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from a fleet of retired vessels to a ship that could still be seen sailing

after it was left behind here are some of the most mysterious abandoned ships

number nine temple Hall the temple Hall was added to the Harrisons Clyde limited

fleet of 1954 the ship was renamed the Pantelis in 1969 and was registered in

Greece after being purchased by demetrius p Margar oneis he sold the

vessel a year after and it was RIBA in 1977 and named telamon after the Telamon

maritime company in 1981 the boat was headed to tehsil Aniki Greece from the

Ivory Coast carrying logs but the Telamon began leaking and had to go to

shore in arrecife Lanzarote a reportedly the shipwreck was announced in Spanish

on the news in law provincia a portion of the translation is as follows that

Saturday October 31st 1981 a strong storm lashed the Canary Islands a

freighter called the port to request permission for emergency assistance as

they had suffered a serious leak they were on route to the Greek port of Tesla

neeki in the Aegean Sea the 29 crew members of the Telamon were taken ashore

in given accommodation shortly after the incident the cargo was unloaded and

transferred to the island some time later a company was interested in

refloating the Telamon but the project did not go ahead due to the expense they

withdrew and never again showed an interest this abandoned ship is still in

the same place and apparently broke in half after a powerful storm number 8 MV

new karissa this freighter was made to primarily carry large loads of wood

chips which would be used for the production of paper pulp Green Atlas

shipping a secondary of the Japanese Nippon Yuson Caixa shipping company owns

the vessel the new carissa was all steel it was about 640 feet long and 105 feet

wide and could fit 26 crew members in February 1999 the ship was on its way to

pick up another load after the sailors were informed that the weather

prevent them from entering who's Bay Harbor until the next day so the captain

had the men dropped the anchor almost two nautical miles away from the coast

to try and endure the storm however if the chain they used for the anchor was

too short according to the United States Coast Guard so the ship was moving with

the mighty wind the new Carissa shortly became too close to the shore to bounce

back and wrecked on the beach about 70,000 gallons of oil leaked onto the

beach and in the water luckily none of the crew members were injured the severe

weather continued causing the ship to go further into Shore due to various leaks

and damages new Carissa couldn't sail any longer number seven

mothball fleet although these ships are currently

abandoned they could be brought back to life at any given moment the United

States Navy Reserve fleet also known as the mothball fleet is kept under

maintenance that ensures the vessels can be activated in the case of an emergency

