Practice English Speaking&Listening with: REACTING TO @Mir Blackwell | BIG THREE | FT. @Aerial Ace @Breeton Boi | TODOROKI, BAKUGOU & DEKU RAP

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every track is a smash hit no nintendo reveal that was absolutely great but you know what's

even more crazy that you still haven't joined my discord bro join it bro look all my videos

right here here you can see all the videos i got recorded currently and will upload

soon and these are the requests bro people request videos and now [ __ ] watch them bro

and here you see what i'm planning to watch later on not only that we just got a bunch of

just a public room where you can chat [ __ ] all you want got memes got music or wallpapers bro

look at these wallpapers look at them they clean as [ __ ] look at the must watch shows

bro this season and other seasons where you can recommend animate you should watch master reeds

you like some manga we got them bro anyway just make sure to join the discord and [ __ ] come

chill man let's go what's good everyone welcome back to the previous content

if you like scrapping down from the kingdom hey discord and bro mayor blackwell big three but

not the big three you think no no no it's not it's not even close it's not even close it's not even

not even fair but they're they're definitely a trio that's i'll give them that it they are a trio

they're no way near the big three but they are a trio anyway we got toyota and deku rap

featuring aerial ace and britain boy let's go let's go britain boy and aerial ace all right

okay uh look my right wrist is better than freeza

starting off with my right wrist was blessed with the with the freezer

so the only thing left was the heater

oh man that's that's a that's a oh that's a

that's a tough bar to start with all right cd is gonna be bluffing he

i'm the man you shouldn't try to murder you keep your hands to hero

i got twice the quirks and i'm present can be half the hero i got twice the quirks uh

anytime i might get served here around the chill that's the ice's work

move it [ __ ] that's how y'all doing this [ __ ] tool spit with your [ __ ]

if you refuse it what the [ __ ] you thought was gonna happen

stupid thank you [ __ ] dudes [ __ ] bitching they

fundamentally oh wow pathetic it look like deku fundamentals no [ __ ] i'm built

different cybernetics find a medic never mind he doesn't he didn't say fan fighter

front fence

i can't even say this anymore whatever

fundamentals no [ __ ] i'm built different cybernetics

these hands are a good are like a good joke anyone can get it

ah i like joke everyone can get it it's pathetic if you're thinking that you step into this madness

with the premise that you're taking the offensive number you're the best since i obtained the green

and cosmetic after messing with me you gonna need a medic for real kendo intentions has to

wear clap with a steel every track and smash hit no need to reveal back when i started it

every track is smashed every track is a smash hit no nintendo reveal

back when i started ain't nobody know me but oh my god taught me the way he might oh i'm

the ant to the throne hit the head and i'm going on back to the bone but i'm steadily cold so if

you're a villain you best not approach me that venture gonna cost you like cop in the door you

not gonna hold me my timing on point so they watching my wrist thought i got me a rolling

using these arms done broke me but i had to take me the shot just to write to the

top shoe style these shots when i light up your block if i find you an ah damn hell yeah hell

yeah hero trio deku bakko todoroki aka icy hearts aka murder grenade aka crybaby

oh man oh please please deku stance please please get salty i love it i love it

i can i can hear them typing already like decorations

yes all right oh but in the manga yeah but in the manga he's different right now he's different but

you can't take away he was a crybaby it's just it's just how it is now he's just crying

internally that's something different oh man ah this salty salty decor stands is amazing amazing


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