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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: True Home Alone Horror Story Animated

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i'm thirty years old. and this story took place when I was thirteen.

i thought the girl wwas speaking i got so scared

my mother was a single mom and she had to work two jobs.

poor her :(

She worked at a grocery store in the morning and a bar at night.


So I was home alone a lot but it was okay

Because I was used to it.

I can cook myself some dinner and walk

back and forth to school. I was a pretty responsible kid for my age.

One night I was watching TV while eating ice cream.

And someone knocked at the front door.

I was wondering who it could be as my friends never came out this late

And my mom would always use her key to get in.

I opened the door.

And it was a man standing there with his hands in his pockets.

I said "Hello?"

He replied;

"Hello, young lady. Are your parents at home?"


I said "No"

"My mom isn't home right now you have to come back tomorrow."

He then said with a surprised smile on his face

"Oh, you're all alone, huh?"

I said, "Uhh yeah, I am."

He replied with

"Okay young lady

have a nice night.

Don't get into any trouble."

He then walked away and i closed the door.

He seemed friendly, but also weird at the same time.

He was a little funny looking though.

He was balding and has 70's styles glasses on (I hope i wrote it right lol)

With a mustache and bags under his eyes like he never slept.

About ten minutes pass,

And there was another knock at the door.

(knocking sounds)

I got up to answer it. But before i opened the door something told me to put the chain on.

I don't know why. But my gut told me to do that.

It was strange because we really didn't use the chain.

But I'm glad I did because as soon as I opened the door,

It was pushed open.

But arruptly stopped by the chain.

Before i could even say or do anything

I looked through the crack at the door to see the same man again.

And he said in a startled voice

"Oh..oh..oh hey there

I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

As he stuttered.

It was like he knew he failed getting inside of the house

And tried to play off this any suspicion

By speaking quickly and making it seem like he didn't just obviously try coming into the house

I said "I'm fine, thanks."

And I shut the door

At that time I didn't really understand the situation

Or the dangerous of what just happened.

But still, I was a bit freaked out

And wanted my mom to come home soon.

An hour went by

And I was still thinking about what happened so

I started to watch a movie

Trying to keep my mind occupied.

When I heard

"Hey let me in quick.

I gotta tell you something."

This was the scariest situation i've ever been in my life.

It was the man once again he was talking through the letter box

I shouted "Leave me alone!"

The letter box closed.

And the man started banging on the front door screaming "Let me in you little shit!"

While slamming our front door handle up and down trying to get in.

I just stood back crying, praying he doesn't get in.

He eventually gave up and left.

My mom came home about thirty minutes later

Just to find me crying.

And I told her everything that happened.

We told to police but they never found this guy.

I look back

And I think how grateful I am

That I had the feeling to put the chain on the door.

I hate to think what that man would have done

If he had managed to get in.

The Description of True Home Alone Horror Story Animated