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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GOP Senators Block Witnesses in Trump Impeachment Cover-Up: A Closer Look

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-Senate Republicans have all but completed

their cover-up for the president's crimes

as they blocked witnesses and moved to acquit him.

For more on this, it's time for "A Closer Look."

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Donald Trump is not just a very dumb man.

He's also a very weird man.

He definitely believes things that are dumb,

but he also believes things that are weird and dumb.

First, there are your garden variety dumb things,

like yesterday, when he congratulated

Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs on Twitter

and said, "You represented the great state of Kansas,

and, in fact, the entire USA very well,"

which would have been fine,

expect the Chiefs are based in Kansas City, Missouri.

Now, I know it's confusing that there are to two Kansas Cities

to a middle schooler who is just finding out about it.

But I guess we can't expect the president of the United States

to track of all the states.

I mean, he knows that the red ones are the ones that like him,

and Florida is the one that looks like a penis.

And Trump really can keep being dumb

because there's no cost from his base.

Trump supporter and head of the American Conservative Union,

Matt Schlapp tweeted, "Dear East Coast Establishment,

Kansas City, Kansas, is in Kansas,"

which is true, but that's not we're the Chiefs play,

so it's irrelevant.

That would be like me saying Matt Schlapp sounds like slang

for the sound it makes when you fart in yoga class.

[ Laughter ]


Now, those are the standard sorts of dumb things

we're accustomed to hearing from our president.

But then there are the weirder dumb things.

For example, here's a weird dumb thing Trump believes.

He seems to think that stealth military jets

which use technology to avoid detection by radar

and other means are literally invisible to the naked eye.

It's something he's said many times,

including in a speech in Michigan last week.

-I know everybody here in Michigan

supports our great armed forces as much as any place. Michigan.

[ Cheers and applause ]

And that's why we're giving strong consideration

to deploying some of our mighty F-35s

to Selfridge Air National Guard Base.

And you know what that means, right?

You know what that means. That's a big deal.

So Selfridge, you're gonna see a lot of very fast planes.

Actually, they're totally stealth.

So maybe you won't see them come in.

Okay? You won't see them come in, but they're coming in.

-He genuinely thinks stealth means invisible.

His brain is only capable of thinking in cartoons.

He actually believes the military has developed

the same technology as Wonder Woman.

[ As Trump ] Our great soldiers are out there fighting ISIS

with their bracelets and golden lassos.

[ Normal voice ] Honestly, there's a good chance

we could prank Trump by leading him down a jetway

and telling him, "Mr. President, we would like you to be

the first man to board the invisible F-35 jet,

and then just watch him fall face first onto the runway.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

And you know what sound it would make when he hit the tarmac?

Matt Schlapp!

[ Laughter ]

Then on Friday, Trump gave another speech

where he did his usual schtick of bragging about stuff

he hasn't actually done,

like, for example, the jobs numbers.

But he also decided to give his daughter Ivanka

a shout-out, as well.

Now, as you watch this clip,

just remember that about 6.7 million jobs

have been created during Trump's PRESIDENCY.

And, hey, while that's great,

it's also incidentally lower than the 8 million jobs

created in roughly the same period of time

at the end of Barack Obama's presidency.

Just remember, that's how many jobs Trump and Obama created

in roughly three years each -- about 14.7 million combined.

Now here's the president on Friday

talking about how many jobs his daughter has supposedly created.

-Ivanka's been a champion for administrative

and legislative actions to combat human trafficking

and a true heart.

This issue has been so important to her.

This, and making sure people are ready to work.

And she's now created over 15 million jobs

for the people of our country,

one of the reasons our employment numbers

are the best ever.

15 million.

-She's created 15 million jobs?

I don't even know what her job is!

I mean, I think she works with at risk teens.

I don't -- At this point,

I don't think he's even

consciously making up these numbers.

I think they randomly pop into his head

like those ping-pong balls they use in a lottery.

[ As Trump ] Tonight's Mega Millions numbers

are 1, 5, million.

[ Laughter ]

This is the deranged mind of an addled man

who is incapable of wielding the tremendous power he holds.

Republicans are deeply committed to allowing him

to keep that power by any means necessary.

Take Senator Lamar Alexander, for example.

He was considered a possible swing vote

for allowing additional witnesses,

but ended up voting against it.

And on Sunday, Alexander was asked

if by quitting Trump, he would be emboldening

the president to once again seek foreign interference

to cheat in an election,

something Trump has already done twice now,

and Alexander insisted Trump wouldn't do it again.

-Are you at all concerned, though,

when you seek foreign interference,

he does not believe he has done anything wrong,

that what has happened here might encourage him

that he can continue to do this?