however most of the ships eventually become too old to be worth keeping and

are used as scrap metal or in weapons testing but they have come in handy

during some situations such as the Korean War after World War two hundreds

of vessels were no longer required so many of them were put into storage at

these reserve sites most of these were in the Liberty ships class meaning that

they were mass-produced and used mainly for transporting people to and from the

United States Russia and Europe however most of the boats were deactivated in

the 1970s number 6 SS American star this ocean liner was built in 1940 it was

initially called the SS America but went on to be called several different names

including the USS West Point SS Australis SS Noga SS Alfred AHS and SS

American star it was built to hold a total of 1845 people including the crew

members the SS America is partially known for the two German spies Stiegler

in Ziegler that were working undercover as seamen in the Duke n spiring the ship

was later expanded for use by the Navy to carry troops and could then fit over

7600 people fast forward to the 1980s and silver moon fairies purchased the

vessel during its time with the company the then SS Alfred Oz experienced a

burst pipe that flooded some crew quarters and the engine room it was

going to be scrapped but the merchant that bought it pulled out in August 1993

the boat was named the American star after its tow from Greece began in

December 1993 it got caught up in a thunderstorm in the Atlantic Ocean the

tow lines proceeded to break and to reattach them proved hopeless in January

1994 the crew was rescued via helicopter the ship was abandoned and wrecked in

the Canary Islands just off the coast of where to Ventura within two days the

American star was broken into two pieces by powerful waves as of 2013 the ship

had collapsed to the point that it was no longer visible on Google Maps

number 5 MV e-even Julia this refrigerated cargo ship was constructed

in Northern Ireland in 1942 for the UK Ministry of War Transport originally

named the Empire strength it took its maiden voyage in January 1943 from

Liverpool to Sydney in 1946 the vessel was sold to Frederick Leyland & Company

Limited and was renamed the Saxon star it wasn't until being sold in 1965 to

Hanten and Venus Andros in Greece that the boat was named e-even julia in

october 1968 the vessel was sailing too close to the beach of Causton etched it

ultimately wrecked in a rocky area making rescue operations dangerous but

the crew abandoned the even julia and it became romanian property the exact

reason that the boat ran aground is unknown but there are several hypotheses

number 4 MV joyita this boat was a merchant vessel that was

69 feet long and made of wood it was built as a luxury yacht in 1931 for

Roland West a film director he named it Hoya

meaning little gem in Spanish after his wife jewel Carmen in Act

in 1936 the boat was sold to Milton ibeacon and made several trips to Mexico

and San Francisco from 1939 to 1940 in 1940 before Pearl Harbor the United

States Navy acquired the ship and converted it into a yard patrol craft it

was used as a lookout for Hawaii's Big Island until World War two ended in 1948

the vessel was purchased by the Lewis brothers firm and refrigeration

machinery was added as well as two more engines in 1952 after having gone

through another owner who was sold to dr. Kathryn Lou Amala of the University

of Hawaii she leased it to a British Captain Thomas H Miller who used it for

fishing and trading in October 1955 it was headed for the took allow islands

about 270 miles away from appiah Harbor in Samoa due to an engine clutch failure

the Joya departed with only one working engine there were nine passengers and 16

crew members aboard the vessel and it was scheduled to arrive in the islands

on October 5th however a message from its destination

port noted that the ship was late on October 6th no distress signal from the

hoeata was reported they searched for the boat and crew for six days in an

area of 100,000 square miles but they failed to find anything over a month

later the captain of another ship spotted the heta over six hundred miles

off its course the vessel was partly submerged and flooded and there was no

sign of the crew or passengers the cargo was also gone after inspection they

discovered the Hoyas radio was dialed to the distress Channel number three SS

baychimo the SS baychimo was built in Sweden was 230 feet long and could sail

at about 12 miles per hour it was first launched in 1914 and travelled trade

routes between Sweden and Hamburg until World War one started in August of that

year in 1921 the vessel was purchased by the Hudson's Bay Company which used it

to trade supplies to Inuit settlements for pelts in 1928 the béchamel wrecked

onshore in Camden Bay on the north coast of the Alaskan territory but

it was back on the water a day later in October 1931 after picking up a load of

fur the bass demo got stuck in drift ice the crew had to abandon the ship briefly

and head to Barrow for shelter for a couple of days when they went back to it

the vessel had gotten out of the ice however that same month it got trapped

again since it was more thoroughly caught the second time 22 members of the

crew had to be rescued via aircraft but 15 of them stayed behind with the

intention of waiting out the winter and built a shelter near the ship at the end

of November a strong blizzard blew in and the captain could no longer see the

beige mo a seal hunter spotted the boat later on about 45 miles away so the crew

men found the ship and took as much valuable cargo as they could ultimately

abandoning it however the baisha mode didn't sink it was spotted on several

occasions in the decades that followed and people even went aboard the boat

various times the last sighting was recorded in 1969 38 years after it was

left what happened to the béchamel afterward is unknown number 2 world

discover this cruise ship was built in 1974 it was purchased by BEW a cruises

in Denmark originally and in 1976 it was sold again to adventure cruises which

gave it the name world discover after being traded to various places it ended

up registered to Liberia in 1990 in 1996 it was refurbished under the same name

it was used for cruises to places like the Falkland Islands Chile Argentina and

Antarctica equipped to deal with minor impacts from ice the worldís cover

allowed people to take winter vacations in 2000 the vessel ran into a large rock

or Reformation near the Solomon Islands the captain sent out a distress signal

which the islands capital city received they sent a ferry out to collect the

passengers and everybody was taken to safety the captain then grounded the

ship to prevent it from sinking when an inspection claimed the vessel was a

constructive loss it was abandoned in may the world discover remains in the

same spot to this day number one Carroll a Deering this commercial schooner

meeting a boat with four and half sails on at least two masts was constructed in

Maine in 1919 for commercial use its purpose was to carry merchandise but

just after a year of service the vessel met its end in August 1920 the Carroll a

Deering was ready to set sail from Virginia to Rio de Janeiro hauling coal

there was a 10-man crew plus their captain

William H Merritt however the captain became sick a few days after they left

port and was replaced by captain WB worm L they got their load to Brazil on time

and were ready to return to Virginia in December in January 1921

captain Jacobson a light ship keeper saw the Deering heading back home a crew

member on the Deering called out to Jacobson and said that they had lost

their anchors however he couldn't report the incident due to a faulty radio he

also noted later on that the men aboard the vessel were acting suspiciously near

the front of the deck two days after the Deering was spotted wrecked on Diamond

Shoals the lifeboats were gone but its sails were still in place the Coast

Guard couldn't reach the vessel for four days because of rough waters after they

finally got close they saw that it had indeed been abandoned the crew had

seemingly just disappeared and they had taken the navigational equipment their

personal belongings and the boats anchors even though the FBI looked into

the incident thoroughly they never discovered what happened to the crew

members in the mystery of this ship remains unsolved would you be willing to

board any of these mysterious abandoned ships let us know in the comments below

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