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that song has like the most unbridled joy i have felt in days

hey everybody welcome back to my channel i hope you guys are doing

super good and managing to take care of wherever in the world you are bts are back whoa

they are back with their newest track permission to dance i have been so stoked for this like just

in general but especially since the t's are up for the track for the music video

so without further ado let's go take a watch right now that is passing the torch on oh my gosh

look at that sky that's so idyllic

just getting started oh wait okay can we talk about jimin's outfit wow

i'm sorry this is so feel good this is so feel good

i really want to know they filmed this



okay i'm sorry i love these outfit i love it the reds like with the hat now as well oh

oh like is anyone getting just major musical vibes from what's in this

like if there's ever a bts musical this track needs to be in this it needs to be

like oh you know like the big number before the intermission that should be the song

oh my goodness okay i'm sorry this is this is 100 a massive musical song

oh my gosh this just makes me happy you can't be sad listening for this

like every every scene pops out

it's just so bright it's just summery it's so happy

like there's just unbridled joy throughout this oh

oh my gosh

is that like is that all the crew

oh i feel like this is gonna inspire

hundreds of flash mobs around the world with this song i mean oh come on just look how happy that is

that song has like the most unbridled joy i have felt in days like

like obviously the music video the music video first let's talk about that first it's very

bright it's very happy their outfits are a lot of fun that red v outfit is going to be burned

in my mind because it just looked so cool i really like german's outfit as well with all the tassels

hobie's blonde like platinum hair just it suits him so well it suits him so well

like visually the entire music video was just a lot of fun

the casting that wasn't there was super diverse which was just lovely to see and also to like see

other people just dancing and and being happy and i liked how they used the mask to acknowledge like

maybe i'm reading too much into this but like to acknowledge like key workers that you know

the postal workers people working in restaurants cleaners that obviously still have to like risk

their lives to go in to do their job and how they utilize that to firstly like when you when they

were taking the masks off it was like oh you know you can express yourself and be free and you'll

still you under the mask and all of that like it i think for some people the mask has been quite

like a negative symbol or it's turned into quite a negative symbol because it's so connected to the

pandemic but there's that kind of reminder that underneath it you saw you and there was still joy

to be had in that and there were the moments when they were asking dancing with masks on as well so

also that idea that even when you have to protect yourself and protect your protect

others it doesn't have to be a burden you can still you know be proud of that and you are still

irrespective of that you know um that was really nice so yeah visually message-wise like in terms

of just the video loved it i also want to very briefly talk about jungkook's moment where he like

just spam i'm trying to think was it like a bowling alley or like a laundrette or i

didn't even remember the setting i remember the lights were beautiful and it felt like

kind of disco lighting and he had that spin moment and it was so much fun i was like whoa

really really enjoyed that i have to say out of is three english releases so dynamite butter and

obviously permission starts now this music video is my favorite not that i didn't enjoy their other

music videos but all the other little messages that are in this some of which i've mentioned

but also like the little purple blue representing you know army and bcs floating through the sky

and i really loved actually when v encouraged the little girl to like let go of the balloon

because i think people usually associate that with like as a kid you want to have the balloon and

you know usually when you see a kid whose balloon has like been released they're like crying and

it's a really sad thing but actually obviously the the purple balloon symbolizes bts and army and

that idea that actually when you let it go like letting go is not a bad thing

and it can spur positivity and it's not you know a negative thing you know like to hold on is not

always a super good thing and to have a bit of freedom can bring a lot of joy also that

little moment at the end when they were dancing with i'm pretty sure it must have been the crew

right like all the crew that worked on the video like bts have never been shy about recognizing

all the people that have helped them on their way or the people that were behind the scenes

helping them do what they do and i'm just really cute and sweet to see that at the end it's just

i don't know like another nice thing that just helps elevate the music video a little bit more

even though it's not officially part of the main music video okay on to the song this sounds like

and this is just my take on it the most musical and by musical i mean like broadway west end

wicked that kind of musical like the most musical e inclined song that they have ever done but every

aspect of the song like from the instrumentation to the chord progressions to the song structure

it just if they announced tomorrow that they were doing bts the musical and this was one of their

tracks i think i said this when i was watching the video i'd be like obviously this is the track

the most that i would expect to be in that bts the musical when it comes to the lyrics

i feel like out of their three english releases permission to dance has like the lyrics just

dive in a little bit deeper there's like another layer of intention there which is not to say that

the lyrics in butter and dynamite were nonsense or anything like that because bts are always

so careful with their lyricism and the messages they want to send out

but obviously i've only listened to permission to dance just the once like you've seen but from

that i was getting you know all their messages about freedom about not being afraid of what

other people think about kind of walking your own path and making your own choices that's just from

that one take and i definitely want to you know take a deeper dive into the lyrics afterwards as

well but butter and dynamite really just come off as super feel-good songs the lyrics make you smile

they make you feel happy whereas permission to dance just i don't know it it feels like

an anthem as opposed to a really great feel good track a really good chatting track that bts is

obviously able to always put out all in all like i loved butter when butter came out i was like

it's not that i didn't like dynamite i was just like dynamite walked so butter could just soar

i'm just obsessed with it and when they announced permission to dance i was like

how did they talk butter that was already just such a great hit i don't mean in terms of like

the bts discography obviously is chalk to the brim with amazing songs but i was like how do

you talk brother it's like this just charting monster at the moment and people love it even

if they don't know who bts is people are really tapping into the song how do you top that and

the thing that kind of makes me smile is that permission to dance is so different from butter

that like i was waiting today for like a track that would try and kind of top what butter did

but actually it's so different and has managed to show a different side of the

group like another side of the group that you can't really compare the two tracks

at all which is i think any army can say this the amazing thing about their discography is sometimes

you might take two tracks you're like these tracks are completely incomparable they are not using

the same sound they are constantly evolving and trying to find new ways to reinvent themselves

that is what permission to dance feels like because it it it is a track that i have not heard

from them before which is amazing you think a group with hundreds of songs that they would have

kind of done it all in some way but i i've not heard them put out like a sound like this before

i feel like i'm bursting to the brim with thoughts all in all i will sum this up by saying thank

you to bts for giving me the july summer musical song i know i needed i do now it's here thank you

and also i guess within both the song and the music video thank you for putting in both imagery

and messages that are just really really uplifting one more thing i have to add

is so i can't listen to life goes on it makes me too emotional it makes me too sad lots of

artists have put out like pandemic songs songs reflecting you know what's been going on whether

that's to comfort fans whether that's just be honest about what they're going through whatever

life goes on with one of those tracks and i have not listened to it a lot because it i

i just cry i just bawl i can't help it it just touches the nerve not that that's not

it's not like it's a great track but emotion is too much for me

this is like the the flip side of that where it is it is just a happy like pandemic song and

you can't say obviously it's not dealing with or thinking about the pandemic in some way because i

mean you literally have people with masks on um in the video reflecting our times so i'm definitely

gonna categorize it under pandemic songs in some way so if life goes on as that reflective side

permission to dance is that happy side so i'm also glad now that we have a pandemic song from bts i

guess i we i'm sure lots of people can listen to life goes on without crying but i have a pandemic

song from bts that they do not cry to that is also a good thing all right those are my thoughts for

my very first watch of the newest music video from bts for their brand new single permission to dance

so go stream the music video go stream the single and of course let me know your take on things down

in the comments below do you agree with my thoughts on the messages in the music video

on the song's lyricism is this your favorite english bts track you know i'm always keen to

hear your thoughts so yeah pop them down there and i will definitely check them out but thank

you so much for watching along with me i hope you really enjoyed it take care guys see you next time


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