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Saturday was silent

Surely it was through

But since when has impossible

Ever stopped You

Friday's disappointment

Is Sunday's empty tomb

Since when has impossible

Ever stopped You

This is the sound of dry bones rattling

This is the praise make

a dead man walk again

Open the grave I'm coming out

I'm gonna live gonna live again

This is the sound of dry bones rattling

Pentecostal fire

Stirring something new

You're not gonna run out of miracles

Anytime soon

Resurrection power

Runs in my veins too

I believe there's another miracle

Here in this room

This is the sound of dry bones rattling

This is the praise make a dead man walk again

Open the grave I'm coming out

I'm gonna live gonna live again

This is the sound of dry bones rattling

My God is able to save and deliver and heal

And restore anything that He wants to

Just ask the man who was thrown

On the bones of Elisha

If there's anything that He can't do

Just ask the stone that was rolled

At the tomb in the garden

What happens when God says to move

I feel him moving it now

I feel him doing it now

I feel him doing it now

Do it now do it now

This is the sound of dry bones rattling

This is the praise make a dead man walk again

Open the grave I'm coming out

I'm gonna live gonna live again

Open the grave I'm coming out

I'm gonna live gonna live again

Open the grave I'm coming out

I'm gonna live gonna live again

This is the sound of dry bones rattling

Dry bones rattling

Hello and

happy Easter.

Happy Easter 2021 April 4, Easter.


we are.

It is great.

Great day.

You know, I'm looking forward to. Tell me. Cadbury eggs.

I just I'm just saying praise God for Cadbury eggs.

That's what I'm talking about.

Thank you Lord.

They're going to go on sale tomorrow.


No, you can

bring them on in.

In fact, that's going to be Todd's Focus on the Fort for this

month. It's going to be Cadbury eggs.

I am just kidding. I am just kidding.

My wife

hates those things. That's all right.

We'll just eat her portion.

I loved every and I love jelly beans and I love like the

Reese's. Reese's egg.

I'm just all about the food at Easter.

Yes, Lord.

We love you Lord and hey a big welcome.

Yes, By the way we have things we have to do.

Yes, we do.

Welcome to anyone whose brand new with us today.

Happy Easter.

So so glad that you're here actually the challenge for you if

you want to tell them about challenge.



It's called a three-point challenge we say hey check us out

three times pray and listen and see if this is where God is

asking you to grow spiritually.

We don't be in charge of it we want God in charge of us

wel just pray and speaking of prayer.

Yeah, you can take that communication card.

You can flip that thing over you.

You can write down a prayer request.

Let us know. What do we do with those prayer requests?

We pray over them.

Listen, we are a Church that believes in the power of prayer

and it just like he said on the connection card

there's a place for you to put your prayer request and be


I want to see any anonymous things going on.

I want to be able to pray for you by name and if you need a

Pastor to reach out to you this week, let us know on that


card of communication.

How can I find a communication card?

Yep, so it's at and we just

get those in our email each and every week.

So again love for you to go ahead and do that.


That's really all. I mean, that's all we have.

I'm really glad to be back. You know with me a hot minute in

like a month because you got tried to vote me off the island

and then Chris and I did it last week because I was like look


I got voted off.

I heard y'all try to vote me off.

So now old teams back together again,

welcome back to you.

Right, welcome back.


I just pray.



I'll do it Father God.

Thank you for today.

Thank you for Easter and the resurrection and the power that


the Sunday brings Lord and the energy that the Holy Spirit

has just given us today Lord.

We thank you for your sacrifice.

We thank you for your power.

We thank you for the resurrection again, Lord.

I just ask a special blessing to everybody watching right now

that you would use this time to just impact their heart and

the best way God leave us change today completely undone and

change all to bring you glory.

We love you so much in Jesus name.



Hallelujah You have won the victory

Hallelujah You have won it all for me

'Cause death could not hold You down

You are the risen King

Seated in majesty, You are the risen King

Your Name Your Name is victory

All praise will rise to Christ our king

Your name Your name is victory

All praise will rise to Christ our king

By Your spirit I will rise from the ashes of defeat

The resurrected King is resurrecting me

In Your name I come alive to declare your victory

The resurrected King is resurrecting me

The cross has the final word, the cross has the final word

Evil may put up its strongest fight

But the cross has the final word

What can wash away my sin?

Nothing but the blood of Jesus

What can make me whole again?

