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Honestly, my forehead looks so shiny.

We have all went through the stage wherein we really had a lot of pimples.

What if we ask for products to giveaway from the CEO of Face Republic?

Big Boss!


--we can host a giveaway.


Big Boss!

Hi guys! Welcome back to my YouTube Channel!


That's Tellygurl's intro.

Guys, long time no see because Tellygurl kind of took over my vlog for a long time.

But now, I'm back because I have thought of something to share for you guys.

Actually, you guys made me think of this content because of the picture I posted.

This is one of the most requested vlogs that I didn't really give notice to before because I didn't have the confidence.

But now, I have decided to do it.

Because I think I now have the self confidence to share this thing with you guys.

So since we have been in ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) for 3 months already,

"Stay at home" and "We can't go out" have been the mottos for us Filipinos.

Instead of thinking about negative things,

--that can affect our mental health,

let's try to think of positive things that have happened to us during ECQ.

We were taught of discipline,

Mother Earth has rested for a bit from waste and pollution,

Our helpfulness and generosity to the community have prevailed,

we have bonded with our families,

and for me, one of the things that changed is the improvement of my skin.

Well, one factor is that my skin has taken a break from make up. Before, I used to wear make up almost everyday.

(I would wear make up) If I would leave the house or if I had work.

So because of home quarantine, I had the time to take care of my skin.

Would you guys believe me if I told you guys that before I had a skincare routine, which was about 2 years ago, the only soap that I would use for my face was bar soap?

(I used) The bar soap that kills 99.9% of germs?

and I used Ethyl or Isopropyl Alcohol to cleanse my face.

--That contained 70% solution.

I was so harsh to myself, was I?

How's the alcohol?

Some don't even use products with alcohol content and I literally used alcohol on my face, right?

But that was before.

It's because I didn't really care for myself that much back then, I was okay as long as my face was clean and there was no make up left.

But, it's bad.

Because the natural moisture of our faces are being stripped off.

That could cause wrinkles, fast aging, and the like.

So, it's wrong.

But that was before, about 2 years ago, back when I didn't have a skincare routine yet.

--and when I haven't discovered these products yet.

So that all the hair that could possibly block the products would stay away from my face, there!

This seems to look good on Tellygurl too.

If you guys would notice, I have make up on now because I applied make up for my intro.

So that there would still be a part of this vlog wherein I look pretty.

So I'm gonna start with Mild Cleansing Water.


Next step is I'm gonna wash my face.

It is important to double cleanse to be a hundred percent sure that all of the dirt and make up would be removed.

and I'll be using this one to wash my face:

Gold Mineral Cleanser.

Of course, we won't be washing our face here because there's no water here in my room.

So, we'll go to the bathroom.

Let's go!


What's on your mind, friend?

So there you go guys, wow!

It's so shiny!

Honestly, my forehead looks so shiny.

It feels like it has really been stretched out.

So there you go, guys. Thank you for watching!

Kidding, I'm not yet done.

We had just done it up to step 2.

Here it is, I'm gonna introduce one of my favorites to you guys.

Because ever since I met it, wow, when I met it.

We're talking about the product.

The texture of my skin really changed.

This is for acne-prone skin, so maybe the reason why I like this is because I have acne-prone skin.

In our family, my brother and sister, all of us, have acne-prone skin.

We have all went through the stage wherein we really had a lot of pimples.

Like, ugh, it was embarrassing to go out.

We had a lot of pimples, acne scars, and that made us lose our self confidence.

But, that's it, there will be a time where you'll go through that phase.

and the fact that I didn't have a skincare routine at that time, my only solution was to cover it with make up.

Until now, I still get pimples.

But it's less now, it's quite lesser because I have discovered products that are healthy and friendly to the skin.

So, I'll be sharing this with you guys:

One of the things I liked about this is it's alcohol free and fragrance free.

I'll be putting it's other desrciptions here:

Because I don't memorize it.

Start with...

The pimple marks that you guys can see would last for about 2 weeks only. It would eventually fade with the help of this.

It contains Salicylic acid that helps in skin problems.

My skin type is normal to oily.

But sometimes, when I go to cold countries like Korea,

there are times that my skin gets dry and instead of using that one, I use this PH-Balancing Toner.

It's also alcohol free and fragrance free.


It's also free from a whole lot more chemicals.


This is my most favorite among all.

I feel like my face improved so much when I started using this.

Before it was launched, I was already given the privilege--wow, privilege?!

I was already given the opportunity to try this before it was launched.

and yeah, I don't regret it.

So, here it is.


One of the things I liked about this moisturizer is it's scent.

It's tea tree scent is really my favorite.

It also contains Centella, the Centella Ingredient that dries out pimples.

Before, I used to think that moisturizer causes pimples because I'm already oily and I would add more oil to my face.

But yeah, there are moisturizers that actually help in drying the pimples and this is one of them.

This can be your skin's bestfriend.

and look at it, it has a glass skin effect.

I have learned that Koreans are really inlove with Cica nowadays.

--and now I know why.

So my night time skincare routine is kind of similar to my morning routine.

Yes, I have a morning skin care routine too.

The only difference between the two is instead of using Cica Gel moisturizer,

I use...


We're almost done but now, I'll be showing you guys the next step.

But I don't do this everyday, I only do this twice a week.

--or if I have a special event the next day.

If you would make me choose my top 3,

these three:

They all have their own specialty.

I like this because it brightens the skin.

This is perfect is your skin feels dry, maybe caused by the weather.

