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- [Narrator] Meet Geoff

Geoff is a real estate agent in Roseville.

Geoff's mission is to help people win.

Geoff helps people with buying and selling homes.

Meet the Rue family.

The Rue family loves their Roseville home,

but it's time to make a move.

Don't worry Rue family, you're in good hands.

Well, it's time for the photo shoot.

Good bye Rue family.

(whimsical music)

Luckily for the Rue family,

Geoff has done this hundreds of times

and knows how to prepare a home for the market.

Wait a minute, this isn't part of his normal process.

Geoff looks unusually interested in this home.

Just look at that smile.

I'm certain he's planning something.

I wonder what he's thinking.

Probably so much room for activities.

Oh, Geoff, get out of the tub.

Geoff makes a quick call to his wife

to see if they can buy another house.

Based on the look on his face,

I don't think she said yes.

No, Geoff, not the pool.

It's your job to sell the house,

sell the pool, and help another family win.

What are you doing?


Hey, can't you hear me?

- Yeah.

- [Narrator] Geoff, what is your mission?

- Help people win.

- [Narrator] Good job, that's right Geoff.

Now, get back to work and help these people.

It's not just your mission.

It's not just a job.

It's your purpose.

Just in time as the Rue family returns home

to check on Geoff's progress.

- Guys, the photo shoot went fantastic.

The house is beautiful.

I know that the next homeowner

is going to absolutely love it.

I love it.

It was a great shoot,

I can't wait for you guys to see the photos.

- [Narrator] I think the Rue family

might just suspect something.

Helping people win can be a difficult job,

but someone has to do it.

Thanks Geoff for being such a hero to the Rue family.

Warning, listing your home with Geoff Goolsby

will likely result in increased online exposure,

high volume of traffic to your home,

your neighbors will be jealous,

and your home will crush the competition.

You'll likely sell your home for more money.

It's quite possible that if you have a pool,

Geoff Goolsby will jump into it.

This message brought to you and paid by Geoff Goolsby,

who clearly believes so much in himself

that he's paid me to say these things about him

at the end of this video.

And furthermore, he's paid YouTube,

Facebook, and Instagram just to get you

to watch it.

But seriously, if you're curious how your home

would look online, call Geoff.

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