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Hello guys

Couple with you in for this I'm the dude

I'm cool of it, and I'm going to be posting these all to my actressy page Instagram

Jesse Turner


Every time I am going to be doing one of these we creating Instagram pictures types of videos

I'm gonna be giving away something they oh why I'm a mother I spoil my child

All you have to do is we subscribe info on Instagram hoc pH and extractor you fall on the trash trap is bonuses

We're also going to be retraining Instagram pictures on Rebecca's channel because I am a lot shorter check these

Really, tall in case you guys don't see spin of kill when I'm on it hello, and I still like struggling

I'm basically higher in here like you're Harry

You are dance if you're not subscribed to her

I don't know what you're doing you need to go subscribe to my girl and your friends and make sure to subscribe to

Jesse as well. I'm the damn fan

And you subscribe get that self promote since you offered to do it might not go in this video get 30

1333 thumbs up we will be posting some of these on Bernie epigram exam

I'll be posting some but half of them will be unclothed

Yeah, I think the world needs to see this I'm married, but you know you want cup of content at my Instagram

We're here for it so get into 30

1333 in 24 hours and then comment below which picture you want her to post yeah do it my Stan? Hey guys I'm excited

We just all really start the camera until they subscribe

Watching me

So I tweeted you guys it was like hey, what couples would you want to see me recreate?

And I recreated couples that you guys tweeted me and that I know up to or else that would be at kinda awkward and that

Idea, so yeah

First we did Liza and David

there's this really iconic photo on a rock and there's a cheek kiss and

We're gonna do couples we had to do a cheek kiss and we had to do lies in david cuz they're adorable

So I thought this photo was so cute. It's actually the easiest photo to recreate though

I don't think her equation is the best I?

Honestly felt really cool dressed up as David. I make a great dude. I was gonna say wake me up, but honestly

I'm a husband daddy

We're here for it. What is this new branding? Okay? Be sure to buy clickbait. Okay? Yeah currently

Where are you creating David and Liza's I'm the dude. I'm little brown girl

Wait, that's not funny get it he does fun

Hahaha so bad, but we are going to be essentially you're sitting in my life, and I'm going to kiss you yes

This is so nice to meet you. We met each other today. Yeah

There are so much collar and like she can protect me a couple goals. I got you. Wake me up come on

I'm the mom and the daddy daddies

I had sleeves on her dress

So in post we're gonna, try to make it look like one big dress not good big. Yeah, this isn't clickbait you guys

We're really large to do it. Yeah. This is actually David like the Walmart version. Let's be real

99-cent version of Liza talking the wave I know right someone date me

Haha, where look great incline. Why are you kissing me on the cheek? Yeah, okay? Ready wait? How does his hat?

He like tilt his head up. I'm like no like I had not good angles

Okay, I mean

She's so cute her eyes are like clothes like she like loves him so much. You know

I'm gonna click very Santa Claus. What click wait? Do you want for Christmas? I want you girls kissing Fred thumbnail

One pretending to be a boy one pretending to be Liza thumbs eyes

This is a great start to the video. Honestly. I think just wear the hair in front like you're going to be kissed right

high-five yeah

We decided to do another lines and David one while we were all dressed up, and I have oh cool

We did a standing one and because I am so tall


Kim roasted yourself he loves these kind of boots I can barely walk in these, but I had them

I just have to like God

Yeah, she like is laughing and this is I think the cutest picture they seem like they're so in love, and yeah, yeah, okay?

So she's like leaning and I'm like ha ha ha tell me a joke

Let's think of some puns. I'm so bad at it. I did a challenge once where I had to say fun

I wasn't funny. I don't like bad puns Brendon Urie from Canada disco had a midget spinner

What would the song be I write spins not tragedies. You know like I get it, okay?

I get it you're gonna have to flee like you have a pocket. I just really

Be like this

Hey look at me. I'm beautiful. Hahaha

The other words we got it marita moving on to another glorious YouTube couple overflowed vicariously both wow

What it is oh?


To do Tyler Joseph and his girlfriend. I think if you've ever watched a Jesse pH video

You know that I am obsessed with money one pilots. I have the symbol in my Twitter bio

Even before blurryface was really used to putting the singles in my videos. I've always been a huge fan

I had to do

Tyler and Jenna his

Captions and the way he speaks about her and just oh it's so incredible it restores my faith in humanity

And it makes me happy, so yes again. I was the male I was Tyler Joseph. I will never actually be

What definitely got a bit more insecure after this because it reminded me that I'm inferior?