Tea tree because I'm fond of tea tree and I love the scent.

I really like it's skin benefits.

So now, we'll be trying out this one, the lemon variant.



I remember the time when we hosted a giveaway for this product.

And the questions we would chose are:

gonna win Face Republic masks.


Who watched that vlog?



Wait a minute

I thought of something.

What if...

I think I wanna host a giveaway but my stock of Face Republic isn't that much here at home.

Wait, I thought of an idea!

I don't know-- I'll try to...

What if we ask for products to giveaway from the CEO of Face Republic?

Oh my Gosh, will he agree?

I don't know.

But, maybe he'll agree to it because...

he has a lot of products because he's the CEO.

and it's for you guys!

It's because I really want-- I really want to give you guys the chance, especially to those in need,

to have a better skin or healthier skin.

Why not, right?

He'll agree anyway, and if he doesn't agree, I won't include this part in the video.

I'll edit it out.


Okay, I'll think about it. It's also embarrassing!

How do I start? How do I ask him? It's so embarrassing!

Maybe he'll think that...

I'm abusing him.

How do I do it?

Big Boss...

Can I ask for products?

Big Boss...

host a giveaway!

Big Boss..

please give me products.

--to be used as a giveaway.

So that they can try how good Face Republic is as well.

Come on, Big Boss.

It's airy.

Big Boss,


we can host a giveaway.

Big Boss, can we host a giveaway?

We already did a giveaway before.

Why not now?

It's so ugly!

How do I do it?

How do I do it?


Help me out, guys! I'm doing this for you!

Let's try to act cute.

Big Boss,

can we host a giveaway?

Big Boss,

I really don't know!

He also hosts giveaways on his IG, right?

Can we...

Big Boss,


Okay go.

Let's try!

I'm pressured.

Okay, this is for you guys.

This is for you guys.

I'm just facing the phone but I still haven't thought of what I'm gonna say.

Your memory is about to be full!

Oh, wait, just wait, wait!

Maybe he'll say that I'm sick.

Maybe he'll get concerned, I don't want him to be concerned.

Who said that?

The feeling that you want him to answer it but you don't want him to answer it at the same time.


Big Boss!

Don't laugh at me, Big Boss!


Are you busy now?

It's Sunday night, I'm not busy.

Okay then...

Then what?

What are you doing?

I'm actually doing a vlog right now.

and I'm filming...

and then I got an idea.

Good idea? Okay, what's your idea?

This idea isn't for me.

But for my subscribers.

For your fans?

Yes, my subscribers, my followers.

Hello fans!!!

Kristel's fans.

So, can we have-- like a giveaway?

You're doing a vlog and then you would do a giveaway for your fans?


I wanna give them a chance to have like a better skin,

healthier skin, that's why yeah, I thought of this idea.


Okay, what should be the giveaways?

This one:

This is my favorite.

Oh, yeah yeah.

Why are you acting so...

You might think I'm being too much.

Because I'm asking you for some prodcuts.

How many?

How many? That's the question.


like what about---

If you reach like 1,000,000 views, I can give away 100 pieces.


1 product per 10,000 views.

If you reach 100,000 views, it's gonna be 10 pieces.

But until when?!

What if it grows by time?

So, up to 1 month.

So like on the first week, if you reach 300,000 views, I can already give you 30 pieces.

Every week, by the increase of the views, I can continuously--- (give)

So it depends on the views?

(I can continuously) provide for the giveaway.

Is it okay?

You'll be giving away 100 pieces? Oh my Gosh!

Kristel: I didn't expect that. Big Boss: Yes, for your fans.

But, uhm, can you help me think about the mechanics?

First, follow Face Republic,

then comment why they like Kristel's vlog.

What if they don't like, but they want to get the product?!

--but they wanna win?

It's not allowed, they should like your content.

They should like your vlog too in the giveaway.

They also have to subscribe, or be a subscriber.

That's all?

The number of winners will depend on how many views your vlog would get,

This giveaway will last for 1 month, right?

Yeah, and you can probably announce a winner every week.

I will be announcing on my IG story.

Can Face Republic ship the products?

Of Course!

Of Course!

Within the Philippines only.

Yeah, this giveaway is within the Philippines only, guys.

Hopefully, it would reach up to 1 million views.

so that we can giveaway 100 products. Oh my God, what if 2 million?

I can sponsor 200.

Maybe he would lose his profit because of this.

Okay, thank you so much Big Boss!

For guesting!

See you in Manila, hopefully!

Yeah, please come back soon, big boss.



We have found our way for him to sponsor the giveaway!

I didn;t expect his idea.

That it depends on the views.

So, it's up to you guys.

To those who wouldn't be as lucky, you guys still have a chance to get a better, healthier skin.

Because the products that I used are available in Shopee, Lazada, Beauty Manila, and Watsons.

So yeah, don't be sad.

I'm happy that I finally did this type of vlog.

I'm also happy that we have a giveaway.

--An unexpected giveaway.

Well maybe some would think that: "The products she used are all branded? She's just supportive to big boss."

Sponsored?! She's just trying to get close to Face Republic's CEO.

Well, I'm happy to support the brand Face Republic because I believe in the brand.

I also wanna support Big Boss because he's also supportive of me.

--and what can I do if the products really work on me?

I really did this vlog to show you guys the improvement it gave to my skin.

To also give some of you guys who have problems with their skin a chance.

I hope this vlog helped you guys.

Thank you for watching.

I hope you guys win.

Watch out for my IG Story every week for the winners.

That's it, guys!

Thank you for watching!


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