Practice English Speaking&Listening with: '페이커', "비시즌 활동, 집중할 수 있는 환경 만들어준다"

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Q. What's your thoughts about today's game?

Faker: I don't actually satisfy with today's game.

We could not show our best and there are many things to work on.

However, I think we'll do better and better.

Q. Then what's your thoughts about LCK without audiences?

Faker : This is the first time playing games without audiences since I have debuted..

which was so awkward.

It was not that exciting to play games today because we need audiences who clap and cheer for us.

Audiences make me more relaxed and excited!

Q. What is the proper strategy to play against Sett?

Faker: My team practiced Sett a lot right after the release, and studied strong points of Sett.

We have already known how to use and deal with Sett, and it helped our teamplay.

I think this was one of the most important points of todays match.

Though the study on Sett is not completed,

I think Sett is a good champion as he often comes out in other leagues, solo-rank and practices.

Q. Do you think that (in this meta) long game pattern would last for some time?

Yes I do. There was a patch for dragon, which makes the game longer.

The reason why DWG and our team had a intense game was both teams prefer mid-to late-stage games

while other teams had relatively shorter games.

However, I think, in this meta, there would be more long games.

Q. How do you feel about being 'a greatest player' after sponsorship of Nike?

I do feel excited to collaborate with such an international sports brand, Nike.

And I knew that there are so many functional clothings there. (laugh) I like to wear those.

Q. Will you only wear a white t-shirt that has Nike logo on?

Um.. I should consider about that later.

However, maybe I am going to only wear Nike clothing.

Q. What's your thoughts about off-season?

I think that as a pro-esports player, practicing and competing games

every single day are not that great idea.

That's why I am participating in many (extra) activities.

I don't think those would distract my practicing time

and I try to think those would make me broaden my perspective,

which ultimately help me focus on games.

Any resolution for this season?

There were lots of changes in team members and meta as well.

I expect that this year would be totally different from the last year.

Although we defeated DWG this time,

we have so many games left and we have to compete with other teams as well.

I cannot expect what's gonna happen in the future.

However, we'll practice and prepare perfectly to make great results.

Everyone, be careful not to catch a cold.

The Description of '페이커', "비시즌 활동, 집중할 수 있는 환경 만들어준다"