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Hi everybody, I want to tell you about Gridlines function in MSProject

Let's start with writing an activity to first line

Define a duration to the task

Suppose we have a task 10 days.

from Format menu

choose Gridline please


Right click on the calender, then you'll see Gridlines

U'll see a new menu page

For example select Gantt Rows

Let's see, How "Line To Change" is working

If we choose straight lines and choose red lines in the right menubar.

and then ok

We'll see, every tasks on the calender have lines and we can track easiliy Task Lines on the cells and Bars

Again right click and close these last lines.

I want to show Middle Tier Coloumn

I skip Bar Rows, it is a little bir complicated for new learners.

If you choose again straight Line and Red Color, you will see vertical lines

Red Lines show the beginning of the weeks

Today is Jan.18th. You can not see any line for today, because Today's line can be defined by a Current Date selecetion

Go to Gridlines again

What happens if we choose Bottom Tier

select Dashed Lines and Blue Collor

Now, it will draw blue dashed lines day by day. Because Bottom Tier on the calender is for days seperater.

Again right click and let me clean

I will convert it to original settings.

Nothing is on Middle Bottom Tier

This was the original.

If we want to change Current Date, let's do it.

Select Current Date, Straight Line and Red Color again.

Now we can see Today's line easily.

MS Project get Today's date from your computer calender, so...

Whenever you open MS Project you'll see your Current Date with this Red Line.

Ok, what do we have more in this menu?

I am changing Current Date to original.

If we choose Sheet Rows or Sheet Coloumns

Changing the Lines on the Table Side

Type: Straigh, Color:Red again to see easiliy what is changing.

As you see on the table, vertical lines on the table are Red.

Let's change Sheet Rows to Blıue

we changed rows and colomns colours.

What else...?

You can Change Title Vertical and Title Horizontal

A liitle bit hard to see...

We will make some changes on the Scale of Calender Lines.

Red can be shown easily.

And finally,...

There are different options, please try yourself and if any question you can ask me, also.

Send your questions to or by whatsapp +905424162972

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