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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ЖЕЛЕЙНЫЙ МЕДВЕДЬ ВАЛЕРА И ШОКОЛАДНАЯ КОЛБАСА

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Valery Potapych let's go and record a video!

-I'm busy!

Hey! Spaceman!

Come out! -Nobody's home!


Wow!! What are you doing here?

I'm eating sausage!

Are you crazy?


It's completely chemical, throw it away now.

And what about the chocolate sausage. It's not exist!

Hi everybody! Today I'll show you how to make delicious chocolate sausage

From cocoa, butter and cookies!

-There is no such thing! -Yes, there it is. -NOPE. -YES. -NOO.

-Okay. I will prove it now.

Take a blender.

-Wow, I remember it! He remembers you either, Valery.

We put in the cookies and turn on the blender.

Done! Now I will put the cookies into a big plate

And now I'll take a walnut

Very similar to the brains ..

Well only if talking about the brains of a jelly bear.

-I am gonna to be offended now! -They're a little too big for jelly bears!

-That's it! I am offended.

Well great. Now I will grind them in the blender.

Ouu! This is the way they look like now.

They needed to be mixed with cookies too.

OH! Valery, and where have you been 2 days? Hmm?

I have been resting. - And a lot of people had thought that I eated you *om nom nom*

-Well, why has you showen it to me? Hmm? Now I won't be able to sleep.

Now I will mix milk, sugar and cocoa.

Now, to make the most delicious part of the sausage.

Oh, look, a ball out of the air has been made.

Ouch! That's true. but that is not for a long time!

The next step is to dissolve the sugar on low heat.

Valera, tell everyone how have you gone to Space.

- It was like this:

First we had the launch of the rocket.

Then, I entered space, there was so beautiful and interesting. I was very happy.

that I'm the first bear- astronaut. And then I decided to return to Earth

And I has fallen straight on your car! -Valerka, it's you! What a joy

that you're back, th-th-th!

Valera, it seems to me that the story was different!

-Do not say! -I shall sayl!

-Do not sayl! -I shall sayl! Well do not ...

-First was the launch.

And then,

and then, guys, I barely put him back together.

That's it! Cosmonaut .. -I am offended!

Now, the sugar has melted and butter needs to be added there

I love Butter! -I know Valera I know. -Stop -Now what?

-There's someone who hasn't been subscribing yet, I see him.

Oh, he has subscribed, go on. And now need to

mix all together.

Okaay, now I will pour this beauty in our plate.

And I'll mix it up again.


Finally, now I'm going to do the sausage!

Take a bag, and put mixed chocolate paste on it.

*chocolate sausage*

And form a sausage.

-For sure it looks like sausage, but not a chocolate one! -Get out of here!


Done. And now it is necessary to

place it in to refrigerator. Oh, in my house? I'll watch it!

-I m gonna check it, Valera. I still have

cookies, and I can make one more sausage.

- I can wash the plate. -Mg,

Like that. And that sausage

is also need to be put in to the refrigerator. Valera what are you

doing there again? Hmm? -Washing the plate.

-Well, it has been taken for two hours and let's have look at our

chocolate sausage. -Yes, let's see it better.

Give it. -E-uh! Hey, you blind Sweetums.

Damn, so agile! Well, guys

that's it, if you liked the video give us a Like!

And as soon as we get fifty thousand likes, the

next video about Valery is come, Bye Bye, and until tomorrow!

Well, Valera? Do you want the usual sausage? -Get it away from me! Fu-fu!

-And what about the chocolate one? -Come here my delicious sausage!