Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Titus (1999) - Trailer

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Hail, Rome! Victorious...

Give us the proudest prisoner of the Goths

that we may sacrifice his flesh.

Victorious Titus... spare my first-born son!

Religiously they ask a sacrifice.

I'll find a day to massacre them all.

Away with her.

The forest walks are wide and spacious

for rape... and villainy.

This... was thy daughter.

He that wounded her hath hurt me more

than had he killed me dead.

The fall of an empire... nothing compared to the decent of a man.

I am Revenge, sent from the infernal kingdom.

Oh, sweet Revenge, now do I come to thee!

Go to the Goths and raise an army there.

And in the emperor's court, there is a queen.

Good Murder, stab her!

For those who think revenge is sweet...

I shall grind your bones to dust.

...taste this.

From Tony Award-winning director Julie Taymor

comes a feast of power,



and the ultimate sacrifice of love.

Academy Award-winner Anthony Hopkins

Academy Award-winner Jessica Lange

Tony Award-winner Alan Cumming

Laura Fraser

Harry Lennix

Jonathan Rhys Meyers


Welcome, my gracious lord.

And welcome, all.

The Description of Titus (1999) - Trailer