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Dispatching International Volunteers

Recently due to the interest in global issues and the invigoration of volunteer work

there have been increase in people asking about the ways in which to volunteer at global disaster sites

Of course it is not possible to send a person to the emergency relief site

who is a non-expert and unqualified person, while paying related fees

The reason why many relief organizations dispatch 'reporters' or 'honorary ambassadors' is that

they are limitedly allowed since they can carry out roles for the publicizing of the relief operation or donations

Especially those people who go into the area with humanitarian zeal

may cause several risks due to independent action by their own judgement

or overtly identifying with the affected in a site where teamwork and speed is required

This can cause the person to go through physical risk and even cause the whole team to suffer danger

so such activities are not accepted

Like this in the case of emergency relief sites, the situation at the sites changes moment to moment

so personal identities may not be protected, and since they are sites in which lives are saved, only specially trained experts are dispatched

Especially in the beginning at emergency relief sites, the dispatching of volunteers of no understanding of the local area

and no required expertise are severely limited

For this the Korean National Red Cross operates an International Mobilization and Preparation for Action(IMPACT) training in normal times

in order to respond to the disaster site

and discovers and trains disaster relief specialized trainees

When dispatched, a pre-training is done on the dispatch nation in order to carry out activities smoothly

and vaccinations on local endemics etc are carried out mandatorily

for the safety of the volunteer

For the last thing, when carrying out activities, the management and orders of the nation's Red Cross' staff members

and dispatched Korean National Red Cross' staff members must be followed closely

It is through this that accidents of the emergency relief team and team members can be prevented

Also the efforts to respect the local culture and communicate in local languages yourself

would make a good impression on the local residents

If such rules are kept, the volunteer can contribute to the local area

and be remembered as a volunteer that has made a positive influence on the local residents

Korean National Red Cross / Ministry of Education / Ministry of Public Safety and Security

The Description of [적십자아카데미_재난복구] 26 해외 자원봉사자의 파견, Dispatching International Volunteers