Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Reinforcement Houtribdijk with sandy banks: a worldwide first

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VOICE-OVER: A 25-kilometre-long dike

has kept the Netherlands safe for over fifty years.

This is the Houtribdijk, also known as the Markerwaarddijk.

Scenically located, it forms a dam between the IJsselmeer and the Markermeer.

To keep the provinces in the IJsselmeer region safe,

we're reinforcing the Houtribdijk.

That's not all, our focus is also on nature and recreation.


Near Lelystad, the dike is reinforced with quarry stones.

At the Enkhuizen end, the dike will have broad, sandy banks.

These will break the waves in the future.

This reinforcement approach in such a huge non-tidal, inland body of water

is a worldwide first.

We're also seizing opportunities for nature development and recreation.

A water sports beach near Lelystad will accommodate kite surfers and wind surfers.

Rijkswaterstaat is also improving the water quality.

Halfway along the dike, on the Markermeer side, we're developing new nature,

where fish, insects and shellfish like to live.

This, in turn, attracts birds.


Innovative dike reinforcement and attention to nature

give this beautiful area abundant opportunities to develop.

And help keep the Netherlands safe.

The Description of Reinforcement Houtribdijk with sandy banks: a worldwide first