Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Super Escalator Adventure

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Elevators are micro-cosmo of Japanese society

There's uniqueness, innovation and creativity

On the other hand

You see

Politeness manners and order

We stand on the left side of the escalator and people walk on the right

Japan escalators at the most orderly in the world

It's a unwritten rule to stand on the left

and allow people to climb on the right

The system works like clockwork

In Osaka 500 kilometers away

Things are unusually different

Osakans stand on the right and walk up the left

Cities have different etickets and styles

The Umeda sky building

It has the highest escalator in the world

It's suspended in the air on the 39th floor

Not far away from Osaka is Kyoto station

where tradition meets modern right at the arrival point

Kyoto stations escalator goes straight from the ground to the 11th floor

Like scaling a mountain

The summit is even outside

Coming down

You can scope the massiveness of Japan's second biggest building

Let's head to Yokohama near Tokyo

to check out this spiral escalator inside Japan's tallest building

The Landmark Tower

Spiral escalators were created right here in japan

and are now popping up in more cities around the world

This escalators is in central Tokyo

and it turns into a walk-a-later midway through

If it went faster

you could probably charge admission for a ride

Service comes in all sizes

Welcome to Kawasaki, just outside of Tokyo

It just took me 4.4 seconds to ride


Puchi meaning petit

Calator = Escalator

It's the world's smallest escalator

It's 83.4 centimeters high,

2 and a half feet, and only five stairs

When they constructed the tunnel from Kawasaki station to More's department store

They wanted to build an escalator all the way down to the ground floor

But realized that due to the layout the architect, they couldn't do it

So as a service to customers they decided to build just half of it

In japan service is of the highest quality

and even the smallest details are very important

It's little details like this that customers really notice

When you come to Japan respect the escalator

and remember which side to stand on

Enjoy the ride

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