Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Underwater Bullets at 27,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys

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- So uh, today we're in someone else's garden

instead of mine.

- Yeah and it didn't look very familiar to me

- No yeah, it's pretty different,

We've got a pool.

- Lovely

it's freezing though, not good.

- What's the temperature of this pool?

- Four degrees,

so pretty much just above freezing.


- Bung this on.

there you go.

- nice uh, package.

- Cheers yeah it's pretty cold today

so it's you know shriveled up a little bit.

Uh - temperature?

- Lets have a little look

It is one, two, three, four

- Ball shiveringly cold

I've only fired one gun underwater

no I've never done it so

Okay so you're gonna fire

some sort of pistol underwater

for the very first time - yeah

- This is a momentous occasion

- Day of firsts!

- Hey so what have we got here?

- We're using a different camera

usually we use the Phantom Flex which shoots

2500 frames a second in full HD, 5720p.

That's just not fast enough for guns.

- so what's this then?

- This is the v1610

which does 18000 frames a second.

- eighteen thousand?

- Eighteen thousand!

- How many times slower than real time is that?

- Lots - it's about 750?

Yeah - loads!

- Seven hundred and fifty times

slower than real time.

- So we're gonna get some good underwater gun action

- Yeah we should be able to catch some

slower bullets as well.

- We might even go a little bit slower as well

by lowering the resolution to a standard F,

so we get 27000 frames a second.

- 27000?

- Yeah that'll be alright, that'll be good.

- I'll do one last focus adjustment

and then we'll go.

- Ready on the other camera, yeah?


- This might be on of the weirdest sights

I've ever seen Dan.

- you know you can actually just hold it,

you can be above the water.

- five, four, three, two, one!

- one!

- That sounded awesome underwater

- did it?

- That sounded cool!

- It was like a metallic sound,

it was like - yeah?

- Sounded wicked!

- what have we got here?

- well this is the pistol bullet, 9 millimeter.

- As you can see, the rifling in the barrel of the pistol

has engaged in the outside soft um,

copper on the uh,

on the bullet itself.

And that is to impart spin on the bullet

to make it travel further,

and also cause better obscuration for-

- let me ask you a question

is this the first time you've ever been smart

in a "Slo-Mo Guys" video?

- I think it is! Yeah.

yeah, that's a first!

- when it comes to guns

- So it's the first day I've fired a weapon underwater,

and been smart.

- How about that!

- right what are we gonna fire next?

- Uh we're gonna get a revolver on the go.

Uh, see what that looks like.

- how do you think it will be different?

- Um, there'll be more gas coming out

between the revolver and the-

- here you go

- More gas coming out of here

- I like the color.

- yeah it's bling right?

- pretty pimp. - yeah.

More gas coming out here

and there should be quite a lot coming out

because it's only a short barrel weapon

so it'll be quite interesting.


- Revolver of pimps

- alright we're gonna fire a

hollow point on this one.

You cool with that Dan?

- Happy with that.

- right just lower yourself in.

- three, two, one

- did it?

- that should've mushroomed out


I hope people don't take the audio from that

and replace it with something else

- That's definitely gonna happen

- thank you!

- Well done Dan.

- Cheers

- good wetsuit-ing.

- good days filming Dan?

- Yeah

- pretty cold?

- Yeah

- how long have you been in the water total

do you think?

- hour probably?

- But it's been in and out in and out

so I've been like ah I'm nice and warm,

get back in.

it's not good!

- At least your pack- oh

- oh my package!

What? What you on about?

- Well I thought that looked bloody awesome

- What did? That?

- No yeah that looked amazing

- I must say that it is freezing

and I've got really cold watching you do this,

- Aw did you?

- so gotta pop a hat on.

- Aw diddums

- Well thanks to Destin for letting us use his

awesome mirror rig,

he's actually gonna go shoot an AK47

on his channel right now.

- Yeah that'll be pretty cool man.

- So go and click that button right now

- Definitely check it out.

- It's cold!

- Aw man it was funny when you did it

it's not funny when I'm doing it

- Hello again just sneaking this in at the end,

that video was shot about 8 months ago

and I did a pretty terrible job in that last segment

of promoting Destins channel.

So I want to a better job right now.

uh, this video couldn't have been done without Destin,

those were his pistols, we flew to Alabama to shoot it

which is where he lives.

He built the giant periscope mirror rig that we used, and

he also got hold of the amazing camera.

So, huge thanks to Destin for making this one possible.

I imagine most of you have heard of Destin

but if you haven't, he has a channel called

"Smarter Every Day"

which you should definitely subscribe to,

and on his video he's done the AK47

but he explains all the science behind it.

So basically everything that's happening underwater

why you get those domes that kind of bounce in

off each other like this.

All the science behind it is explained.

So if you're interested as to why

the bullet does what it does underwater,

and why the water reacts that way,

definitely go and watch his video

'cause it's extremely interesting.

Alright thanks.

- Got my uh nice warm dry shoes on

- cheers man

my bad

- just walking into the pool with my loafers

- that's what you get for bringing loafers

anywhere around me!

- I like that that was

you knew what we were coming here for

and that was your shoe of choice

- It's because I only had one bag!

- He doesn't know Alabama at all

- I couldn't fit boots in there.

- Yep

- yep excellent yeah

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