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- Before you leave, Fresh,

I want to play a game with you,

which only you are qualified to play with.

It is called Certified Fresh.

Now there's a lot of trends going around.

Some old, some new.

Feel like you are very on point with fashion.

You know what's up, so I want to show you some trends,

and I want you to let me know if they're certified fresh

or if they're trash. Cool?

- Yeah, let's do this. - All right.

First one, Crocs. What's your take?

Are they certified fresh or not?

- I've had mixed feelings about Crocs,

and I bought a pair two weeks ago.

So--but they're all white.

It's the only pair that I would get

just because they're all white.

You know, a statement Croc is quite all right.

Make it fashion, you know what I'm saying?

Find some way to tie it in.

If your Crocs are pink, have--like, tie it in.

Make it a thing. Like, have fun with it.

Yeah, that's all. - Do you hear that?

Stop making fun of people who wear Crocs.

Fresh is saying that can be fresh.

They can be certified fresh. Was not anticipating that.

- Icy white ones. Get the icy white ones.

- Okay, next one. - All right.

- Backless dresses with built-in thongs,

and I didn't know there was a name for them,

but they are, it's called whale tail.

Do you know what I'm talking about?

- That sounds bad, but, yeah, let's see it.

Um, I see what it's doing,

because if you don't have it, you're seeing crack.

But if you do have it, you're seeing

what appears to be a thong.

If I were designing gowns, I wouldn't be doing it.

I would just raise that up a little bit,

so just you're gonna catch it right there,

but we're not gonna go two inches into the crack,

but let's put a thong here so we gonna see your booty.

- So just avoid the crack, maybe.

You would avoid the crack.

- I would just avoid the crack.

Like, you know, you can just do it without the crack.

You can get so close to the crack, just, you know--

- I'm not a fashion expert, but I feel like

fashion's all about getting close enough to the crack

without showing the crack.

- If you do it all,

like, you're taking away the imagination.

That's the beauty of fashion is the imagination.

- Mm-hmm, absolutely. Oh, what about this one?

This one's a little--

I'm a little passionate about this one.

What's your take on Canadian tuxedos?

- So ooh, okay.

Uh, that one in particular?

That one's a no.

That one was a no then.

We're from Memphis, and I know Justin from Memphis--

shoutout Justin Timberlake--

but you got roasted for that one, buddy.

- Do you think there's a way

to pull off the Canadian tuxedo?

- He look like a Levi clearance sale.

Yeah, I think that there is a way to do it.

Like, I think you can, you know,

create a look that's different shades

of, you know, certain denim,

but, like, in an organized fashion.

Don't look like-- like a patchwork doll.

It's too much going on. It's too much for the eyes.

- Tall hats, certified fresh or no?

A la Pharrell.

- Again, statement piece.

Like, if you're gonna wear a hat like that,

it has to be the statement piece.

If you're just throwing it on

because it's the closest thing to you,

and you're not really giving it

the respect it's due,

then I think that you're, you know--

it's--it could be-- it could be tacky.

- You seem like the perfect friend to FaceTime

when I need advice.

Like, you seem like the friend that I'm about

to FaceTime next time I'm getting dressed.

Like, is it tacky or is it a movement?

'Cause I feel like there's a fine line.

There's a fine line.

- I'm gonna keep it 100 all the time.

I'm gonna tell you straight up.

- [laughing] Okay. Tell me about this one.

This one could be controversial.

I'm just letting you-- 'cause I know

a lot of people watching, they rock this.

And I know, I see y'all on the Gram

Sweatpants with words on the butt.

Talk to me. Certified fresh or no?

- Nah, nah, that's--

In the words of Randy Jackson,

"Uh, it's a no for me, dog."

- So doesn't matter what's written?

Like, you don't care what word was written.

It's just a straight no?

- Nah, like, it's like, why you got words

on your ass, man? Like, come on, man.

Like, look, you got a bunch of places

you can put words at, man.

Don't put words on your ass, man.

Come on now.

That's--that's all you got?

- Okay, last one. Certified fresh or on.

Imagine there's, like, a two-piece matching outfit,

tie-dye, little bit of floral.

Maybe you pair it with some tan shoes, some sneakers.

Do you feel like that's certified fresh or...

or what would you say about just, uh--

Asking for a friend.

- I think, I mean, that's a play.

Like, look, it's a whole vibe.

It's a whole vibe. Look at you.

Yes, ma'am. - For real?

I'm not gonna lie, I tried so hard.

I was like, I'm interviewing Fresh today.

I gotta come correct. I gotta--

So, like, you've certified fresh this vibe right here?

- Certified fresh, yeah.

And it's like-- it looks like a silk painting,

and you're wearing it. It looks silky.

It looks very luxurious.

And I love how the shoes play--

Like, you didn't try to make the shoes

be the thing that, like, popped out and went crazy.

- Thank you. - Even though you--

You got your price sticker

on the bottom of your shoe though.

- You know what, you're absolutely right,

and the thing is I probably can't take it off

because they're probably rented to me for the show.

So we're just gonna leave those right there.

Not all of us are Richfresh.

Some of us are still trying to get there.

Fresh, thank you so much for coming on the show,

making your debut on my show.

I'm privileged and honored.

Y'all, grab your HENRY Masks.

They're fly, they're comfortable.

Certified fresh from Fresh and our entire crew.

Thank you so much, my friend.

- Hey, I appreciate you.

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