We are currently going to be recreating the legend Tyler Joseph

Instagram photos him and his girlfriend Jenna are actually the most adorable thing. I don't know their caption

No, I didn't I stand them very hard he writes these sweetest things. I've got his wife on Instagram

He went out to dinner with her, and he was like yeah

I just have tons of photos like this because whenever we sit down to eat. I just admire her beauty Oh

Like husband goals right there. Oh, Marie Curie. Yeah, I wish my husband said those kinds of things oh

He has a hat on you and that clickbait

And it looks like you're taking a photo doesn't have her hair showing just like a little bit of it

It looks like he's pulling the strings actually she looks pretty. I I love no you look gorgeous. Honestly that works

I like that you look really pretty look at that lenses

They have like a light wear, and we've got a real like a blur

That was fun. Oh, all right. We got to keep going. They're out before the Sun Goes Down true

Shin, Ryland was incredibly requested on Twitter, so I decided why not a fulsome

LGBTQ couple

You know I stand in fact there. You go was like something is missing

I decided to recreate a holiday edition Rebekah put on a way. I just left my blue hair

I was like a screw it I already don't look like them

This time we are going to be switching places yeah, and she's gonna be the taller partner

We just thought it would be amusing to show how many pillows we're gonna need for her to be taller yeah

This is a really bad wig, but I'm supposed to be Shane Dawson


this is a cute picture looks like it's some like portrait mode is shy to match with the

wreaths - I bet you on that day

Yeah, go home at him now all right, so I'm here and this hand should be on top and I'm like

Please keep in the awkward silence. I just need facial hair. You know I've been trying to grow this beard it hasn't been working

Yeah, I know. I need to stop shaving so I could grow it out. You didn't give me enough time

You literally told me today. I was telling her. I'm the best week alive

I'm still taller than you Wow take it so you can see it. Yeah

Wow I'm glad I could week with my left, I can't do with my right we'll go up portrait mode with this

Okay, so the conspiracy theory is correct. We are not as great car works at the same time hold our, baby

Jessica Jessica is seka jebecca again. We're a very unconventional

Actually, Shaitan Ryland could be introverted, but not really I'm jealous you're introverted. Yeah. I'm so introverted

I would never guess that I wanna go today kid you'd think I was extroverted. Yeah. What do you first met me yes?

Compliment that is okay your girl. Yeah. She's going she's doing that I

Had no idea we need to play the newly friend game wait. That's cute. I know we should do next time next time

Every time we're done, that's the way it's been snapped we are going to be recreating a photo that Jacob in Detroit

Oh Troy's a pod I was like I don't know who it is

And then she was like trace the ball, and now I know who it is music. I know good

Dan he's a cute little Australian boy, okay, no, this is like Melissa like my arms are like in the hands or upside down

I'm behind. They look like opposites though cuz white shirt black shirt weer man sniffing. Oh, they're not okay

This is art. I feel like I got a flexible wrist oh

Yeah, only one is the index. Oh yeah, that's your middle finger still why am I so uncoordinated got it?

Yes there chillin Troy's showing off those lips feel like they're getting pedicures right now


All right, we succeeded, but while we do not look this cute no

Literally want to wear a shirt. That says. Oh, well. I'm not Troye Sivan. No you can never be as cool

We both can my hair looks great dad's hair goals right there

The rest get out of these these boy clothes yes, and then on her channel we recreated Matty Ziegler's photos

So I decided it for one of mine

And I would recreate one of Maddie and her boyfriend her glasses look so similar to the glasses

I typically wear, but I couldn't find that wait wait

Okay, so I needed with my hair up in a bun you're so Maddie. There's a loose, bun

Behind on this one, and I need the Harry Potter glasses

Those are I look like a like horoscope librarian?

If that makes any sense you look like the my body library not like your hair

She's like exactly go do that after we finish the Dalek take it out and be like yeah

You have to like a slow motion move of your hair and be like what book did you want again in Aisle three?

Guys okay, and I'm the bull yeah

I'm a little bit more like peace. It's like the down angle wait. I need to sit on a pillow heck. Yeah, yeah

That looks the last one just like that Harry Potter. I should wait. I need you my way tonight

Yeah, and now you got to do it everybody all right. Yes. See okay ready, so this easy as it looks in the movies I

Can help you with that


Is how you collab and meditate make great quality content?

Yes, not trash, so I posted up quite a few of these in my trash

But not too many because this one is the bit more obvious that it's for a video for obvious reasons

Considering posting one to my main comment down below, which one I should

Thumbs up as for likes they were actually quite a bit lower than

usual, which I think it's because it was just so different and people were just like I

Think it was just that people were just so confused which I mean same as for growing on my trash

It's the same as it was last week and a lot more comments because people were very confused

People did notice this one was very obvious. It didn't look like a picture

I posted all before it again obvious reasons it took my people I appreciate you all and you know as a father

I really like to look out for the kids

If you're in a relationship the person is trading me, right

That is so great, and I'm so incredibly happy for you

but if you are an individual that is currently single if you're in singles something new and recent for you know your valid as a

Human being by yourself and you are loved and you are beautiful

And I appreciate you and you are not any less of a human cool. I love my people

I'm gonna feature all of your agency pages and your Instagram and Twitter posts

Yeah, I appreciate you all and I will see you guys in the future

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