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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 10 Clone Troopers (Results) - Star Wars Top Tens

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With over 14,000 votes casted on our poll two weeks ago, you guys have decided who the

top ten clone troopers are based on their popularity.

At number 10, with 356 votes, is ARC Trooper Fordo.

Making his first appearance in the 2003 clone wars cartoon, he was one of the first clones

to gain the spotlight among fans.

Leading his men on Muunilinst behind enemy lines and successfully destroying a massive

separatist cannon, rescuing the surviving Jedi from General Grievous on Hypori, and

fighting in the frontlines in the battle of Coruscant, Fordo was truly one of the most

talented clones weve ever seen on screen.

Basing on your guyscomments, it seems most of you voted for him simply because he

was the original, duel wielding clone BAMF.

And for S.C.S 11, he voted for him from just one scene alone, which is where we see Fordo

fighting off an overwhelming force of droids while keeping his cool and still commanding

his troops despite being under fire.

He really is one of the most talented clones ever produced.

At ninth place, with 431 votes, is ARC Trooper Echo.

Being apart of Domino Squad, we saw Echos journey from his training on Kamino, to becoming

a shiney, and to finally being promoted to a full fledged ARC trooper.

He was most distinguishable by his by the book personality, and by Rexs hand imprint

on his chest plate.

Reading your comments, many of you voted for him due to him being a true soldier who sacrificed

himself in order to save the other clones and Jedi who were with him on the Citadel.

For Adam, he picked Echo because he feels hes the most relatable to him, and hopes

to see him return back in star wars Rebels.

Which may actually be a possibility, as what many people may not know, is that Echo actually

survived, and was taken by the Separatists where he was used in experiments by the Techno


He was later rescued by the Bad Batch crew along with Rex and Anakin in the unfinished

clone wars episodes, known as the Bad Batch story arc.

After being brought back to a Republic base, he then proceeded to lead a covert mission

to destroy Admiral Trenchs forces on Anaxes, doing all this even in his weakened state

and with missing an arm, showing that he fought no matter what disadvantages he faced.

Characteristics of a true soldier indeed.

At number 8, with 575 votes, is Clone Commando Sev.

He was apart of Delta squad, serving as their sniper.

He and his team fought in many battles, including their mission on Geonosis where they assassinated

a high ranking Geonosian leader named Sun Fac, and their mission on Kashyyyk where they

rescued the captured wookiee chief known as Tarfful.

Though, during this mission on Kashyyyk, Sev was left behind and was labeled missing in


His abandonment was a huge emotional strain on the rest of Delta squad.

Sevs sniping skills must have impressed everyone, as that was one of the only things

always mentioned in your guyscomments about him.

That, and also for his sarcastic personality and ruthlessness.

At number 7, with 578 votes, is 99.

Probably one of the most unique clones ever shown in star wars, 99 was severely deformed

from birth, and because of this, couldnt serve in the army and was instead left to

do menial tasks.

Despite his physical setback, he still had the heart of a soldier, going beyond the call

of duty, for even a normal soldier, and sacrificing himself to save his comrades during the battle

of Kamino.

Such a heroic sacrifice seemed to resonate among many of you, with most of you stating

that you voted for him due to his heroic death and because he proved that anything can be

done as long as you put your mind and soul into it.

And for Noah, 99s courage and will to fight despite his disadvantage made him one of the

characters he had the most sympathy for, who was extremely saddened to see him get killed

on screen.

At sixth place, with 628 votes, is Clone Commander Wolffe.

He served under Jedi Master Plo Koon, and was the leader of the wolfpack squad.

Despite losing his eye in a fight against Asajj Ventress, Wolffe still continued his

service in the army, obtaining an awesome scar and cybernetic eye after his injury.

He was one of the very few clones to remove their inhibitor chip, and he later joined

up with Rex and Gregor, where he lived within a modified AT TE walker on Seelos.

Wolffe is probably the only clone on this list that got most of his votes from his looks

alone, as almost every comment we read that voted for him talked about how cool he looked

with his scar and how they love his armor and helmet design.

And we dont blame you, his phase 2 armor is probably the coolest looking clone armor

there is.

At number 5, with 690 votes, is Clone Commando Gregor.

Being one of the few to survive the brutal battle of Sarrish, Gregor suffered amnesia

as a result, and worked as a dishwasher on the Outer Rim world Abafar.

He eventually regained his memory with the help of D-Squad, before sacrificing himself

to save D-squad from an army of battle droids.

But just like with Echo, Gregor survived the explosion.

But instead of suffering physical damage, it seems Gregor suffered some mental damage

from the explosion, making him a bit crazy.

