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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: All my Steam games: Future Game Plays | Give Your Suggestion Please- 2020!

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I'm not showing one game because I've asked for a refund, already installed it, it was saying 70 minutes, but I couldn't pass the menu

Tomb Raider goty and Xcom Enemy Unknown with all dlcs are two excellent games, I haven't played Tomb Raider yet

Ark Survival Evolved is an awesome game, it's my favorite on this genre

A friend gave me this game, it's like I always say, it's nice to have friends ;)

I got this game for free on Steam, I have the previous game on DVD, it must be amazing

Now, I can say I have all Dark Souls games for pc, 1, 2 and 3 :)

If you like space strategy games, it is less than 1 Euro lol

This game was another good deal and it's amazing

This game looks like Total War, but it's different, it's much more strategic

A friend offered me this game with soundtrack, it's a very nice game, I have game plays on my channel

This is another great strategy game, the battles don't have awesome graphics, but it has a lot of management, I love this game so much

Another nice gift, this game is different, I like it

The famous Player Unknown Battlegrounds PUBG, it's a great pvp battle royale shooter, I can't wait to play it

It comes with access to 2 servers

Resident Evil 0/Biohazard 0 HD Remaster

Resident Evil Revelations 2 another awesome game!

Resident Evil 5! My favorite is 4, but I have it for ps2 and also in DVD, I now have all Resident Evil 1-5

Who didn't play this game? Always entertaining, ah good memories

Civilization VI with the Titan Atlas as background picture, it's a very good game

Another game that I want to play soon. This War of Mine

XCom Enemy Unknow is a strategy game for turns, you can develop the skills of your team, research better weapons, defend your planet. What are you waiting for? It's cheap ;)

I have bought many other games, but for pc you need to create a lot of accounts, GTA V is one of them

I have heard good things about this game, Witcher 3, but it wasn't free, I had to buy it first and register on another account

Another nice game, almost for free, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor with 21 dlcs ;)

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, friends told me it's awesome, explore the seas, become a pirate ;)

I've bought Far Cry 3 but I cannot play offline? Or at least to launch the account (another one) I must have internet :(

The Long Dark, this is my favorite game, buy it to help Doctors Without Borders and also Tree Canada to help plant trees. It's an awesome game, developers are always updating the game with more content

Leave a suggestion or any other game for me to make game play if it's not too expensive, I hope you like my games friend ;)

The Description of All my Steam games: Future Game Plays | Give Your Suggestion Please- 2020!