-I don't think so. I hope not.

I mean, enduring an impeachment

is something that nobody should like.

Even the president said he didn't want that on his résumé.

I don't blame him.

So if a call like that gets you an impeachment,

I would think he would think twice before he did it again.

-Think twice? He doesn't even think once!

He's like one of those single celled organisms

that only reacts to light and heat.

But as the vote to acquit Trump approaches on Wednesday,

this is the argument Republicans have arrive at.

They literally just don't care, even if there are more witnesses

who can attest to Trump's criminality.

For example, on Friday, we got yet another bombshell leak

from a manuscript written by Trump's former

National Security Advisor, John Bolton.

Trump told Bolton directly that he wanted to force Ukraine

to dig up dirt on Democrats.

-Ambassador John Bolton claims

President Trump's pressure campaign on Ukraine

began much earlier than was previously reported.

The "New York Times" reports

"President Trump directed John Bolton,

then his National Security Advisor,

to help with his pressure campaign

to extract damaging information

on Democrats and Ukrainian officials."

The article goes on to say Mr. Trump gave the instruction

Mr. Bolton wrote during an oval office conversation

in early May that included

the acting White House Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney,

the president's personal lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani,

and the White House Counsel, Pat Cipollone,

who is now leading the president's impeachment defense.

-Think about that -- Trump literally said the crime

he was doing out loud in the Oval Office,

and there were multiple witnesses.

At least Nixon tried to keep his tapes secret.

If Trump had tapes, he'd be selling them in Times Square.

[ As Trump ] Guys, check out my mixtape.

There's more where that came from.

[ Laughter ]

[ Normal voice ] Now, as a side note here,

I just want to say the way Bolton has handled this

has been gross.

He was already a bad guy,

but now he's selectively leaking damning evidence

of the president's criminality just to sell a book

instead of coming forward and telling everyone what he knows.

If you know someone who's planning to rob a bank,

you call the cops immediately.

You don't wait a year and then publish a book

called, "Remember That Bank That Got Robbed? I Knew About It."

[ Laughter ]

But still, now we know not only did Trump say

what the crime was, there were multiple people present.

Senate Republicans could have called any of these guys

to testify -- Bolton, Mulvaney, Giuliani,

and yet they voted not to hear from any of them.

Here's how Alexander explained his vote to block witnesses

during an interview with NPR.

-I don't need to hear any more evidence

to decide that the president did what he's charged with doing.

So if you've got eight witnesses saying that you

left the scene of an accident, you don't need nine.

-Instead, that's not what happened.

It's more like Trump caused the accident

by driving his golf cart

through the front door of a Wendy's,

stayed at the scene of the accident

eating fries off of other people's plates,

called a press conference,

bragged that it was a perfect accident,

then tweeted in all caps, "NO COLLISION."

[ Laughter ]

And other Republicans quickly joined in on the cover-up.

Alaska senator Lisa Murkowski admitted in a statement

that "I have come to the conclusion

that there will not be a fair trial in the Senate."

And Florida senator Marco Rubio said,

"Just because actions meet a standard of impeachment

does not mean it is in the best interest of the country

to remove a president from office.

Think about that -- they're literally just announcing it

to the world, "We're doing a cover-up.

We won't hold a fair trail, and even if he's guilty,

we won't remove him from office."

They might as well come out and say,

"Remember all that confetti from the Super Bowl?

Those were documents from the White House we shredded.

See, this one says, 'Let's do crimes.'"

But the most shameless response to the vote on Friday

came from Senator Lindsay Graham who celebrated the GOP cover-up

with some colorful language on Fox News Friday night.

-You know what I believe about all this?

It was a bunch of partisan bull[bleep] in the House,

it continued in the Senate. It's gonna end Wednesday.

The president is gonna get acquitted.

And it's gonna blow up in their face.

-[ Antebellum accent ] Why Lindsay Buckingham Beauregard

Montgomery Longstry Winchester Graham,

you mind your tongue!

Need I to remind you, you are on the airwaves

of a decent, all-American family channel called Fox News,

the network of such stand-up personalities

as Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly,

and America's Screamheart, Jeanine Pirro.

[ Normal voice ] The GOP cover-up and the likely vote

to acquit Trump on Wednesday should seal it once and for all.

The Republican Party is totally and completely

devoted to a corrupt imbecile who thinks planes are invisible

and doesn't know there are two Kansas Cities.

All Republicans care about is clinging to power.

Their supposed respect for the founders and the rule of law

was a fraud and a scam.

And every time they lecture the rest of us

about the sanctity of the Constitution, it was all...

-Bull[bleep] This has been a "A Closer Look."

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