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you're worth it!Holla!what's up y'all!Liberty V Justice there's no period in my "V"cause

my victories never end and yours don't have to either, my friends!You are INFINITE in

value! there you go! read em and weep fellas!read 'em & weep!haha

I'm Worth It is now incorporated I'm worth it inc is the umbrella to my vast empire.


So I decided I'm gonna do this Ipaid the money when I first came back here at the end of


I paid the money when I came back from columbia to incorporate my empire because I will do

anything to show you by my example that you can do anything you wanna do that you are

infinite in value, see everybody in the world is infinite in value that's a fact everybody

in the world that breathes ever on this earth but to deserve something you deserve something

when you work for it that means the world spiritually mentally, socially, emotionally,

and then financially, you see so you have to work though, you have to work i have to

do all this editing myself i have to do all this stuff but i have to do the hardest work

you'll ever have to do is the work inside yourself telling yourself that worth it allowing

people to say things and letting it roll off your back like water on a ducks back ya know

just let it roll off because you can either choose to allow the things they say to make

you feel unworthy you like my mom said im worthless im stupid im ugly ill never go anywhere

in life, my ex told me youll never go anywhere in life my ex told me ya know you cant do

this you cant do that people always say to you but and they laugh at you when you have

your big goals but the thing is, you just gotta understand that they are afraid to actually

put the work in themselves and they want you to be with them because they're miserable,

and misery loves company but you know something else, people need an example, people need

you to be those good vibes they need you to be happy and joyful and singing and dancing

and whatever it is that you do just smile man, cause there's too many people out there

miserable i aint go no excuses, i bring the joy i am the thermastat, i change the temperature

in a room I'm gonna change you by my example alright?I love you guys, thank you so much

for being here with me for the past 5 years on this one hell of a rockstar ride here in

LOS ANGELES this is my 3rd state, but this is my home, baby!

I love you guys!

Thank you LA!Thank you Santa Monica,I love you , hashtag corona virus I"m just playin

I love you! coronavirus cant stop me baby! nothin can stop me!

NOTHIN! the floor cant stop me you know what Im sayin thank you so much for bein here,

I'm incorporated now, let's start to monetize yall!

I need some help! you wanna be a part of the team?

let me know! but you know what you could do?

you could share this with a friend, you could let them know that down the road, once I start

to have some money I"m gonna start a resataurant chain, with gluten free vegan food, for everybody

in every state, 1 in every state alright, free food, never charging.

we're not gonna past the basket or ask you for tips either, but guys I love you so much

it's all about creating community thank you, comment below let me know you're watching

make sure you subscribe share this with a friend and comment and tell me how did you

find my channel and what's your name?

what's my name champion?

liberty justice with my mind on my money and my money on my mind to show you that you can

do anything you wanna do and there's no excuses! you're worth it!

*blows kisses* thank you

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