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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Eyes on The Rivalry: TSM vs Cloud9 (2018 NA LCS Summer Semifinals)

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Um, yeah, so literally all we have is...

a little bit of Asian Games talk

then straight into C9 TSM.

I mean, these are the two--

historically, the two greatest teams

in North American LCS history.

These guys have kinda battled it out in playoffs so many times.

They're the two teams that have played the most times

in the Finals against each other of any matchup.

Usually, when these teams meet in the Finals

if we're not talking about 2013

TSM has been able to win.

For TSM as an organization

this is the first year where

they've really had a crisis.

Identity crisis.

They've always been the winners.

And always made it to Finals.

This year, that has changed

and they need to get back to their origins.

It's exciting for fans who have followed these rosters for so long

and especially, I think, for Cloud9 fans

who are looking for a little redemption

who are looking for a little revenge.

For once, they're coming into this

as a favorite.

When the Yankees and Red Sox are good, it's good for baseball.

When the Lakers and Celtics are good

it's good for basketball.

When C9 and TSM are good

it's good for the NA LCS.

Jatt: I'm actually alright today.


[Music: "The Dive" theme]

Jatt: I think it's time...

- Azael: It's time. - Jatt: ... to talk about

Jatt: The greatest matchup in North American League of Legends history.

Cloud9 versus TSM.

These guys are...

the teams that have faced each other in the Finals more than any other team.

This is the old...

North American number one matchup.

Bjergsen versus Jensen, that we were used to.

Jensen, and his--you know, issue with TSM.

- You know he has not won yet. - Azael: Yep.

He had...

has had a long history with

- Bjergsen. - Jatt: He hasn't beaten TSM.

And Cloud9 hasn't won a Best of 5 against TSM since 2014

I think it was?

Yeah, it would have to be 2014 Spring.

It feels like heading into this series

you know, we have an option to kind of revive a bit of that--

that past excitement

of like, our two greatest mid laners

going head to head

with the added wrinkle that Goldenglue may be this like

Kryptonite sub-in sorta curveball thing

that they can throw in.

[Music: “Ya Veranby QUITAPENAS]

...up to the players now

the mid lane matchup very hyped

and across the board, all stars on both of these teams.

Cloud9 and TSM

into Game 1 of the Semifinals!

That's a lot of damage, Bjergsen's gonna go-- oh, heals up with the Q!

- Oh, the auto attack! - Shen with the ult

from mithy, staying alive, but a great play out of Jensen.

Here comes the flank in from Bjergsen.

He's gonna look for Jensen.

Does he have the damage? He does!

TSM, winning yet again, Zeyzal's gonna drop.

Licorice now left alone, a triple kill for Bjergsen!

The Quinn's already been deleted and they're gonna...

Sneaky: I insta-died.

Zeyzal: It's alright, guys.

And TSM leads the Semifinal 1-0!

Jensen: Tried. I'm sorry.

Sneaky: Hell yeah.

...turret goes down, Hauntzer being slowed up, being stunned now as well.

This will be a third kill for Cloud9.

- They look for number four - Licorice: Kai'Sa. Nice!

A double knockup out of Licorice!

Cloud9 strike back!

They'll be able to even up this series!

Zeyzal: Nice job, boys. Blaber: Let's go, let's go.

Zeyzal: That's the 20-minute win we expected.

Let's go, C9!

...grabs himself the kill.

Zvens gotta get another kill, another two

as Swain has found his second.

Blaber's gonna fall for number three, Zven's wiping the floor with this one!

He's found the fourth, and he's looking for number five!

Zeyzal: Swain's just going to be a bit strong.

Blaber: Yes, Swain's gonna be huge.

Ornn gonna find the stun, Galio in the front, Zeyzal gets found out!

Here comes Galio, a good smite from Grig picks that one up.

C9: They got baron, they got baron.

Jensen: I have a big taunt, big taunt.

Zeyzal: Okay, I can't reengage.

Blaber: I'm coming, I'm coming.

Jensen: Kill them all here, kill them all here, please.

Jensen finds a bit of time, can he get that kill though?

He's looking for it, he's gonna get Grig, but it's traded for...

Sneaky: Oh, I'm dead. I'm dead.

Jensen: Ah, only one dead.

Zeyzal: Damn, that's rough.

Zeyzal: We need to be smarter, Blaber.

Blaber: Yeah, that's my bad.

Blaber: No, we can't. Get out. Get out.

Zeyzal: Alright, that's game.

Jensen: Ah, we lost.

Zeyzal: Alright guys, uh... it's fine.

Sneaky: Maybe.

Zeyzal: Yeah, I think they can end.

Blaber: They should be able to.

TSM are a game away from the Finals!

[Crowd chanting "TSM"]

Do you think Svenskeren and Goldenglue will see time in the series?

- Or rather... - Kobe: Mm.

what situation has to happen in order for them to get time in the series?

