, right?

[Suggesting a new deal] Then I will distribute the reward money among all of you.

I can even give out my own personal money, seriously.


- If he goes that far.. - He does not want to get voted off.

I think the citizens would roughly know but

I don't think

Mingyu and Joshua are mafias.

There is no one you honestly want to vote off, right?

Both of them said such good things.

Then let's shake up the game here a little

[We take volunteers] Is there someone who wants to deduce another person, bravely?

Who, Dino?


Oh because!

- Hey, seriously, please just stop! - Woozi always gets removed from the game in the first round.

- You might suspect me if I say this but - Yeah, tell us

Tell us, tell us.

But thinking about it now, Hoshi has been keeping quiet

I honestly have been suspecting Hoshi, too.

Because I don't know if he is always like that but

I can sense that vibe I had when we played Mafia at TTT.

But if I am the mafia, then you can see it. That I am the mafia.

I can see it now.

It is really not me.


Then let's start from the beginning.

[Final voting] One two three.

You should really throw away those glasses.

[Hoshi Hoshi Jun Jun Hoshi Jun Mingyu Jun Jun ?? Mingyu Woozi Jun]

I got voted out, right? I got voted out.

Jun! Let's say it's Jun.

I got voted out then.

We have to hear out Jun's counter-argument.

I think we are going to play this game for a very long time today.

[You guys will probably work overtime] You think we are going to play for a long time?

We have to vote him out anyways.

I trust my first instinct.

You guys are in trouble today!

I don't think your instincts are intact.

But the person has to be voted off the game wrongly on the first round anyways.

We can't do anything about it.

Proceed with the voting please.

One two three!

[We are screwed]

Ah, you are going to shoot until 3am today.

[Cursed] - An innocent citizen, Jun has been voted out. - You are going to play until 3am.

The night has come.

Wow, I was saved through so much effort and if I get removed here, I will feel really upset.

[The mafias are waking up] The mafias will lift their heads up and pick one of the citizens to remove from the game.

The doctor will lift his head up and pick a contestant to save.

[50 minutes ago]

You are the citizen and the doctor of today's game.

When the night comes, save the contestant who has been removed as the doctor.

Wow, incredible.. then, I am the doctor, right?

[Greed for longevity] If I save myself..

You only get one chance to save each contestant.

[Joshua picked someone]



[Heard a noise]

The police will lift his head up and check the identity of a contestant.

[The police is waking up]

[Checking one of the contestants]

The morning has come.

Who has been removed from the game?

The doctor saved the innocent citizen.

[A chance of 1/12]

[The mafia is pretending] Are you really a doctor?

Yeah, it is me.

Can you reveal who you saved?

Can you reveal who you saved?

[Greed for the entertainment show] - Then it would be boring, wouldn't it? - Don't reveal it, don't reveal it.

- I got the chills. - I did not save myself, though.

I did not save myself.

[He's so awesome]


- So you saved one person out of these many people? - Yeah, I saved one person.


You are really amazing.

Wow, he's the best.

He is making it fun.

He really saved the game.

The second mini game is Jenga.

Pick and stack 17 blocks in 2 minutes.

In 2 minutes?

If you succeed, 3 more minutes will be added.


Who's good at this?

[Immediately] I am.

[Ignoring] I am not good at it.

Someone who is calm should do it, like Vernon.

I am not good at it either.

But bro...

What are you doing? Why are you doing it like that?


He's not good at it, for sure.

Bro, was the mafia surprised?

[He is not allowed to do anything but react] Is it incredible?

[The model example of the reaction seat]

Is it incredible?


I can't do it.

Let's put our hopes on his hand tremor, guys.

The mafia could destroy it here, right?


I think none of us have the courage to do that.

Mafia must have eliminated Mingyu, right?

At least, he must have tried, right?

- I am so curious about whom Joshua saved. - I know, I am curious too.

I am thrilled all of a sudden.

[The great doctor revived the atmosphere] The doctor rescued the citizen and the game.

[Second mini game] - Start - From bro Wonwoo?

Let's take turns.

I will get it for you.

Don't take the middle one, take the ones on the sides.

[The real leader] No, let's trust him, we can trust him, trust him.

Quick, do it quick.

Just do it.

Be careful.

Dino, don't force it too much.

You need to take one that comes out naturally.

