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According to the latest poll from Yahoo news and YouGov, a slim majority, but a majority

nonetheless of Americans believe that Donald Trump is in fact, a racist and a slightly

larger majority believes that Donald Trump should just stop tweeting 52% of respondents

in this single new poll say that yes, Donald Trump is a racist. They were asked, the question

is Donald Trump a racist? And their response was yes, 52%, 54% said that they would love

to see Donald Trump just stop tweeting. Now, as for the racism thing, this is not surprising

polls throughout his presidency. Uh, depending on what's happening in the news cycle at the

time have typically shown that yeah, a majority or at least a plurality of people in this

country view the president as a racist. And that's really, really absolutely terrifying

because in spite of the fact that a majority view him as a racist, this man still got elected.

This man still has a fairly decent chance of being reelected this year. I know polls

right now are hugely in Biden's favor. Uh, we'll see if that holds, cause it probably

won't maybe he'll maintain a lead, but you know what I'm saying? Anyway, how can this

man who is viewed by most as a racist, continue to hold power, continue to be taken seriously?

And the answer is he can't, we absolutely cannot allow that to happen because this is

not just the opinion of a majority of people. This is what the president has shown us. You

know, he may not be the kind of person that walks around throwing around the N word depending

on what were ever able to see from those apprentice tapes. But there's other ways to be a racist

as well. You know, he may not cringe at the thought of standing next to a black person,

but he absolutely wouldn't turn his back on him.

You know, little more subtle form of racism, his policies hugely racist. You know, we have

seen that along the Southern border. We have seen it with his travel ban. We have seen

it with his comments about so-called shithole countries. It's all racism folks, whether

you want to admit it or not is irrelevant. It is what it is. And a majority of people

in this country. Thank God. See that now as for the tweeting thing, I would like the president

to tweet less, unless he's going to stop tweeting out attacks. And of course, a racist things.

If the president just went out there and said, Hey, cool job, Kansas city chiefs for winning

the super bowl. That's awesome. Hey, I'm going to be doing a speech here. Hey, I'm doing

an interview on this network. Hey, here's a cool book. I just read things like that,

whatever tweet your heart's content that doesn't affect me or bother me.

And I think most people actually agree with that. The problem is the president. Doesn't

just do those things. He tweets out weird lies. He tweets out all caps phrases that

aren't even complete thoughts, which aren't just randomly out of nowhere. Like his Twitter

account actually has Tourette's. We would all like to see that stop. And we would like

to see the president uses Twitter account for literally anything else than what it's

currently being used for, to be honest. But that also doesn't matter one bit. What matters

is the racism? And what's more important is that the majority of people in this country

recognize it, understand it and know that it's there admitting there's a problem as

the first step for the public. Second step is going to be getting rid of it in November.

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