I think that it's super interesting, this specific series


Goldenglue has actually been good against Bjergsen

and against TSM.

I think there's a good chance that they're gonna see some play.

If you're down 0-2, why not try it?

Putting in Goldenglue, when they're already down

and one more loss means they're out of the playoffs

doesn't feel right to me.

Kobe: Yeah. Azael: Yeah--

but I still think if you do--

if you start Jensen-Blaber and you get slammed two games in a row

not saying that's gonna happen--

- but it would still be worth - Jatt: You would still put him in.

trying to mix something up.

Svenskeren: Let's go, man.

Goldenglue: Let's get it, bro.

Svenskeren: Just play around the timing.

Goldenglue: Just be proactive and safe.

To put in context how important this game is

Goldenglue, his first game was in 2014.

He subbed in for Scarra on Team Dignitas.

This is his fifth year as a pro

and this is the most important game of his life.

Up against Bjergsen, down 2-1 in the Semifinals.

Svenskeren, remember, was kind of booted off TSM at the start of the year.

So this is kind of a Svenskeren redemption story as well.

Fan (off-screen): Let's go, Goldenglue!

Svenskeren: Hauntzer is fucking cocky now, man.

Svenskeren: That one game, and he thinks he is like the best top laner.

Svenskeren: One GP game where he gets carried by Swain.

Svenskeren: Your first playoffs. Let's make it count, bro. Make it count.

Goldenglue: 2-0 dude. Let's do it.

[Music: “They Cant Come (feat. Sims)” by P.O.S]

Licorice: I'm on Jhin. I'm on Jhin.

There is no way out for Zven.

The flash, the knock up, is it enough to chase him down? It is!

Two kills traded in the bottom lane.

What a beautiful TP there from Licorice.

Bjergsen just walks into Svenskeren, up against the wall.

Svenskeren gets to get the kill on his old teammate.

That feels good.

5v4 inside the base, hoping to make it to Game 5.

The flash. Hauntzer only grabs one.

But the flash forward and Bjergsen gets a kill.

The trade back though.

A huge knock up. Can they secure them?

And Cloud9 will!

A double kill for Sneaky.

They're all falling now.

TSM are routed.

Goldenglue: We're going to Game 5, baby!

Bring out the Silver Scrapes, we're going to Game 5!

Goldenglue's first North American LCS Playoff game is a victory.

And you've got to think they're going to keep him

and Svenskeren in for game number five.

It all comes down to this.

Cloud9 have had their playoffs ended by TSM

in five of their last seven playoff runs.

No game has been dominated by either side

and it is really up in the air.

Goldenglue gonna have to walk through this, take another stun, take a lot of damage.

And they're going to go right under the turret.

TSM look for number four but Bjergsen has to flash away.

They don't get it.

And the flash in, they found one. Grig is down.

You can't get away from Malzahar

and that's why Cloud9 keep bringing it, Goldenglue.

Svenskeren: I'm going to ult him.

Goldenglue: I got him. I'm going to get him. I'm going to get him.

Zeyzal: Finish him, finish him.

Licorice: Nice!

Goldenglue: They're gonna chase. They're gonna chase.

Sneaky: Yeah, they're looking, they're looking.

And Poppy is far away.

They're both going to TP to join.

Here's comes the fight, 5v5.

Is this the one that ends it all?

Goldenglue: I'm on Irelia right now. I'm on Irelia.

Goldenglue: Front to back, front to back.

Two for zero, Cloud9!

And they can chase to the open inhib.

An ult forward for Sneaky.

They get Bjergsen!

It's a three for zero!

They have the minions, they can end the game!

I think C9 have done it!

Put the subs, make it a 2-0 to close out the series

as the second turret falls, the respawn is in 15 seconds.

And they've done it!

Svenskeren and Goldenglue complete it.

It's a 3-2 victory for Cloud9!

Can you believe it?

The miracle has been completed.

Cloud9, from last place to the Finals.

in summer of 2018.

1, 2, 3, C9!

It's still a little bit hard to believe that what happened, happened.

What Goldenglue has gone through in his professional career,

has ruined so many other players.

To be in the LCS, to be the butt of so many jokes,

to get benched, to get moved off of teams.

Goldenglue: That feels good, man.

Svenskeren: Your first playoffs.

Goldenglue: My first playoffs, ever. I'm undefeated in playoffs.

And yes, the rest of his team did great!

But to be in that moment, and then to win both games,

with his history

it's amazing.

Now Cloud9 get to head to Oakland

and they get to head to Oakland with their heads held high.

[Music: “Where You Atby TT The Artist]

C9 has to win that series if they want to automatically qualify for Worlds.

If they lose, they have to go to the Regional Qualifiers.

So, I think winning is everything to them in the final.

I know kind of in the back of my mind, that like

Cloud9 is probably coming in super hungry.

They're coming in with this crazy story behind them.

You know, from last place all the way to the finals.

It's more of a test than anything else.

Just want to see if we can take them down.

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