Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Perfect Movie

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day two,

Let's hope these idiots thought of something.

Okay guys so listen right, here's my idea. Now I have a pretty basic plan, we kill Donald,

Something else happens, and we profit

Little do they know about real coup plan of kill everyone and take over- Hey!

I'm try'n to do a thing! You really had to do that didn't you! Wow.

So you're doing a thing huh?


In my chair?

Yeah I am

It's a nice chair isn't it?

Yeah. I bought it on craigslist

(Some random gibberesh) heh heh

So when I was gone

went to the supermarket

Did you guys think of any movie ideas?


Steaming pile of trash get out of here!

(In the background) He had style.

So what's this?

Eh, Whatever

What's this?

Well ah, that there boss ah,

Let me look at tha-

(Reading) Kill Don,

Let me look at that boss-

(Reading) Question mark question mark question mark,


Heh heh heh heh, memes meh.

(snoring noises)

Bobby ye snore!

I'm pitch'n!

I'm pitch'n a video here.


Okay so

The point right is it's gonna be a


Ah thriller,

You know, like a thriller

Ah mystery movie

About how you died, you know?

He he

Ye see what I mean?

Ye know, based on a true story...

heh heh

Can I have my job back?

fine come in

For the two minutes that I've been gone,

I went soul searching,

And I found the perfect,


I'm not entirely sure you can soul search

That, like

Literately that much time an think of something like this,

But I'll hear you out.

What are you doing in my chair?!?!


N-nothing sir

So what's this perfect movie about?

It all starts with...

So whad'ja think?

I think you're fired.

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