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Your RRSP is one of your most valuable assets. Think about it for a

moment, when you reach retirement, whether that is in 10 years or 30 years it

the one asset that you are going to rely on to care for you and your spouse.

Often when people find themselves in financial difficulty,

they think about cashing in their RRSP to try to deal with their debts

For most people, this is the wrong decision.

Many people we see have cashed a portion of all of their RRSP

but they are still in financial difficulty

Under a Consumer Proposal

or a Bankruptcy, you can protect your RRSP.

Yes, even in a bankruptcy,

under then contributions in the last 12 months,

your RRSP is protected.

At A.Farber & Partners, as part of our our R-Plan, we will listen to what you have to

say, we will review your situation and develop a plan that saves your RRSP.

So before you make a decision to cash your RRSP, give us a call at


no need for the area code.

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