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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Do native speakers really speak fast? ?

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hello I'm Julian Northrup from doing

English comm I've just finished being

interviewed by Clara Leopold from leo

listening she has a YouTube channel

where she makes videos about improving

your listening in English that interview

I think she said it's gonna be up in

November she did say she will send me a

link so I'm going to notify everybody

via the doing English daily newsletter

so if you want to check out that

interview that I did where I talked

about the science of chunking as well as

a whole range of things about using good

chunking skills to understand people in

English much much better as well as some

great exercises that you can use for

speeding up the process head over to

doing English comm add yourself to the

doing English daily newsletter and my

daily emails and I'll notify you when

it's up again sometime in December but

one of the things we talked about in

that interview was the the problem of

native speakers seeming very very fast

when they speak many people say native

speakers speak so fast and I can't

understand what they're saying

but often that actually isn't the case

it's not so much that they speak fast

it's that you are listening to the wrong

thing you are listening for individual

words and you are trying to understand

in terms of words and rules exactly how

you were taught in school but native

speakers don't speak like that we don't

speak in individual words we speak in

larger blocks of language in chunks of

language so if you take something like

the chunk at the end of the day we don't

say it like that we don't say it it's

not individual words we say it as a

single smooth unit the end of the day at

the end of the day native speakers do

not store process at the end of the day

as individual words it's one block of

language what happens is the sounds get

crushed down chunked down into that

single smooth unit so something like at

the end of the day was very very clear

you will never hear native

you could say because what we actually

do is we say things like yeah at the end

of the day I mean it was pretty rubbish

as far as films go just as an example

why you need to learn to listen in

chunks you need to learn to understand

in chunks if you want to understand how

people actually speak or to put it

another way to understand how people

speak learn how they speak make sense

learning chunks and you will be able to

hear in chunks if you want more help

more advice on doing that head over to

and doing and sign up for my

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and chunking is something that I talk

about a lot what with it being my area

of specialization and all again I'll

also be notifying people of when that

interview that I did today

is up on internet so head over there new

English com sign up and I'll see you on

the other side bye bye

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