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I've been thinking about who

influences the influencers,

who are the influencers.

Are you trying to influence others

to the point that you are moulding

yourself into the image

of who you think

those you are trying to influence

want you to be?

I know that's confusing, but

I'm going to break it down an

influencer as somebody who

influences others.

Now, an influencer is

a full time job on social

media where people are being paid

somehow, whether

it's through receiving promotional

materials, whether it's through

ad revenue, whether

it's through they're actually

getting paid by companies,

but they're being paid somehow

to influence other people

to buy into the lifestyle

that they are living and

buying the

products that are necessary

in order for them to live the

lifestyle that they're trying to

promote. Most influencers, when

you think about them nowadays,

you're thinking of, you know, the

makeup queens and kings,

you know, be party animals.

The people who are

living luxurious


Well, in reality, a lot

of those influencers are no

longer people who went

up the ranks and social

media where they were

discovered, let's say.

But in reality, a lot of them

have arrived on the scene

these days out of these seemingly


But in reality, there is a big

PR team that is behind

them and that

they are now just more like

these folks person

and they are being

paid to be who

they are presenting themselves to be

on social media.

Unfortunately, that's beginning

to backfire.

And there has been stories in the

news about young

influencers who lost

track of who they were as

people who they had no

idea who they were any more

and who have fallen

off the grid completely.

And nobody knows where they are

anymore. They just gave up and

walked away from it all.

So that's what an influencer


But we are all being influenced

somehow, whether we want to admit

it or not.

Unless you happen to be up on

a mountain top without the internet

and you wouldn't be watching this

right now, you are being

bombarded by messages

every single day that are trying

to influence you

into either changing your mind

about something or you

buying something that

they're trying to sell to you

with the hope that

your life will be changed if you buy

that item or if you buy

into whatever they're trying to

sell you.

Are you an influencer?

Yes, you are.

If you talk to anyone,

if you type anything to


If you walk down the

street, you are influencing

others by your actions,

by your words, and

by the way that you live.

We are all influencing


Are you being influenced

by those people who you

are trying to influence?

Yes, you are.

And there is a huge temptation,

especially on social media,

where you are drawn to social media

in the first place because

you felt that you had

something of positive

value that might make the difference

in someone's life.

For example, those of us who have

got YouTube channels or

websites or that kind of thing,

we're on these things

because we feel we have a


But if we are trying

to broaden our audience

so more people hear

what we have to say because we

really think what we have to say

is of importance and it might

make a positive change in somebodies

life. We might get them thinking

about something they never thought

about before.

We might help them get out of a

slump they're in or

we might have something

that we've gone through that

we've learned things to do

to get out of that area

and we'd like other people to know

about it. Or maybe we just

got a great lifestyle

that we have began

to walk in and

we just want to share it with other

people because, hey, maybe they'll

want to do something to

follow their own dreams.

OK, so that covers a whole

lot of people who might be watching

this. I just want to give a word

of caution.

Speaking from my own

experience, not necessarily

here on YouTube,

but in my past, I

tried to create myself

to be in the image

of whatever group I

was hoping to be part


If it was the cool kids, I would

try to be a cool kid.

If it was the intellectuals, I would

be as intellectual

as I could be if it was a party.

Animals. I tried to


You get the idea,

but I lost who

I was.

All these parts were factions

of who I am as a person.

It wasn't like I was

a deep introvert trying to be an


All these things were part of who I

actually was.

But in order to

fit in to what I was trying

to fit into, I would leave

parts of me behind

and emphasize parts

of me that perhaps I wouldn't always

emphasize somewhere else.

If you get any idea what I'm talking

about, I came to

the realization the

older that I got and the more

healing that took place in my

own heart that

people were being put

off by me trying

to fit in to whatever

group that I thought

I wanted to be part of.

Got to be honest, I find it

utterly, totally exhausting

to try to figure

out what a particular group

wants me to be at any particular

time in order for me to be

accepted by that group,

in order that whatever message

I might have to say will be

heard by that group.

I just don't care anymore.

And that's what the real truth

is. There's one good reason

beyond the fact that it's totally

exhausting to hold up

a facade

of who you think people want you to

be. It exhausts you.

It's like your arms get tired.

If you're holding a mask up, your

spirit and your emotions

become exhausted when you're trying

to be something to someone else that

you're not. And the mirror

of that is people

know when you

are trying to be something

that you're just not,

they see it and it puts

them off.

And with every generation

in the last 30 years,

people are more and more

turned off by those who are

not being their true and

real selves.

Well, yeah.

They're popular on YouTube.

Everybody wants to do all their

makeup tips and all that kind of


But they've got a very small

group of friends and they've

actually got a very small

group of people

they're actually influencing

in a positive way.

And most of them have become so

lost in the character

that they think others want them to

be, they've lost themselves.

So I'm just going to end it there.

Just think about it.

Who is influencing you?

Are you trying to be an influencer

or are you trying to bring

a positive change in whatever

way you think that positive

change can be?

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