If you take it from the sides, it will collapse.

Oh, I thought we only needed to take 17 blocks out, don't we?

But if you take the ones from the sides, it will fall.

The middle ones are the best.

We're so lucky you are not sitting here.

[He is concentrating in the midst of chaos] Oh, so you need to take it out and put back it on top. I thought you only needed to take it out.

[30 seconds passed] How many did you do?

I believe the writers and the producers have tried this out in advance, right?

They haven't tried this out.

They are hesitating!

[We failed on the 15th block.]

Wait, it's too dangerous.


You have one minute left.

We've done 10, we got 10. It's okay, take your time.

11... 11

No, not that one. Not that one.

[So close] - It will never work. - I think it might.

What, it works?

Okay, okay, be patient.

[Jenga In-Depth Debate]

[Not interested in the mini game]

Be careful, careful.

Is this the 13th?

Don't move, don't move.

I think you have to do it at the same time now, we've only got 30 seconds left.

But if you do it at the same time, it might collapse.

Wow, we are doomed.

It's done for.

[Is he putting it back?] Dino, then give up on that one, just put it back in.

No, I already took it out.

[Success] I already got it.


No, it's too close.

- No, put it here. - 10

- 9 - We are done for, we are done for.

Let's give up, we can do our best to search for 5 minutes.

[The mafia didn't try hard enough] 5 4

There's nothing we can do now.


- 14 - 2


Too bad.

Can we just destroy it at once?

I am impressed you can count them so calmly.

[A very reasonable type] No, if we destroy it, we have to put it back again, so let's just leave it.

You didn't win any extra minutes.

Please start the treasure hunt for five minutes from now on.

Instead of doing the treasure hunt,

[Whispering] do you want to secretly shadow Hoshi?

To see if he tries to find the treasure or not.


How do we find it, seriously?

[A ghost] Let's check that side with me.


I am the cop.

[He is lobbying with his authority] Can you please confirm what I am?

- What? - Please confirm what I am.

I don't think it's you.

If you are really suspicious, please confirm who I am.

I don't want to be eliminated.

Joshua saved me.

Doctor, please lift your head up and point to the player you want to save.


[The doctor saved Seungkwan]

Police, please lift your head up and check the player's identity.

[100% certain / Woozi Woozi]

[He is a mafia, right?]

[One thumb up]

[What is that?]

[A citizen?]



[He is a citizen?]

[Yes, he is]

[Woozi is a citizen]

It's not Joshua, for sure.

Dino, Jeong Han, Vernon.

Oh, and Hoshi.

Yes, that's possible.

[A citizen] And now The8 and--

[I am a cop and you are a citizen] I am the cop and I know your identity.

So you don't get suspected.

And I will question people who question you.

[An ally was formed with the cop at the center of it] I didn't know you were not the mafia.

I feel something from Yoon Jeong Han.

I can sort of feel it from Yoon Jeong Han.

He is suspicious.

He talked a lot at the beginning, but halfway through, he became a bit...

Yoon Jeong Han, and

Ah, I really feel something from Mingyu.

- It will never be Mingyu. - Oh, really?

I told Mingyu I was the cop and he asked me to pick him,

so he can prove he wasn't a mafia.

Joshua saved me.

I asked him to save me.

I am the cop.

- I checked who you are, and you were not a mafia. - No, I am not a mafia.

[The cop is looking for people]

You better be nice to Joshua.

What's going on?

[Pretends nothing happened] Why did you say "You better be nice to Joshua"?

Joshua saved you.

[Interrogate] How do you know?

I just heard.

From whom?

From Joshua.

Joshua told you?

We asked him to tell us.

Why would he do that not knowing who you are?

[Out of words]

[3 minutes earlier]

Hey Vernon, did you check the box up there?

Take one each.

[The doctor]

You look like you are in an escape room.

Oh my, I thought there was something.

[He tried so hard to find something] We checked everything here.

- You checked everything? - Yes.

They could have switched it.

Did you check inside the bags, too?

I check the bags.

Should I check again?

Who did you save?

[Citizens gathering around the power]

Can you tell only us?

[An innocent doctor] Seungkwan.

Oh, really?

How did you think of saving Seungkwan?

I just felt it.

- Wow, thats amazing! - You just felt it?

[Alluring with sweet words] How did you do that? Thats amazing!

