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Hey, welcome to the behind the scenes for homemade Spider-Man Homecoming,

action guys.


So we've done spider Spider-Man a couple of times on 'Homemade Movies'.

This one is a little bit different, so I wanted to update the suit and

make a new one.

So I have a red shirt and a blue long sleeve shirt.

Using a piece of charcoal, I sketched out the red shapes onto the red shirt.

I'm gonna cut those pieces out, and then I'm gonna put that over the blue shirt, so

it creates the layer.


Now that I've got the two layers on the shirt,

I'm gonna draw all the details on with a Sharpie.


And then I got some blue leggings, It's gonna be very form fitting.

(Laugh) - (Laugh) We'll see.

(Laugh) - Now we do have the mask that we made and

it looks pretty good.

It doesn't look like it's been updated.

So I'm gonna reuse this, so I don't have to make another one.

And then I got some red gloves and some red socks at a 99 cent store.


All right "Ryan", don't break your neck.

Nice, that is some good car jumping.

- I feel great, I feel good.


(Sound) - Okay,

the silly string is not really working, so we're gonna try some paper on a wire.

- To play Tony Stark, of course,

is 'Homemade Movies' Tony Stark, "Dustin McLean".

- All right, I think that's it.

So we went down to Mashable to shoot in the office there.

Now "Dustin", of course, has the Iron Man suit that he's made.

So he's gonna be wearing part of that.

And then there's War Machine in the background.

And Dustin already made these for his 'Civil War' trailer that he did,

so check that out.

What, Spider-Man is War Machine?

- Two people.

- No!

- (Laugh) - And action.

- On the roof!

- Cool.

- (Laugh) - And "Ryan" is totally blind.

- Yeah.

Hello, someone there?

Did they leave me again?

- I'll help you.

I'll help you. - (Laugh)

- All right, Peter Parker's much taller.

(Laugh) - There are people to handle this sort of


- (Laugh) - (Laugh)!

- And then we're gonna shoot some stuff in my car, and it's gonna be in the day time

so we're gonna cover up the windows with some black sheets and make it work.

- Ready for a road trip?

- Is this Uber or Lyft?

- (Laugh) It's very windy so we've got John and Avi over there helping out.

- Baby, make it night time real quick.

- (Laugh) It was also very hot in the car.

- And action.

- The ATM scene was one that I was really looking forward to making and

the funniest part about this is the cheap looking Avengers masks.

And so, who better to make those than "Mark"?

- (Sound) - (Laugh)

- Looks like the Burger King king.

- (Laugh) It does.


- Time.

Got these rad masks that "Mark" made.

And I'm gonna let you guys fight over who's who.

- I don't know.

- I'm all of them.

- I wanna be the Hulk.

- I got Iron-Man.


- People don't know this but in New York, there are no numbers on the ATM machines.

It's just 10 boxes.


- Friendly neighborhood Spiderman, shoots behind the scenes.

- Hi, everybody!

These aren't the real Avengers, they may look like it with their guns, and

their ATM machine, but don't be fooled.


- Yeah, that was great.

Yeah, you wanna see this? (Laugh)

- That looks pretty great!

- "Mark" is unbreakable, he's the Hulk!

- Are you Tony Stark?

- Yes. - You don't look like Tony Stark.

- I shaved.

- So, we've got Deadpool and standing in for Spiderman upside down, "Mark",

is holding the Deadpool head.

And then "Ryan" is actually standing next to "Mark" and

he's reaching his actual arm down to the Spiderman hand.

(Laugh) Action.


- Got tangled up.

- So we just finished shooting the ATM stuff with everybody standing upright.

So now we're gonna lay everything on the ground and have our actors

lay on the ground and I'm gonna shoot it from above to it looks he's upside down.


(Laugh) Nice.






Here we have our Coney Island Beach setup, ferris wheel way in the background, and

that's actually the Captain America shield with some Christmas lights on it.

- It's nice out here, kinda smokey.

- Yeah, Coney Island's on fire back there though.

- (Sound) - (Laugh) We're doing the vulture

shots and "Mark" made the wings out of cardboard.

- This is gonna be wings.

We're making wings.

I can smell them.

- The helmet is a motorcycle helmet we spray painted black and

put some neon eyes out of construction paper on there.

And he's wearing Starlord's chest piece actually.


For this shot, "Mark" made a 2D

backdrop with a hole cut in it.

Spray painted it gold and drew all the details on.

And then he made a tiny scale vulture with some cardboard wings, and

some of those finger raven lights that we have.


We've done Spider Man before, so we have a mini Spider Man.

He's pretty articulated, so

we're just shooting a bunch of miniature shots with him.

This is a pretty elaborate set up that we have here.

We have a helicopter in the foreground.

So I have it attached to a PVC pipe, which is a attached to a tripod.

And then the ground is some sheets that I laid down and

we've got some Army guys and some Hotwheels and stuff.

So, "Mark" is operating Spiderman and

he just pulls on the strings and

his arms open up.

(Music) Action. (Sound)


We're looking up at the wreckage of the ferry, and

so I made some cardboard pieces with some straw details to create the underside.

And I'm gonna shoot this straight up because there's GI Joe's standing

on the top.

so we have our sky clipped to the ceiling, and I'm shooting from underneath.

Here we have our broken Staten Island Ferry set up.

I actually used some storage baskets to make the pieces of the ferry.

Spider-Man is set up on a wire, and then we use some yarn to create the web.

What, how come Robocop's not helping?

You may notice in the way background there, our Statue

of Liberty is actually our Columbia woman from the Columbia logo so we're using her.

It's really not much else that happens in this shot other than the water flowing so

"Mark" is gonna be operating the smoke machine to create like a water effect.

A final shot of the trailer, we've got Ironman and

Spiderman flying through the cityscape.

So we made some cardboard skyline, some cardboard buildings, and

I have a toy Ironman that we've used many times.

And he is on some fishing string.

- Yeah!

(Laugh) - And then of course,

our Spidey is on a coat hanger.


- Spiderman's going

to spider school.


- If Ironman is gonna start, well- - God,

why do you always treat me like a kid?

God! - (Laugh)

- "Mark",

you got to keep those.

- What? - (Laugh)

- This is gonna be in my room.

- (Laugh)

- Aah!

(Laugh) That was scary.

- So these aren't blue but

these belong to my wife when she was 16, I think they're quite stylish, bedazzled.


- And here we have Spidey modeling summer

spider suits, good for crime fighting and jumping.

- Great, and that's a wrap on 'Spiderman.' - (Sound) All right,

I'm gonna go fight crime.

- All right, see you later.

- And that is how we made it.

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