Nothing but the blood of Jesus

Glory glory hallelujah Jesus You are good

The tomb where soldiers watched in vain

was borrowed for three days

His body there would not remain

Our God has robbed the grave

Our God has robbed the grave

The cross has the final word

The cross has the final word

The Savior has come with the morning light

The cross has the final word

The cross has the final word

The cross has the final word

He traded death for eternal life

The cross has the final word

Hallelujah, praise the One who set me free

Hallelujah, death has lost its' grip on me

You have broken every chain,

There's salvation in Your name

Jesus Christ, my living hope

Death could not hold You, the veil tore before You

You silenced the boast of sin and grave

The heavens are roaring the praise of Your glory

For You are raised to life again

You have no rival, You have no equal

Now and forever, God You reign

Yours is the Kingdom, Yours is the glory

Yours is the Name above all names

What a powerful Name it is,

What a powerful Name it is,

The Name of Jesus Jesus Jesus

What a powerful Name it is,

Nothing can stand against

What a powerful Name it is, the Name of Jesus

What a powerful Name it is, the Name of Jesus

What a powerful Name it is, the Name of Jesus

Have you ever played the teenage game Truth or Dare. You know

when you play Truth or Dare most people pick dare because you

know, they don't want to face the truth.

They know if they choose truth what are their friends is

going to ask "Who you'd secretly like to kiss?" or "What's the

grossest thing you've ever done or some crazy thing?"

So you say dare give you the dare because you'd rather be

dared to lick the carpet or you know, jalapeno and deal with

the fallout of truth.

Well, this Easter Sunday, I've got three dares for you, but

they're not from your friends know these three dares come

from God himself the very first of which comes right after a

few followers of Jesus found his tomb empty on that first

Easter morning. An angel appeared to these shock followers and

says, this is Mark 16-6.

"Don't be alarmed."

The angel said "You're looking for Jesus the Nazarene who was


He has risen!

He's not here.

See see the place where they laid


This is dare number one.

It's a dare aimed right at your mind.

God dares you to intellectually consider the facts of the


Now, what do I mean by facts?

Well, let me give you three facts for you to consider. First.

Why did Jesus death launch the most explosive religious

growth in history?

Is he at this time in history

there were dozens of movements led by men claiming to be the

messiah, but in nearly every case the leader was killed and

the movement fell apart.

Everybody went home.

It was over except this one.

This one has grown to be the biggest faith on Earth how? Well

the Christian Church says that when the leader of this

messianic movement was killed he rose from the dead.

That's why the movement exploded in growth.

No, I accept it many people don't buy that I mean, but if

you're among those that don't buy it, here's the intellectual


Why did this one little movement among all the others explode

in growth?

I mean, how do you explain that like intellectually, here's

another many people believe the Bible is just legend and

myth, but if you think it legend, how do you explain that

when Mark wrote about the resurrection that he listed the

names of the women who saw Jesus empty tomb three times in

eight verses and Mark 15-40 15-47 16-1.

Barkless Mary Magdalene Mary the mother of James and Joseph

and Salome.

Hey, here's the mind challenge.

Why did Mark record the names of three women three times?

You say well, maybe it isn't much to say, you know, what Richard

Berkman a professor at Cambridge an expert in

ancient history geography says Marks inclusion of

eyewitnesses is evidence that the resurrection is true


See if you're writing a legend.

You don't need witnesses.

You're just making stuff up but ancient historians included

eyewitness reports because you know you walk over to their

neighborhood and cross-examine them.

So by putting their names down Mark was saying all you want

to check the truth of my story talk to these three women go

talk to him

no corroborate everything

I say. In fact in the slam dunk evidence of why these three

women matter comes from a critic of Christianity from the

pagan greek philosopher named Celsus who lived 80 years after

Jesus died Celsus argued

he said this "Christianity cannot be true because the written

accounts of the resurrection are based on the testimony of

women" and he says "We all know women are hysterical."

I mean, that's what they thought back then they thought the

women a testimony of a woman cannot be counted because it's

got an emotional base.

That was their thinking now think if Mark made up the

resurrection story, would he put women if that's what they

thought as the only eyewitness has to it?


the only possible reason women are listed is eyewitnesses

is that the women actually saw Jesus

in other words

this cannot be legend.

It must have happened the way that Mark recorded it or

Marks account of it.

It could exist.

But Ray you say, you know, hey, I mean with the Bible people

like non-scientific.

I mean

like I mean, they could believe in a guy rising from the dead

but I mean, this is 2021.

I mean that can't be true.

Well thank with me Mark records Jesus

prediction about rising from the dead three times Mark 8:31

Son of Man will rise from the dead after three days

Jesus said Mark 9:31 after three days

He will rise

Jesus said. Mark 10:32

Jesus said "They'll condemn him to death and they'll hand him

over to the Gentiles who will mock him and spit on him

flog him and kill him at three days later

he will rise.

So friends, here's the intellectual challenge.


why did Mark tell us three times that Jesus said he'd rise

on the third day? I mean,

why is this even a detail in the story?

I mean cause there's a really odd thing that happens on the

third day

that doesn't fit into a perfect story.