Youre really good.

You should be good to Joshua.


But where is the treasure?

- Im hungry. - Im going to go see Yoon Jeong Han.

Yoon Jeong Han? Yoon Jeong han?

[Yoon Jeong Han is here]

The mafia could have changed the location.

So we need to look at the places weve already searched.

Anybody want to try picking up the pots?

[I dun like heavy things]

The pot...

Do you want to try picking up the pots with me?

[It mustn't be] - No, I dont think it's under the pots.

- You dont think its under the pots? - I don't.

[Calmly persuading] - You dont know that. - This is a pot that you can push.

No, I want to pick it up, to see underneath it.

[This isnt working]

I dont think they would hide it that well.

Try looking.

There isnt anything here.

The pot. Underneath the pot.

Underneath that one.

[Obsessing over the pots.]

Woozi, can you help me?

See if theres something underneath.

Theres nothing there.


Do you want to do the one on the other side, too?

No, no.

This isnt right?

I think it will be hard for you.

[Suspecting Jeonghan]

[Lets see...]

[Looking mainly at the corners]

[A wimp] Oh, I was surprised.

[Pretending to be quick] You found it, right?

- You found it, right? Where is it? - I didnt find it.

I didnt find anything.

I know you did.

I saw your face, you made a reaction here.

[Nose-action] Oh, I picked my nose.

Come on! Come on!

I didnt find anything!

You really didnt find anything?

I dont know. I was just picking my nose here,

and I was surprised because I saw the camera.

I was really surprised.

Is he an idiot?

We cant even rewind the clip, or use it in the video for the broadcast.

[We used it well] Hes taking up time!

[The nose-action guy] This is also a possibility, you say?

Can I open these?

[The real treasure] Could it be here?

[Seventeen is one] Can I not take 500,000 KRW from here?

[The real mafia]

I love it when the camera directors laugh when the members make jokes.

I feel so happy.

So I always eye them, checking their reactions.

Two minutes left!

We dont have much time.

You didn't find it, did you?

- No. - It's not there, right?

Why did they hide it so well?

What are we trying to look for? Paper?

- We dont know that. - Didn't they say ten 50,000 KRW bills?

Ten 50,000 KRW bills?

Could they be inside these napkins...

Where could it be?

If you were the mafia, where would you hide it?

[A loaded question] You always think of interesting things, Jeonghan.

I know.

So I look underneath the pot, but I couldnt hold up the other three.


[Dino thought of something]

I can look around the interview room, right?

Did they look at everything?

[Already had a search party rummage through]

Where could it be?

[The money over the mafia] Really... I really want to find it.

I'm sure I'll be like, ‘What? It was just here?’ when I find it.

[The location of the treasure wasnt changed]

By the way, whats the name of our mafia game?

- This was an idea given by Jeonghan and Hoshi. - Yes! We told them about hiding the money..

Take out about 400,000 KRW, and hide it.

When we sayLook around and find it’, the game starts.

- If there are other seasons, we can go abroad and do chasing games there! - I think I'll end up waiting only for this.

It will be fun if we did this in a hotel!

Lets make a title.

There is no team.

Dont trust anyone.

Dont trust anyone. D.T.A!


-What about Mamafia? - Whats Mamafia?

- Mamma fia~ - Don't.

You know how the money is sort of destroying our friendship right now.

Because of the money.

Because of the prize money.

What is it? Im excited.

You made up a good introduction.

Should we make one together?

Whatsdont get caughtin English, Joshua?

Lets sayDontin Korean,

likeDon*! Get caught’ (* = money)

That wasnt bad.

We are all lying to each other.

To everyone.

I dont know, he doesnt know, and he doesnt know, either.

You dont know, he doesnt know, I dont know

Nobody knows.

Nobody knows!

Nobody knowsis good!

I want to do theDonthing.

Dont find the M--afia

Dont lie!

Fia.* (* = Don't lie in Korean ends with 'ma')

What about this?

Money, what?* (* = what sounds like 'money')


[Money is the best~]

Dont Lie!

AndDonshould be in Korean.

Dont lie. (=DOUGHn't lie)

I like DOUGHnt lie! DOUGHnt lie!

The Description of [GOING SEVENTEEN 2020] EP.3 돈't Lie #1 (Don't Lie #1)