Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Watch The Magic Of Reverse Screenplay In Psycho Part1

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Please listen to me..

No! No!

Please listen to me.. Please listen to me..

No! No!

Do you think he is the Psycho? ...What?

Do you really think that guy out there is the Psycho?

May be.. May not be..

What is the possibility that...

.. he is the Psycho that we are searching for?

From the information that we have..

..the Psycho carries a black bag.

No one knows what is inside the bag.

He has got childish looks.

He dresses up like a Software Professional.

He asks for a lift on the highway.

We dont know what his motive is.. but he is very cruel and dangerous.

What I know is that..

..the specifications are matching with this psycho

That's why.. I don't want to take any chances.

Today he shall die in my hands

Hey! Don't be hasty to shoot someone

Don't you remember how much explanation we had to give..

..when you opened fire in the market?

That's why, the ACP is very angry with us.

You know what..

Nothing is in my hands..

When I take the gun into my hands..

..the trigger tempts me.. Pull! Pull! Pull!

My finger automatically pulls the trigger.

I can't control!!

Look.. Just think for one minute before shooting anyone.

Whether you are killing the correct person or not..

..get it confirmed, first.

Should use your brains before you shoot..

Dany! This is her car. Be alert.

You! Come out!

Come Out!

Listen to me..

Hey! Stop there..

Where are you up to?

Dilsukh Nagar

I am afraid I can't come till there

No problem, Madam! Drop me wherever you want

Hmm... Ok! Get in.

Why do you guys behave like this?

Am I beautiful?

Aaa.. hmm.. yeah!

Will you marry me, then?

Marry you????

Huh.. hesitating!!

You are giving me a great offer...

..I have to think a bit, about it.

Shall we elope?


Yeah... shall we elope?

Maam.. I didn't get you..

Shall we elope?

Yes or No ? Give me one answer.


Huh.. I know.. will give the same answer.

He also said no.

You are also saying no.

He...? Who is he?

My boy friend..

He says that I am mad..

..and so, doesn't want to marry me.

Tell me.. am I a mad?

Do I look insane to you?

No no no.. no madam..

How can you be mad.. You speak so decently

Then why did he say that?

Aaa.. I think he himself is mad.

He is not mad!!

Tell me.. Is my boy friend mad?

Your boy friend is not mad!

You are also not mad!

I am mad! It was wrong timing that I asked you for the lift.

Please leave me madam.. Please!

He also asked me to leave him..

You are also asking me to leave you.

Nobody wants me..

That's why I am leaving..

Where are you going?



Yes! I have taken poison.

I will die at any moment.

I am dying..

What? What are you talking, madam?

I am dying.

Madam.. you should'nt sleep on the steering wheel.

Madam...what happened?

Madam.. madam!

Shalini.. oh no..

Hey.. come out..

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