Three times

Jesus says he's going to rise in the third day.

But on the third day

oddly his disciples don't show up.

Okay, except for the women

nobody shows up.

Why because nobody expected a dead guy

to come back to life I mean you think if your

Mark trying to write a believable account and you write

down three times that Jesus said to his disciples that he

rises on the third day.

Why why why once Jesus is killed and buried do you not add some guy

to your story who says to the rest

"Hey guys, it's the third day.

Maybe we ought to go take a look.

I mean wouldn't you go look, I mean, he said third a third a

third day.

I mean he's dead.

It's the third day.

Well, maybe we could take a look, but they don't in the angel

calls him out on it this verse 16:7

He says "There you will see him. just as he told you." In

other words the angel like hey, Jesus like told you

The disciples heard it three times,

but they didn't think that it could actually happen.


why would Mark wright that

I mean if he made the story up he wouldn't but he wrote it

because it happened.

He wrote it even though in their worldview

it was impossible, you know to the Greeks back then salvation

was a soul leaving a body not a body rising from death.

They had no concept of that

and you know, we don't either in our culture

we don't expect a guy like to rise from a funeral casket, you

know, my friends the other day we're talked about what we

want said at our funerals and one friend said well, "I want

people to say I was a great husband and father"

and another one of my friends

he said well, "I want people say that I live life to the

fullest" and then they turn to me and they said Ray when

people see you in that casket.

What do you want them to say?

I told him I wanted to say "Hey, he's breathing!"

you know, we laugh because that's unexpected and nobody back

then expected

anyone to rise from the dead

so why bring this up?

Well, you know, I bring it up because

we're often chronological snaps when it comes to history.

See we file the resurrection away as myth because we think

people back then were privative.

We think we're smarter.

We can't believe in that stuff.

Listen, they couldn't believe in it either.

They had no concept of a resurrection.

Not one disciple went to the tomb on the third day

it was an impossible for them to believe as it is for you.


they believed it.

Why? Because they had the intellectual integrity to let the

evidence trump their worldview.

Do you

this is the intellectual dare you either believe in the


You better figure out

some alternative explanations.

That's their one.

The secondary is in verse 7.

The angel says go tell his disciples and Peter "He's going

ahead of you into Galilee. There

you will see him just as he told you" This is there to it's a

dare aimed at your heart.

God dares you to receive his grace, you know one verse we've

got two outpourings of Grace first it consider what Jesus

didn't say here.

He didn't say tell those faithless backstabbing cowards that

they better apologize to me if they want me to reinstate them

into my movement.

I mean if our friends let us down like Jesus friends

let him down we be saying like hey you backstabbers if you

repent I might forgive you,

but, you know, Jesus flip that he says look I forgive you.

So it's possible for you to repent

Jesus flip that and that's Grace and there's an even bigger

dose of Grace

consider who Jesus mentions.


He says go tell his disciples and Peter.

Why does he call Peter by mean?

That's Grace.

See if Jesus is message has just been well tell the

to meet me.

If that's the message that the group heard.

Peter would have said well, "Hey, you know you guys go ahead I

can't mean me I mean not after what I've done" remember what

he did?

He denied Jesus three times, but Jesus specifically includes

Peter and Peter ends up being the leader.

Why well, it's Grace since Peter sin was the biggest his

repentance will be the deepest

so his grasp of Grace will be the greatest

which means Peter actually has the most qualified person in

the group to lead the movement.

I mean, that's just Grace at work.

See we think salvation is for people who are morally strong


Peter is morally weak.

So if we're right Peter's weakness hurts his chance at

salvation yet

God says that's not how it works.

He says for it is by Grace you have been saved through faith

and this not from yourselves.

It is the gift of God not by works so that nobody can boast.

See God says that turning to him makes you stronger not weaker,

but we don't like admitting our weaknesses and we like to

blame our failures on others.

But if you let your failure drive you to Jesus then weakness

become straight you become both humbled and boulder at the

same time and nobody else can do that for you

but Jesus. Friends, I'm convinced that the biggest repenters

are the best leaders the best counselors the best parents the

best children the best everything and I know that's upside

down from the way that our culture sees it but that's why

this is dare are aimed at the heart because until you can

admit your failure

you can't ever understand how much grace has been poured out

to you.

You could do focused on trying to make up for your mess ups

with your good stuff.

For example, if you were hauled into court sentence for

robbery and you went to jail, once you completed your

sentence, you'd walk out of prison as a free man because your

sentence was satisfied. Friends that's what Jesus did he went to

jail for you paid the penalty for you.

It was a huge sentence, but Jesus must have satisfied it

fully you know why? Because on that first Easter Sunday

Jesus walked out of the prison of death scot-free. God stamp

paid in full right across history and Jesus walked out free.


