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Peddler: This is being broadcasted on all radio frequencies in five languages.

We do not wish to be involved in politics or cultural exchange.

We wish only to trade.

For every 1000 kilograms of limestone,

we shall provide you with one of our technological productions.

We shall not distinguish between

nationality, ethnicity, ideology, or any other discriminator.

We offer these terms of exchange impartially

and equally to all of humanity.

This is being broadcasted on all radio frequencies in five languages.

We do not wish to be involved in politics or cultural exchange.

We wish only to trade.

Foreman: As a joke I loaded up some scrap limestone offcuts.

Exactly 1 ton.

But then it really came, a UFO!

It took up the rock, then sent this down.

It looks like some kind of machine.

I wonder how you start it?

Foreman: Hey! What's happening?

Oh, shit! Get back!

The hell? This can't be!

As the regional stability operations via a multinational force

proceed in the Cabinda Province of the Republic of Angola,

it continues to be criticized as an armed intervention of U.S. forces.

Though the U.S. government is emphasizing the ties with the African Union,

Cabinda province is heavily involved in the U.S. oil industry...

We've gotten "first contact", and yet...

humankind is still plagued by its own shit.

First contact? So what?

You'd think the Peddlers would be negotiating, but they keep out.

They're just pushing their creepy machine sales.

Bowman: Just a year ago it was such a fuss...

Nowadays, it's barely even mentioned.

Company Commander: Tomorrow's crude oil prices are of more interest

than the ever-silent aliens.

Oh well. It is what it is.

Around here the Sankt Gallen Arrangement

is as sacred as a rat's ass.

They look like machines,

but move like a creature.

Company Commander: The rumors say they use a

lizard-creature's nerve to make the EXOFRAME's spinal nerve.

I heard it was a jellyfish-like monster.

Either is bullshit.

Your brain tissue links with that disgusting thing!

It's just not right.

I've heard those riding it are brainwashed by the Peddlers.

Are they ok with that?

Company Commander: Necessity knows no laws.

The EXOFRAME is cheap.

Anyone can get a bulldozer for one ton of limestone.

The aliens would have a field day taking over minds!

Bowman: I'm worried.

And not just about them.

Company Commander: How so?

Bowman: If you attached some armor and turret on a bulldozer, it would be a tank.

If so, then that too...

You're saying an EXOFRAME can be diverted to military use?

That sounds like a Japanese ANIME!

How'd that be any different than a Toyota with a DShK?

Though it would be effective when...

local militias engage in guerrilla warfare,

they're no threat to the U.S. Marines.

It's nothing to scoff at.

One of our Abrams costs 4 million dollars.

But I think even that robot could shoulder a 120mm.

If war expenses keep piling up...

sooner or later some higher-up is going to throw us on one.

Company Commander: Which is why it would never happen!

Have you ever thought about why we've dragged our asses to deserts on

the other side of the globe?

For world peace? Think again.

Then what?

It's business! Then and now, war is about money.

Our country scrapes up money for justice and peace,

Then we ride around in 4 million dollar tanks,

guzzling a liter of fuel every 230 meters!

America was made from...

these rolling wads of cash.

Bowman: Huh?

Company Commander: If you buy a dirt-cheap machine from a Peddler,

you can save on the cost of war, but then who profits?

If we were just scrounging up worthless rock for fucking aliens,

what would the war be for?

I'd like to believe I'm putting my life on the line

for something better.


What the hell?

All war-pigs, cross the river! Support the tank battalion!

Watch out! Those fuckers are still in the water!

Bowman: The battlefield changed that day.

Or rather, it was restored.

Steel-to-steel, man-to-man. The collision of their will to kill.

The long forgotten form of conflict.

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