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good news friends at the moment welcome days are all of you

we bring the report now of the hurricane jose and well we have to say to the

respect the hurricane jose low to category 1

is stuck at this time to the east of the Bahamas far from any area

inhabited the eye of jose is located at 645 kilometers to the north-east of the

British Great Turkish Island and Thousand 25 kilometers north-east of the island

of san juan in puerto rico the hurricane Joseph

today fell to intensity category 1 the minimum on the saffir simpson scale

east of the bahamas islands as reported the national hurricane center of the

united states- at 11 o'clock at night three hours on Tuesday josé will register

open maximums of up to 140 kilometers per hour and advancing at a speed of 9

kilometers per hour in northeast direction away from any inhabited area

ojo de jose is located at 645 kilometers north-northeast of the British and the great

Turkish ihh a thousand 25 kilometers north Northeast of San Juan in Puerto Rico

According to the National Hurricane Center he hopes that jose continues to weaken

over the next 48 hours in the that a change in direction towards the

this later towards the southeast and finally finally to the south jose

it became a powerful hurricane of Category 4 with maximum winds

up to 250 kilometers per hour on last Friday but this time is in

this moment already the hurricane joseph stops be thus to say it a danger while

do not rise in category is about to degrade already and in this increase is category 1 for

everyone who asked for the report yesterday from this hurricane joseph after the passage of

hurricane irma for the Caribbean and for florida and now

in Georgia good tennis was feared that this hurricane joseph will also touch the

Caribbean islands will also touch the south of the USA but fortunately

fortunately it is not like that here we leave the report for all of you

news friends at the moment see you in the following informative note there is

a lot of information today like always thanks for watching

we see in the next transmission up so

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