Just like with Wolffe, Gregor eventually removed his inhibitor chip and went on to live on

Seelos with Rex and Wolffe.

In fourth place, with 727 votes, is Clone Commander Cody.

He served under Jedi General Obi Wan Kenobi, and commanded the 212th battalion in many

battles during the clone wars.

He became well known as a very skilled strategist during the war, and even became good friends

with Captain Rex.

Unlike rex, who disobeyed order 66, Cody actually obeyed it and ordered the execution of Obi

Wan Kenobi.

Later, when the Empire was created, Cody remained as a commander before later adopting the new

position as an instructor on Kamino for regular Human recruits.

To whom he became disgruntled towards, viewing regular human stormtroopers to be far inferior

to clones.

Oddly enough, many of the people who voted for Cody gave very different reasons as to

why they did.

People voted for him for various of reasons, including because they simply liked his name,

because he had a hologram of Palpatine in his hand, and because they had an action figure

of him when they were little.

Its interesting how Cody had the most unique and differentiated reasons for his votes,

while every other clone on this list had a common reason as to why people voted for them.

At number 3, with 826 votes, is Clone Commando Boss.

He was the leader of Delta Squad, the same squad that Sev served.

He, along with his team, made a brief appearance in The Clone Wars tv show, where they retrieved

the dead bodies of the Jedi killed by Savage Opress, and informed the Jedi that there were

no other survivors.

As we mentioned with Sev, Delta Squad that Boss was apart of participated in many missions

and battles during the clone wars.

After the formation of the Empire, Boss served as an Imperial Commando, where he was tasked

in hunting down surviving Jedi and clone deserters.

Many of you voted for him due to his leadership skills and for simply being a boss.

Also Ybok voted for him because he rarely talked, which is an interesting reason to

vote for someone.

At number 2, with 1,687 votes, is ARC trooper Fives.

Just like with Echo, we saw Fives journey as a clone from his initial training days,

to becoming a shiney stationed on the Rishi Moon, and finally becoming an ARC trooper.

He fought in many battles side by side with Captain rex, including in the Battle of Umbara

and in the Battle of Ringo Vinda.

During the battle of Umbara, Fives was prominent in voicing against Pong Krells reckless

tactics, showing that despite being a clone, he wasnt a mindless soldier who only followed


This independance in him later came up again when he discovered the true purpose of the

inhibitor chips, to which he tried to tell the Jedi but was killed shortly before he

got the chance to do so.

Him discovering the true purpose of the inhibitor chips and his effort in exposing the truth

seemed to be one of the main reasons you guys voted for him.

On top of that, you guys also liked him due to seeing his entire journey as a clone and

for him standing up to Pong Krell.

And before we reveal the obvious first place winner, we do have some honorable mentions.

First is Kix, gaining the most votes in theotheroption.

Then we have clone commander Thorn, who almost got on the list in tenth place, but was only

short of 8 votes.

And finally, probably our favorite option in the other list, isthat one guy who

died after punching a droid”.

If you dont know who theyre talking about, it was this guy.

Were actually impressed how literally 10 people wrote, word for word, that exact same


And also this guy who gave an even more detailed explanation on this clone.

Alright, so now at number 1, with 3,480 votes, is Captain Rex.

Although this is probably unsurprising to most people watching, we were surprised to

see at how large of a percentage of the vote he gained, getting over 25% of the vote.

Captain Rex served under Anakin Skywalker, and lead the 501st Legion during the Clone


Having the most screen time of any clone, he appeared in over 60 episodes of the clone

wars, and in over 15 episodes of star wars rebels, quickly becoming a favorite among

many fans.

Being one of the few clones to disobey order 66, he helped Ahsoka Tano escape from the

gunsights of other clones, before faking their own deaths and later splitting up to go on

their own separate paths.

Rex eventually met up with Wolffe and Gregor and lived on Seelos, before joining the Ghost

Crew and helping them fight the empire.

He also reunited with Ahsoka after so many years.

Although it isnt currently confirmed, its rumored that Lucasfilms will at some point

retcon Rex into being the rebel soldier on Endor with the long white beard, bringing

him, in a way, into the live action movies.

Based off of your guys comments, many of you voted for Rex mainly because he disobeyed

Order 66 and was the clone many of you guys grew up with.

Also Zachary probably gave the best reason for his vote for Rex.

So thats it, a top ten list based completely off of your guysvotes and comments.

Let us know if you enjoyed this video and wish to see more like it, with other subjects

and categories concerning star wars.

Maybe a top ten Jedi list, or top ten star wars planets list, and so on.

Feel free to comment below what you want to see in the future, and upvote the comments

that you agree with.

Also let us know what you want us to change in our format for these videos, and if theres

anything we should add or remove.

All feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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