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We arrived in Mallorca in spring, an island with turquoise waters, secret coves, lush

green foliage, rugged mountains, picturesque villages and a vibrant capital city.

It combines history, culture, and alluring beach lifestyle with fantastic natural beauty

to create one of the most glamorous spots in the Mediterranean Sea.

Besides the sun-drenched beaches, the mountain range is recognized as a World Heritage Site

for the ancient agriculture techniques.

What really makes Mallorca the famous travel destination is its versatility.

Here, we want to share with you our wonderful week-long journey exploring the lush interior

as well as the dramatic coastline on this island.

Started from the interior of the largest island of Spain, we were led by the narrow roads

to our rural retreat at this beautiful pink villa.

The property is surrounded by rich agriculture and farm lands that produce olive, mushrooms,

pumpkins, wine and honey.

Then we continued exploring into the north, reaching Fornalutx, an ancient village located

deep within the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains.

We spent couple of hours just to walk up and down the stone steps and navigate through

the charming lanes in this prettiest village in Spain.

After a nice break, we settled into the traditional style townhouses with the famous green Mallorcan

shutters in Soller.

Besides the stunning mountain view, this vacation home was beyond our dcor goals, from charming

staircase, tiled floors to the lush and open backyard.

Later on, we cruised along the streets in Soller to admire the architecture around town

and the impressive church of Sant Bartomeu that dominates the town square.

The attractive old town comes alive on Saturdays when the local market takes place.

We got to taste many special fruits, ingredients and discovered interesting crafts and products.

Soller is also a place where many artists chose to visit and live back in the days.

You could easily spot Modernist artworks by Picasso, Mir, Matisse, and more in the museums


Before we ran out the energy, we jumped on the vintage tram that runs from the old town

to Port de Soller.

The vintage train started the service dating back to 1912 and the journey is an experience

itself as it passes through wonderfully scenic countryside before arriving at the lively

seaside part of the town.

The beautiful natural harbor caters to many beach restaurants and activities such as boat

trips and scuba diving with a completely different vibe from the old town.

Speaking of boat trips, we pulled out the yacht with our captain, started viewing the

island from a different perspective.

Many parts of the coastline are covered with vacation homes that form the unique scenery

by the sea.

We started our beach hopping under the sun from the heavenly Cal Des Moro, composed

with turquoise water and hidden white-sand beach; and Cala S'Almunia next door with charming

boathouses and caves; Next is the glorious S'amarador beach surrounded by cliffs and

pine forests; and there is also Cala Banyalbufar between the steep limestone cliffs and rocks.

There are plenty of varieties and characters from each beach indeed.

From the sea level to underground, we entered the Dragan Caves in the east of Mallorca.

These caves have formed by water being forced through the entrance from the Mediterranean

Sea that may date back to 20 million years ago.

The formations and roof details were truly mesmerizing.

Before ending the tour with a short boat ride, you would enjoy a concert at the underground

Lake Martel with classical music which has been offered since 1935.

The entire experience was just surreal and unforgettable.

After the adventures, we came to capital, Palma de Mallorca.

The night started with the incredible backdrop of the iconic Gothic cathedral, La Seu.

The city is vibrant, stylish and intimate, yet bursting with life.

After indulging ourselves with the famous Iberico ham, we dived into the traditional

eateries in the back streets and the seafront of Palma, searching for seafood, Spanish paella

and Fideu.

There was no better way to end the night with these amazing gastronomic experiences.

On our last day, we completely felt in love with Dramatic scenery at Cap de Formentor.

This wild peninsula has breathtaking view with Cliffs that are 400 metres tall jut into

the sea at the northeast tip of the island.

There is also a watchtower on the other peak where you can see the bays of Pollenca and


We finished our last hike at the mouth of CALA MAGRANER, standing at the edge of the

sea receiving energy from the nature and waves.

In the meantime, we made ourselves a promise that we would return to this paradise for


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