God dares you to receive his grace.

His grace is evident what he said to his disciples.

It's evident in the very calling of Peter and if you'll

let him it will be evident in you.

Now, if you let God's mind dare challenge your worldview

and if you let his heart dare soften your attitude, there's

one more dare that will reshape the way that you live.

It's found in two words at the start of verses 6 and 7.

It's don't be alarmed but go don't be afraid of the risen


but go and tell everybody that you know that he's risen don't

be afraid

He says go.

This is dare 3

It's a dare aimed at your feet.

God dares you to go on mission for Him and His amazing

missional dare will give you freedom from the world

and freedom for the world.

Let me explain why is it hard? For you

and I to face suffering and disease and death.

Why is it hard to face the cost of doing the right thing?

Let's hard because we think this world is the only one we get

but the resurrection dares us to consider that not only will

we get back what we lost in heaven, but we also get back

what we've never had.

I heard Joni Eareckson speak and Joni had an accident at age

18 left her paralyzed from the neck down and she said that

every week at church when the priest asked everybody to knees.

She couldn't do it.

So every week she left church in tears because all the church

did was reminder that she was in a wheelchair but one Easter

when everybody went to their knees she decided to pray from

her wheelchair and she realized in the moment of that prayer

that one day because of Jesus resurrection

she too will rise and when she gets to heaven the the first

thing that she'll be able to do on her new legs is dropped

down on those glorified knees and worship before the

feet of Jesus.

She says I'll be able to kneel and then she said once I kneel

and worship, I'm going to get up on my feet and I'm gonna

dance, you know in her talk that day

she said, can you imagine the hope that the resurrection

gives to someone with a spinal cord injury like me or to hope

that it gives to someone who's manic-depressive or to someone

who's friendless and alone

no other

religion no other philosophy of life makes such a promise

only Jesus does

see if you know that this is not the only world the only body

the only life that you'll ever have

then well who cares what people do to you.

So I like playing Call of Duty with unlimited lives.

I mean who cares if you shot or blown up

I mean, you're gonna spawn again somewhere so you can be


You can make risky

you can face the worst thing even life in a wheelchair with

joy and with hope so first this mission will dare gives

you freedom from the world and then it gives you freedom for

the world.

What do we mean by freedom for the world?

Well, every other religion offers an escape from Earth your

soul goes off to Heaven you go to another realm of

consciousness, but the resurrection proves God loves this


He wants to save soul and body so Easter proves that God he

must hate disease and poverty and hunger and death because he

hates them we work against them.

I mean, that's the reason The Pointe Church does so much for

the poor and the hungry in our city and our globe because

Easter means this world matters we're free from the world for

the world.

Let me sum this up.

Do you believe that the first Easter that it really happened

do you think it's all this like nice symbols and stories

and if you think that that is symbols, how do you explain

that the early church going out to the cities and the crowds

of the poor and the enslaved and speaking to them.

Do you think they preach that the resurrection was just a

symbol of good over evil.

I mean just a story.

I mean, can you imagine the slaves on the poor the city

saying wow, you know symbols and stories are just what I need

to lift me up out of the grind of poverty and oppression.

No, of course, they didn't preach that symbols and ledges

they don't change lives.

No, the first preacher said we saw him we touched him we have

proof that the power of God has come into this broken world

and that someday God will put everything right

so be filled with hope because the same God that brought

Jesus back to life can bring your relationships back to life

your finances back to life your career back to life your

hopes back to life and one day even your body back to life.

Hey, let's pray together.


We thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you for Easter and today if you want to experience

Easter personally in your soul

you just say to Jesus Jesus, forgive me for living my life

without you. God come into my life today.

I believe in Jesus dying on the cross rising from the dead

and today I put him in charge of my life.

I'll take the dare to my mind to my heart to my feet.

I want to celebrate Easter today for the very first time.

So we pray it in Jesus name.


Hey friends.

Thanks for joining us this Easter Sunday and Happy Easter

from The Pointe.

Amen Pastor Ray love that Easter message.

Thank you so much.

And if you prayed right now to start a relationship with

Jesus for the very first time wow, like this is an amazing


and we really really want to celebrate it with you.

So let us know hit up that connection card to tell us or give

us a shout in the chat box.


I remember doing the very same thing that you did and I was

profoundly excited and profoundly unsure of what to do next

and even saying the name Jesus was weird to me

so I just want you to know I've been where you are and it'll

be really good to celebrate and help you take your next


If you're brand new with us also today

let us know that as well.

We have a free gift for you just for being you and for you

being here with us.

Give us a shout out on that connection card or again in the

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Okay, the dare series y'all I hope that you've been enjoying

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Happy Easter everybody.

He is risen indeed keep the party going in the chat box and

throughout your whole day.

I'll see you back here next time.


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